Spring Term 2 Already!?

Badgers started off their week with a bit of problem solving. Some of the group started off reading the number, making the number on the Numicon outline and then collected all correct amount of cubes to build a tower. The other part of the group investigated finding and matching colours, this also used our fine motor and placing skills.

To help with our concentration, each day, Badgers participate in Attention Autism (Bucket) sessions. Below, you will see the stage 3 activity. Here, the young Badgers are able to participate in a teacher-led task. This task was to balance a toy on a finger and count 1, 2, 3, before returning the toy back to Lee.

Spring 2, only means one thing!!! SWIMMING. Yes Forest schools has finished and swimming has started. The group were so excited to get back into the swimming pool. Badgers started to retrieve objects, the put their faces in the water, enjoyed being splashed with water and some even went for a little swim (they had secretly been practising since our previous visit to the pool).

During PSHE we continued to work on welcoming and new baby into the family. This week, we looked at feeding and singing to the baby once they had been fed. Some of the Badgers were able to feed and hold the baby, whilst others showed their affection in a different way – a subtle kiss or a tap on the back.

Splish, splash, splosh! We had a bit of water play with on of our stage 3 bucket activities this week. We took our shoes and socks of and had a little paddle in the chilly water. We had to show good listening and turn taking so we could all have a go safely. We had so much fun – but please don’t mention the wet carpet ;).

Our Friday cooking was all about collecting, pouring and using a spoon. All of our Badgers experienced being able to scoop and pour from different heights and being able to pour in different pots. Lots of great work on our young Badger’s fine motor skills.

To end the week our young Badgers were working on their cutting and marking around the silhouette that were cut out.

Chinese New Year & Valentine’s Day

To start the week off, a little bit of problem solving. Some of our Badgers selected the numbers, made the numbers and then built towers with the amount of blocks from their original number. Great to see our young Badgers use their fine motor skills and use their mathematical problem solving.

Mark making and fine motor skills on Tuesday morning. Can you find the letter for your name? Can you make marks in paint? Can you work together with your partner to find the different parts of a jigsaw? Very busy Badgers!

Happy new year! Our young Badgers had lots of fun in our forest schools lesson. With the help of a little Chinese music, our Badgers danced around the forest with the dragon. Lots of good sharing and dancing!

Staying with the Chinese new year theme, our Badgers got the ribbons out and the parachute for PE. The ribbons were used to make patterns in the air as we dance to the Chinese new year music, where the parachute was used as a dragon to get our young Badgers used to dancing and moving around.

Some Valentine’s Day art… part one of our little gifts for our loved ones. Cutting and sticking to create a collage – what could the second one be? A lovely surprise awaits.

A bit of a challenge for this one! If you’re given a picture of a dragon and some cut out shapes, can you create the image of the dragon by sticking the pieces on to paper?

There was some great team work and sharing from some of our Badgers and some very creative designs! I’ve got to say, the dragon images look fantastic!

One of our young Badgers are soon to become a big brother! So, during our PSHE lessons, we have concentrated on holding and bathing a baby. We have some children who are already older brothers and they were very keen to show how to hold the baby gently and how we can hold the baby in our arms to get them to sleep.

Badger’s cooking lesson this week focused on pouring and stirring to make chocolate rice crispy cakes. We had white chocolate and added food colouring (to make it pink) before pouring our rice crispies into the bowl. Then, we stirred it all together and made crispy cakes! Yum Yum.

Badgers are making a mark!

Well! Badgers have had such an exciting week with lots of messy play to encourage our mark making and writing.

We started off the week with shaving foam where the children had to write their names, names of others and make marks / patterns on their table.

Badgers had a visit from the ‘Dentist’. The class looked at how we clean our teeth and cleaned a huge set of gnashes before trying different types of tooth paste and cleaning our teeth.

In art, we are continuing to work on our collages. Badgers had their initials on a piece of paper and the children needed to select which colour and which piece of equipment they would use to paint over the letter. The initial was peeled back to feel like a collage masterpiece.

Music with Bev! The class had a great time playing different percussion instruments. The class listened to instructions and stopping on the beat, listening to others play their instrument and singing happy birthday to Taran.

We are continuing to read the ‘What the ladybird heard’ I hope you are enjoying it at home. The children are doing really well listening and interacting at school.

A messy week :)

To start off our week, our young Badgers participated in some problem solving. We listened to 5 little speckled frogs. We matched the numbers on the frogs to the songs and then matched the Numicon to the number on the frogs. Lots of good listening and matching skills!

Our self exploration tasks this week was centred around ‘my views’ and making choices. Badgers were firstly given a choice of coloured paper. Secondly, the children were given a range of different art media to decorate their paper. Some chose paint, some dabbers and some chalk eggs. The final part of the task was to select pictures that shows what they have enjoyed. Some of our young Badgers were able to say what they were doing in the picture.

Something different in Mark making this week! our young Badgers had the opportunity to play in some fake snow. Badgers were challenged to mark make with straight lines and circles. Other Badgers were able to spell different words and practise their pencil holding and letter formation. Some fantastic sensory and fine motor skills.

Shapes, frozen ice cube colours and painting. Our young Badgers had to select a shape and then a coloured ice cube. This ice cube was then used to paint around the outside of the shape. Different shapes and colours were used to great effect.

What a fantastic music lesson with our Bev! We had great fun with the dragon and listening to Chinese New Year music. We continued to play along with the loud and quiet and listen to our friends play music. Bev brought in some symbols for us to play quiet and loud. Badgers also felt the vibration that was caused when we played the symbol to mark a loud noise.

In cooking this week we made rice crispy cakes! We practiced holding spoons, pouring mixture and mixing chocolate before scooping into cake cases. They look so yummy!

Well, messy Friday in our Bucket lesson! Jo made us some oblek and we watched how this fluid would go solid as we scrapped it up and then turned into liquid, dribbling through our fingers! It was SOOOO much fun!

What’s Happening in Badgers?

Well, in mark making this week we have tried something new! have a look at some of the letters and words our young Badgers have been forming and some of the mark following they’ve been completing! isn’t it FANTASTIC – Thanks Jo for making the sensory bags.

On Tuesday, our young Badgers were given a challenge to save the penguin. Each Badger had a frozen hand-shapped ice cube with a penguin frozen inside. Using their knowledge of melting (and alternative methods of breaking) the children attempted to break the ice to free the penguin. Some of out Badgers used spray. Some used their breath and tongue to attempt to melt the ice, some waiting whilst it slowly melted, some chucked it on the floor and smashed it. It’s fair to say, Badgers did a fantastic job in freeing all of the penguins!

A little matching challenge in Forest Schools – can you match the pictures to the items in the forest? Twigs, leaves and pots? one of our young Badgers even started to play the pots as if they were drums.

Getting a little messy in art… This half term we are printing with different objects. This week were have been using potatoes. Can you guess the animal we are using as a stencil? Yes, you guessed it – it’s a polar bear! Our Badgers did such a great job following the outlines with the colours they selected.

Our weekly music treat with Bev was all about following directions and playing loud and then quiet. the group had lots of fun experimenting ways to make sure with their instruments.

In PSHE, our young badges investigated relaxation using oils. Children had to select which oil they preferred, and tell the staff when to stop, or if they wanted more. Some children had their hands and feet done, others had only their hands massaged. This was a great way for the group to improve their communication and choosing.

Remember, all of the things we do at school are things you can do at home. Printing using vegetables and paint, matching things outside or around the house… you can match colours, letters, numbers, words, objects. You can even freeze objects for your young badger to find ways of saving it.

Ice Age – Our New Topic

Badgers are back at it in their first full week since Christmas. The week was started with problem-solving. Children had to add the amount of pegs to the number on the penguin. Some of our badges were challenged further, they were given a penguin , with a number, and the number of pegs attached was incorrect. They had to problem solved whether to add more pegs or take some away to get the number on the penguin.

This half term, we will be focusing on gymnastics. This week’s lesson was all about mounting and dismounting different ways and also finding ways to travel. Some children travelled on their knees, some sidestepped, and some crawled.

As part of our topic, we investigated drawing with ice cubes. This is also part of our mark making. Are young Badgers were able to experience melting ice cubes and also how we can draw with the coloured ice as the ice melts.

One of our attention autism, bucket, lessons, was all about counting to 3, waiting and turn taking. Each of our young Badgers had to wait for their turn, watch others take their turns, count 1..2…3 and shout ‘SPLAT!’ to give the instruction to the Badger at the front getting ready to SPLAT the shaving foam cupcake. Very VERY messy!

Linking to our sensory targets and also printing for art, our young Badgers got the opportunity to put their feet in paint and walk across paper. Some wrote their names in the painting a tray. They enjoyed feeling the different sensation of walking barefoot, the paint on their feet and toes.

Our fruit for healthy eating this week was an orange. The children got to peel, part, smell and taste it. Our young Badgers also matching images of fruit and designed their own fruit bowl (using their gluing and placing skills).

To end our week, in our cooking lesson, we looked at making dough and practised our kneading, rolling and making sausage shapes from our dough.

2024! The first (almost) full week back!

Happy New Year to you all! We hope you have had a lovely rest over the Christmas period and have enjoyed some fantastic times and made some wonderful memories with your friends and loved ones.

The first week back has been an exciting one; getting to see our friends, our teachers and being able to start our new ‘Ice Worlds’ topic.

Our young Badgers explored cold ice and investigated ways to melt the ice to find the hidden animals. Some of the children used their hands and observed as the ice melted, others used their breath and some event went to the sink and got warm water and observed how quickly the ice melted.

For our Art this week, we used our time in the Forest to observe how the trees looked this time of year and compare them to what they looked like the last time we were in the Forest. One of our young Badgers said ”The trees are sad and they are not green!” – I hope soon they’ll be green and happy again πŸ™‚

We used this to inspire our fingerprint art work. The children looked at different images and colours for the 4 different seasons. Using their fingers and dabbers, they selected the colour and marked on the corresponding season.

Music with Bev was VERY LOUD this week! the class investigated loud noises and things we have around us that are loud. Some said trains, some said hoovers, some even said they were loud. we practised making loud noises and playing the ‘Start and Stop’ game to help with our listening and following directions.

During our cooking lessons, we continued to investigate healthy eating. The group got chance to experience peas, carrots, cauliflower, broccoli, spinach and pepper. As part of this activity, the group tasted the different healthy options on offer and also matched the different vegetables to the images.

To help with our Ice Worlds topic, why don’t you watch Ice Age the movie – it’s a classic and we’re sure the children will enjoy spending time watching and learning about the different characters and animals.

Santa has come to town!!!

What a lovely end of the Autumn term it has been! We have had lots of fun with art, making Christmas decorations, signing Christmas songs and even had a visit from Santa after our swim!

our young Badgers have been using their fine motor skills to create some tree decorations by patting, rolling and cutting out shapes from salt dough. After it was cooked, the children had chance to select different colours and equipment to paint them. All of the decorations look fantastic!

Anyone would think it’s Christmas πŸŽ…

Badgers have been creating more decorations. Our young Badgers have been printing around a stencil of a Christmas tree before the stencil was removed. With a little help, the group added some tree decorations with glitter and sprinkles.

There was also a Santa and a snow man being created and finished from the papier-mΓ’chΓ©.

Back in the swimming pool – the last one until Spring term 2. We had a lovely session retrieving objects from on top of the water and also from the bottom of the pool. And…then… we had the toys out so we can float around and have a relaxing end to the session before having a special visitor back at school.

S…A…N…T…A! Santa has come to Badgers!!!!

To end our Christmas week, Badgers got involved in their turn taking with pass the teddy bear, pin the nose on Rudolph before they all enjoyed our group party food.

From myself and all of the Badgers team we would like to thank you for all of your support since September and to wish you a Merry Christmas and all of our best wishes for the new year!

Stay safe and we’ll see you all in January, 2024!


Welcoming a new Badger

This week we welcome a new member of staff to the Badger’s team, Natasha (Tash). Our young Badgers have made Tash feel welcome!

Thank you to the parents who joined us for our parents’ music session on Thursday with Bev. It was great to have you with us and have lots of fun with Badgers playing with the bells, singing along to songs and playing the drum, making the Christmas rice jump.

Badgers have been working on their cutting and our pinchy fingers skills. We were using these to make some of our Christmas decorations to help us get into the Christmas spirit and help decorate the classroom.

The children had fun with their Christmas dinner. Lots of celebration and laughs whilst they sat together.

A little bit of Gingerbread decorating and some tasting. Badgers had to use their squeezing, scooping and pouring skills to decorate their gingerbread Christmas tree. Lots of fun for our cooking lesson – YUM YUM!

From crazy shark hair, to floating to being splashed. Badgers had lots of fun in the pool this week. Our young Badgers were seeing how they liked water being splashed on them, seeing if they can blow bubbles, put their face in the water and even tested our floating skills.

Getting back to our Christmas work, this time it’s our place mats for Christmas dinner! Our little Badgers were practising their sprinkling, pouring and dabbing skills to make our placemats very colourful and festive.

To help with our Makaton signs, we have been listening to Singing Hands on YouTube. have a look at some of the videos at home and see if you can learn some of the signs to go along with the Christmas songs:

Badgers Become Ducks

To start the week Badgers participated in sensory maths and painting our Christmas tree with tree branches, young Badgers dipped the branches into the green glue mix and spread the paint across the card before they picked the pines from the branches and sprinkled them over their art.

For the maths, children had to choose a colour and dip their finger in paint and put the dots onto the correct number from the bauble.

Exciting times!!! Badgers were able to go swimming. We had lots of fun, finding different ways we can move around the pool. some of our young badgers were able to dip their face under the water, enjoy water being poured over their shoulders and head, jump backwards, find ways to relax and remembering how we keep safe around the water.

This is our part one of building Badger’s, snowman and Santa. Our young badges started off by tearing up big pieces of paper in small groups before they started the papier mache adventure. Some of the group were able to use a brush to paint the PVA and water mixture onto the balloon, stick the newspaper over the painted section and then paint over the top. Others got their hands into the mixture and covered the balloon and then the paper. The balloons were left to dry for next week when we can paint them and finish our masterpieces!

A little bit of turn taking during our bucket sessions. Badgers are doing really well moving on to stage three. In this stage, badgers had to count to 3 before bowling ball into the tower of cups and trying to knock them all over. Badger used their concentration, and waiting skills before celebrating with their peers.

Bev was back with a bang! To start the lesson. Bev brought in some jingle bells and children had to play along with the music and also listen to the instruction: stop when the music stopped. after this, are young badgers were able to play the big drums and watch how rice danced across the different surfaces when the drum was played at different volumes.

To help you get into the festive spirit, here’s a link to some of the songs our your Badgers are enjoying: