Robins first day back at school

Welcome back to school Robins! We would like to welcome Josh and Daniel back to school. It was Poppys very first day at school!

We started the day off in class. Daniel couldn’t contain his excitement, Josh missed the bubble tube – he remembered how to use the controls! Poppy walked around the classroom exploring the different recources. She explored noisy books with Denise.

We started the day in the sensory room. Poppy loved exploring the lights and the bubble tube! Daniel and Josh loved being back in the immersive lights. We looked through Daniels holiday pictures.

Poppy enjoyed cuddles with Amanda, Josh had a swinging competition with his brother Oli and Dan played the bells for everyone!

We look forward to a fantastic half term back!

Class Of 2019

Well the end of the school year is here , we have had an amazing time with your children. They have made us so proud with all their achievements and hard work. The children that are moving classes in September we will miss you and know you will continue to be stars. Enjoy your holidays and we will see you in September.

Amanda , Jackie and Shannon xxxxx

Happy 5th Birthday Daniel

Today we all shared Daniel’s birthday, we sang to him , listened to party songs and shared Daniel’s Llama that he had for his birthday.

The Llama was very funny and all the children enjoyed it.

Blake loved cuddling the Llama !

Joshua loved dancing to it !

Aminah thought it was funny !

Sports Day Swimming

Everyone really enjoyed our swimming session , we chose to share our session with the children’s family as our Sports day event. It was nice for the children to show their family how far they have come in our swimming sessions . The children have all shown increased confidence and independence.

Daniel had so much fun with his Sister in the pool . He laughed and gigged and interacted by smiling , laughing and squealing.

Joshua was excited to show his Mummy how clever he was and how much he has progressed.

Aminah was really happy to see her Daddy and show him how much she has progressed in her sessions.

Joshua balanced and stood in the pool independently . He showed Mummy how he can walk unaided.

Blake had a wonderful time trying a variety of inflatables in the pool .

Sharing a Shell 🐚

It has been such amazing weather we decided to take our book and resources out to the gazebo and listen to our story there.

Sand – Water – Ocean Drum and Exploring Our New Trampoline.

Sharing a Shell 🐚 !!

So nice to welcome all the children back to school this week – lets hope that’s the end of the nasty bugs going around.

This week we have been enjoying the book ‘ Sharing a Shell’ by Julia Donaldson. We have explored and experienced lots of amazing resources including a real fish from the fishmongers to smell and explore .

I Hear Thunder ⚡️

Blake feels the vibrations from the drum using his hands body and a beater.

Daniel feels the vibrations from the drum through his whole body . When the rain drum is placed next to him he feels for where it is .

It’s Raining , It’s Pouring 🌧

Aminah feels the water as it pours like rain onto her hand and fingers from the watering can and colander. She holds an umbrella to hear the water spray onto her.

Blake reaches out to feel the water trickle onto his fingers and hand.

I Can Sing A 🌈

We began by listening to “I can sing a rainbow ” the children then made a rainbow with a pot of gold at the end .

Daniel was assisted to plant his bean and sunflower today .

Snowdrop Programme

During our session we used the soft brush gently on Daniel’s face .When we finished I gave Daniel the brush and asked him to find his face. Daniel completely amazed us by doing this . Definitely a ‘Wow’ moment ! Well done Daniel ( video below )

Daniel touches his face with the brush after I had completed this part of his Snowdrop programme.

Sealife Centre

We had an amazing day at the Sealife Centre , the children enjoyed every minute. We saw a variety of fish including turtles, jelly fish, sharks and had a wonderful encounter with the 🐧 penguins. We also watched a 4D film about cartoon fish and even had the opportunity to feel starfish.

This week Aminah worked so hard in swimming – she stood with support in the pool , splashed and released while on her back . Good Work Amina !!!!

Blake investigates his reflection while using the soft play / quiet bubble corner.

It’s Raining , It’s Pouring !!!

This week we will be exploring rain and how it feels to get wet. We listened to the songs “It’s raining , it’s pouring , “I hear thunder” and “Dr. Foster” . The children have experimented with water balloons and tried to throw them and burst them. We also experimented to see if our umbrellas could keep us dry from water sprays and bubbles.

Planting Sunflowers 🌻

The children planted sunflower seeds today to see whose sunflower grows the tallest . We learned about needing water to grow and the children watered their seeds before they went home.

Lots of amazing exploration taking part today as the children investigated and explored vegetables.

Aminah felt water in a balloon today to see how cold and heavy it was .

Well done Aminah today she investigated how many potatoes it took to fill her container’s . When her container was full I introduced a bigger one. Aminah then tipped her potatoes out and started to fill the bigger container. Aminah was totally engaged in this task until she filled the last bowl which was the biggest.