Home School Week 1

Things have changed quite dramatically since our last blog and we are all now in lockdown. Home school is never something to be taken lightly, but we do what we have to. I hope you’re all getting on ok with your little Badgers and are finding the activities we sent home useful. I’ve had photos back from a couple of you, which might inspire you to try something different. If you have a spare hand to take some photos please send them on and I’ll put them on the next Blog. If your little Badger has stolen your phone off you and won’t let you have it back, well I quite understand.

Happy Mother’s Day!

This week in Badger class things were a bit different. A few of our little Badgers have been “working from home” and we had some different adults in to help us keep going. But on the whole, we did really well at keeping routines going. Some of the little Badgers have had the opportunity to explore different rooms around school which they loved.

The Badgers made Mother’s Day cards, which you should have received. They made hand and foot prints in paint and then turned them into flowers.

Later in the week we planted potatoes which will hopefully grow before the summer holidays.

Sports Relief

Friday was Sports Relief Day. We started the day with a whole School warm-up in the hall then we did the Hokey Cokey. The Badgers loved it, but it was a bit hard to take photos as we were all moving about so much.

Later we went outside to do our work on the small playground. The children did mark-making on the chalk boards and practised physical skills on the go-kart, slide and sand box.

Earlier in the week we made some cakes, but they burned so we had to throw them away. It didn’t matter as the Badgers had great fun watching the hand mixer and adding the ingredients. We had two birthdays this week, so there was plenty of cake to eat!

We’ve spent a lot of time this week practising washing our hands. The Badgers are getting really good at this now, although as you can see, some are still not very keen!

We’ll be doing lots more hand washing practice over the next few weeks and spending time outside where there are fewer germs! We’ll also be trying to communicate key messages about using tissues and keeping safe.

It’s Showtime!

We have had a fantastic World Book Week with lots of exciting activities. The Badgers loved taking part in two circus skills workshops and playing with magic bubbles. They met clowns and were very surprised to meet a camel on the playground! They took part in a super assembly and had a chance to show off their lovely costumes and walk down the Red Carpet on Friday.

Lion Dance

On Tuesday we had some special visitors who came to show us a Chinese lion dance and do a workshop for us. The Badgers had great fun, exploring fans, parasols and the lion costumes.

Afterwards the Badgers had a lovely play in the EYFS playground. They don’t get to go in this area very often and they really enjoyed themselves.

It’s been a busy week. Next week will be even busier because it’s book week. Our theme is Show Time! Don’t forget to dress up on Friday!

Pancake Day

Today Badger class had fun with pancakes. We listened to a song about pancakes and found out that when we cook them, we have to flip them over. We had a go at this and found out it’s quite tricky!
The Badgers noticed that pancakes are round, like circles, so we did some work with shapes and tried to find all the circles.

Egg and Cress and Valentine’s Day

This week we noticed that the cress we planted two weeks ago had grown really well and needed using, so we boiled some eggs and the children made egg and cress sandwiches. Some of them who aren’t keen on different food were very brave and touched the eggs, noticing how the texture changed when we took them out of the shells and when we mashed them. A couple of children really enjoyed eating the finished sandwiches!

On Friday we had a Valentines disco. We made a class Valentine’s card for a competition, which was won by Hedgehogs, but they kindly shared the prize with everyone. The children also made individual cards which they have brought home.

They had great fun at the disco, but it was tricky taking photos in the dark. We also went to Crash Bang Wallop on Wednesday, but didn’t take any photos as the children were very fast!

We’ve had a great half-term, despite the children all having colds. We’re really looking forward to the spring and more of our Circus topic after the holiday!

Spot Goes To The Circus

This week the Badgers read a new book about Spot the dog. His ball rolls off into the circus tent and he meets lots of interesting characters whilst trying to find it. We made a sensory story and the Badgers had fun rolling a huge ball in the classroom and in the hall.

They also made some cakes and planted some garlic bulbs in pots. In the music cupboard we found an accordion which the children were fascinated by. We really have done lots this week!

Kung Hai Fatt Choi!

This week Badger Class have been learning about Chinese New Year. They listened to a song and watched video of Chinese New Year events.  They made red envelopes to put money in. They made a Chinese drum with beads attached. They explored rice noodles and discovered how the texture changes when water is added. In cooking, they chopped and stirred vegetables then helped to cook stir-fried noodles and vegetables with hoisin sauce.


This week we also went to Crash Bang Wallop and managed to take some photos of the children exploring and having fun.

Litter and Stomp!

This week the Badgers have been very busy learning about their environment. They took part in a litter workshop,  #cleanergreenerwalsall, wearing hi-viz jackets and using litter pickers to help tidy up clean litter which had been planted in the hall and small playground. Then in music, Bev did a Stomp workshop, where they used rubbish to make music. It was very loud, but great fun.

Food For Life

The Badgers have also been finding out about where our food comes from. They explored compost and planted seeds in it. Hopefully they will grow!