Donkey Sanctuary

We had a lovely morning visiting the donkeys , today we interacted with Raymond and Ted .

Blake interacted amazingly with Raymond and he even initiated stroking Raymond and putting his head on his body .

Aminah worked hard and brushed Raymond’s coat and stroked him .

Daniel was assisted to stroke Ted and feel his fur .

The Gingerbread Man

This week our story is is ‘The Gingerbread Man’ , the classroom has smelled amazing with a mixture of cinnamon and ginger . We began the week in the immersion room using all our senses as we heard the story and used the resources. Today we have made gingerbread men – sorry Mums it got a little messy ! We would like to welcome Daniel and Aminah back to school , we are so happy to see you and are delighted you are feeling better . We have also been swimming and are so proud of the progress and achievements from the children today .

Daniel is relaxed in the pool and enjoys being swished in the water .

Aminah is lying on her back with support and kicking her kegs.

Aminah is pouring the water from the jug with competence and sprinkling water using her fingers.

Blake is showing increasing confidence as he masters lying on his back with minimal support.

Here Blake has ventured up the deep end of the pool with an adult close by he lifts his feet of the floor and secures himself by holding on to the bar. He independently negotiates turning around and reaches out to the adult to help him . Well done Blake 😊

Before Daniel went home he worked on his snowdrop programme , he did tremendously well for his first time with us .

The Gruffalo

Our book this week was ‘The Gruffalo’ as the children enjoyed it so much last week . It’s a story about a clever mouse who outsmarts The Gruffalo ; its a lovely book if you have not had an opportunity to read it yet .

We started the week by listening to our story in our immersion room session and we used a collection of resources to explore the woods and the characters of the book.

The rest of the week we retold the story using lots of sensory activities which the children have been totally immersed in . We made a den complete with leaves , logs , puppets , grass, moss , pine cones and fur and filled trays with :

  • Purple spikes all over his back – dough with spikes to push in and a spiky hairbrush, spiky ball and lolly pop sticks.
  • Crumble mix with hidden Gruffalo’s
  • Green rice with hidden eyes and oranges
  • Terrible claws- claw gloves
  • Terrible teeth and terrible jaws – giant teeth
  • Knobbly knees and turned out toes- a bumpy vibrating toy
  • Poisonous wart on the end of his nose – a small balloon with dough in.

We also has a collection of natural resources in our tuff pit including crumble mix and moss to smell.

Today was comic relief day we listened to a song from Mr. Tumble and followed the Makaton symbols for the song. We painted our noses red, finger painted a nose and searched for the red noses hidden in the red rice.

In the afternoon we worked on our targets and the children had an opportunity to use the schools new iPads.

Josh negotiated the iPad using his hands and feet, the app was a cause and effect music app.

Blake scans and scrolls the apps on the iPad to find what he wants to watch on kids Youtube

Here Blake is confidently using the light machine , he turns it on and then presses the select switch to choose the lights he wants to make patterns with.

Joshua is dancing and moving to the music .

Friday …..

There was a surprise in our classroom ready for the children’s arrival.

A new bubble tube as ours was broken , can not wait for them to see it .

The children are all dressed up for our last day of Book Week – you all looked amazing.

To start the day our task was to make a 3D book of our book for today –

‘The Giant Sandwich’

Before we started the children made a jam sandwich with the help of our Makaton sequence symbols.

Josh was very excited about our new bubble tube so completed his sandwich with half an eye on the bubble tube 😂

We finished the pages of our book and put it together ready to present at the assembly this afternoon.

Last special pudding of the week jam sandwich sponge and celebration cake.

Thank you Nicky you have been amazing .

Finally our assembly to celebrate the week and present certificates with songs , showcasing our work with our friends and a visit from the Gruffalo !

Blake took our book we made this morning to the front to share and Aminah collected our certificates and bookmarks . We have had a fantastic week thank you to the children for all your hard work and the parents for your support and participation.


Today we dressed up in our favourite hats for book week , we then listened to the book that the hat represented. In the afternoon we had a turn on the bouncy castle .

It was very funny when we kept toppling over !


Jack and the Beanstalk

To start the day off we went to The Donkey Sanctuary , we are so happy they have opened again and were excited to see them. We arrived back for dinner time and were very impressed to see the cakes Nicky had made to match today’s theme.

In the afternoon we watched a pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk, it was very funny and the children sat enthralled throughout.

World Book Week

Monday and Tuesday

The morning began when Buzz Lightyear flew in to give all the children their book tokens – Some of the children were more impressed then others !

When Buzz flew off ‘ To infinity …… and beyond we made some nests as our first book we read was the story of ‘Owl Babies’ after we listened to the story we had another surprise , it was a visit from some real owls and a very smelly ferret !

All the children had a chance to look at the owls , feel their wings flapping and some children had the opportunity to hold one with help and a protective glove and an adult close by.

We would like to thank our cook Nicky for making us special treats to go with our owl and Gruffalo theme.

Tuesday -‘Flip and Dippy’ and Pancake Day

We all enjoyed our puppet show it made us all laugh , later we all had a chance to explore and play with the puppets.

Nicola Burns from Warburton’s

Today our class also had a visit from Nicola Burns who works for Warburton’s in Wednesbury. She bought all the ingredients for the children to make pizza’s ( we will be reading Pizza Princess this week ) . Nicola helped the children to make their own pizza’s and taste or smell and feel two flavours of fruit loaf . Each child had loads of fun and got to take home a book , certificate , their pizza and a packet of crumpets . We had an amazing experience and all the children will get a chance to do this activity next time Nicola visits the school.

Finally to end a very fun filled busy day we completed a variety of pancake activities in the hall ; we had a pancake race , painted a pancake and decorated a pancake with icing and hundreds and thousands.

Happy St. David’s Day

Today we have celebrated St.David’s Day , we explored daffodils and made one to take home. We used our switches , listened to the national anthem of Wales and looked at their flag.

Have a lovely weekend – we are all excited to celebrate our book week next week , it’s going to be a fun filled week of activities

Rapunzel and St David’s Day

Our book this week has been Rapunzel we have had lots of fun dressing up , some enjoyed it more than others !!

We have made towers, brushed hair, used our hands to pull and grip and made a picture of Rapunzel using cooked spaghetti .

Today Daniel has joined us for his first full day , well done Daniel ( and Mummy ) it has been fun sharing a whole day with you .

On Friday it is St. David’s day – pictures will be added after we have completed our activities tomorrow.

A trip to Chasewater

Unfortunately donkeys are still closed so as the weather was so lovely we decided to follow a map to find a castle, ducks, swans, playground and a lake . We boarded the mini bus and drove to Chasewater to meet Daniel and his family.

We had a great time exploring the area and finding everything on our list, the swans and ducks were very excited that we had food and came very close to meet us . We also had an opportunity to visit the museum and look at the photos and animals on display.


We had a new delivery of quilts this afternoon from Project Linus Uk so we took our learning outside in the sun to try them out.