The Tiger Who Came to Tea 🐯

This morning we listened to one of our favourite stories The Tiger Who Came to Tea in memory of Judith Keer who sadly passed away yesterday . The children watched the animated version of the story and we then painted stripes to make our own tiger face.

Even the tiger couldn’t wake Daniel this morning , we think we must have tired him out yesterday , however he did peep at the tiger a couple of times .

This afternoon we explored the large playground and found some flowers 💐, the children explored one using their senses to smell , touch and look at the petals. Aminah covered herself with a hola hoop and Blake had a play on his favourite swing. When we went back to the classroom we had an afternoon in the sand .

We hope that you have a wonderful half term x

Stories in the sun 🌞

Today we took our sensory story – Going on a Bear Hunt outside . The children enjoyed the freedom of the outdoors to experience the sensory trays made for each part of the journey to find the 🐻.

Daniel is looking cool in the sun while he is assisted with his physical management .

Daniel experiences the changing lights from the projector as he relaxes . As he relaxes he opens his hand and brushes it across the mirror.

We’re Going on a Bear Hunt !

This week we have been reading We’re going on a Bear Hunt, the children had lots of fun exploring each part of the story using our sensory trays as we followed the children along their journey to find the bear.

Welcome back Daniel it’s lovely to see you back in school we are so glad that you are feeling better.

Daniel was really excited when he was introduced to our new lights in the Multi-sensory room. He reached to touch the bubbles and held onto the fibre optic light strands. We had lots of smiles all day , we think Daniel was happy to see us all too.

Yesterday Blake went on a bear hunt to Shire Oak nature reserve , we managed to get some amazing pictures of Blake exploring and connecting with the environment.

Fidgety Fish and Ice !!!!

Tiddler is a very fidgety fish , so much so that his Mother has had enough , so she sends him out to sea to swim. She tells him to watch out for the big fish. Tiddler flips and glides faster than a rocket , he comes across several sea creatures before his curiosity gets the better of him. He enters a big dark cave when he hears a loud snap ! Suddenly he realises he is inside the tummy of a big fish. He bumps ,tumbles and turns inside the tummy of the fish until BURP ! The big fish had enough of Tiddler and burps him out.

After listening to our story we had lots of fun exploring lots of sea creatures and making them move in water.

We also painted a sea and then our hand orange to make a Tiddler for our sea.

Blake exhibits skills , knowledge and ability as he scrolls and finds the item he wants to watch on kids YouTube.

Aminah independently finds the kids YouTube icon on the iPad and shows ability , knowledge and skill as she finds the clip she wants to watch.

Ice – Flowers and Bows

The children had lots of fun exploring and investigating the bows and flowers hidden in the ice.

During our Friday afternoon music session Aminah chose Wind The Bobbin Up from a choice of two songs to sing. Aminah independently completed all the actions while listening to the song and watching adults.

The Donkey Sanctuary

Today we had our weekly visit to the donkey sanctuary, it was a lovely ride to Sutton Park in the sunshine .

As the weather was so beautiful we had the opportunity to explore the park while waiting for our turn . The children explored and experimented with the selection of different activities available, the roundabout was everyone’s favourite .

Water Play

Josh splashed in the water and felt the sand between his toes as we went to the seaside with Lisa’s class.

This afternoon the children also made marks using an aqua mat.

Make a boat and watch it sail

Today the children have explored a selection of materials and chose which they would like to make their boat from. Our boats were decorated then we put them in water and watched them sail !

Spring into action !!

We all had an exciting morning today it was our sponsored event – spring into action.

All the class threw themselves into the activities with interest and enthusiasm . It was amazing weather and all the children worked really hard to complete their laps.

Floating and sinking

This afternoon the children experimented with things that float or sink , the activity then turned into water play as the children splashed and we sang water songs and rhymes.

Puddles and Rainbows 🌈

Today we have been investigating how to make a rainbow and paint a puddle . The children began by painting a puddle which we then dropped oil on to make raindrops .

This afternoon we used lots of coloured sweets and added warm water , the children watched as it made a rainbow 🌈.

We hope that you enjoy your weekend .

Incy Wincy Spider

This morning we listened to the nursery rhyme Incy Wincy Spider 🕷. The children then had lots of fun letting the spider slide down the spout. We painted spiders using our handprints and made a spider to hang up in the classroom.

We also ventured under the sea – using the underwater background in the hall . We watched a video on the screen in the hall of fish moving underwater and used the swings to feel like we were moving through the water.

It’s raining in the pool !!!

This morning we had our pool session and as we were wet already we decided to turn the hose pipe on and experience rain . We put up our umbrellas and listened as the water hit the umbrella . It was really good fun and our umbrellas protected us from getting wet.

This afternoon we used our umbrellas again but this time we used a spray bottle as the rain ☔️ ☂️.

Water Play 🌧 ☔️

The children have been exploring and experimenting with our new water wall , they have used lots of skills to pour, fill and splash.

On Friday we listened to the rain and ventured outside using our senses to smell, feel and hear the raindrops.

Blake and Aminah interacted and engaged during a game today involving taking the towel off each other’s head

During Josh’s bubble session we removed the controls to see if Josh had observed they had been moved .

He stood up reached for the controls and pulled them down , sat down and turned the bubbles back on – Josh us amaze us , well done !

Daniel opened his fingers when he felt the warm water in the tray – good work Daniel !

We hope you enjoy the long weekend .