Badgers out walking

Big Badgers and Little Badgers have been dodging the showers and going out for walks this week. Cody went to feed the ducks.

Jo Boot and her dog, Alfie, painted some stones. Can you tell which classes at Oakwood they represent?

Then they took the stones to the Badger Walk at Albrighton and placed them around the waterfall.

If you go there, you might be able to find Jo’s stones. But be careful of the water!

Or you could paint some stones and place them in your favourite walking area. If you varnish over the paint it won’t wash off in the rain, but an adult needs to do that part. Jo used acrylic painters which she bought from Amazon. They give a really professional look, but I’m not sure if they would be suitable for all the children to use.

Blazing June?

Well the weather has been a bit of a mixed bag recently and Issah has got his winter coat out again! Josh has been doing really well with his matching tasks and playing with his new bubble machine. Cody has been nurturing a strawberry plant and picked his strawberries and ate them, but was so quick, Mum didn’t get a chance to take a photo! The other Little Badgers are all ok. Staff are also glad to be in school a bit more with the increased respite offer. Routine is good!

Big Badgers

Jo has been doing some work in her garden but is missing all the little Badgers so much!

Jemma has been spending precious time with her own children but is missing the little Badgers too!

Do don’t forget to send pictures for the blog of your little Badgers. If they’ve been doing any cooking Or growing things, it would be great to see pictures of that! I’ve been making elderflower cordial, which is delicious and easy to make. The elder flowers are really good this year.

Have a great week!

Big Badgers and Little Badgers

Hi there! Over the past few weeks we’ve had lots of photos from the little Badgers, but I bet some of them are wondering what the big Badgers have been up to!
well, Emma has been working really hard to make you a video of our Badger song, riding her bike and taking her dogs out for long walks.

I’ve been doing lots of school work and looking after my garden and allotment, where my strawberries are just starting to ripen. I also went for a socially distanced walk with my daughter in Rowheath Park.

Eid celebrations

I hope you all had a super weekend and Bank Holiday. Issah celebrated Eid with his family. He was delighted with his card and gift and loved his Eid balloons.

Last week Joshua got to grips with his transport matching activity and made a different edible play dough recipe. He has learned to roll out the dough and poke patterns and shapes with it. Well done Joshua!

In case you forgot, it’s officially Half-Term this week, but don’t let that stop you from home-learning and taking photos of your wonderful little Badgers! It’s great to share ideas and inspire each other to try new things.

Happy Eid!

It’s Eid on Sunday, so some children will be celebrating and having treats. Have a great weekend!

Some children have been having a go at the latest topic activities, others have been enjoying the sunshine and having picnics.

Hopefully you’ve all received some more activities and aren’t too bored. If you want more, let me know!

Home Learning Week 6

Hello again, everyone.
I hope you’re all still enjoying home educating the little Badgers and you haven’t got Cabin Fever. I’m finding it difficult to keep track of the days.

Josh and his family had a great time celebrating VE Day. Josh made the cakes and they had a party outside. Issah has been having a great time on his trampoline and has taken his art work outside on the sunny days. Beautiful work, Issah.

I hope you all got the email with the transport activity attached. I’m working on more activities to send. Don’t forget to grab the camera when your child is doing their favourite activities and send some photos through for the blog.
Bev has put some more activities on Charanga. All the children respond well to her lessons so they might enjoy that. I’ll resend the email with the login details.

Hope to see you all soon!

Home Learning Week 5- VE Day

Well it seems like months since we were all together, but if you take out the Easter Break, this is only week 5! I hope you are all getting on ok. I’ve had a few photos of the Little Badgers enjoying their home learning. I hope they will inspire you to try different things and KEEP GOING!
Josh had a go at making the edible slime from the Home Learning page on the website. He didn’t try to eat it, but there was no worry if he did.

Josh has also been out walking and walked over 3km one day! Well done Josh! Issah as been having lots of fun outside too, even on the cooler days. He is gradually dismantling his little apple tree.

It’s VE Day on Friday and a national Bank Holiday. If you feel artistic, make some red, white and blue bunting with your child and decorate the garden. Have a picnic to celebrate peace and freedom in our country.

Have a great week and don’t forget to send me photos of what your little Badger has been up to so I can share them!

Learning different things

The Badgers have been working very hard this week, but learning different things from when they are in school. Some have been out and about for their daily exercise, others in their gardens. I think we also have a budding artist in our midst!

Don’t forget that our new topics this term are People Who Help Us and Transport. We would also be learning about Ramadan, which started last week and VE Day which is on 8th May. It would be great if you could take some phots of your child making or eating special celebration food for these events, just like Issah is doing above. We were going to have a whole school picnic for VE Day, so maybe you could have a picnic in the garden and make some special food for it, like cucumber sandwiches and a cake, or whatever your family likes to eat.

Back to work!

I hope you all had a lovely Easter break and are getting back into a routine with your little Badgers. I hear some of you are spending lots of time outside in the sunshine, exploring water and getting lots of exercise. That’s great! Others have been exercising indoors and doing a spot of cooking. It’s all good!

Don’t forget to keep sending me your photos to share and to keep checking the school Home Learning website where you can find lots of fun ideas to try at home.

Our topic this term is Transport and People Who Help Us. Let me know which activities in this area your little Badger has enjoyed and send me a photo for the website. Don’t forget to keep logging on to Charanga as Bev has put some new songs on for the new topic.

Have fun!