Blue shopping

Last week we looked at poppies and learned about the colour red. This week we have focused on blue. The children collected blue objects in class and did a blue collage for the classroom. Today we went shopping and bought some blue food.

Children In Need day

It was great to see so many children joining in with the fun today. They loved wearing their pyjamas to school!

The children made Pudsey biscuits and teddy bear jam sandwiches.


Diwali Day

On Wednesday we had a great time celebrating Diwali. The children tasted and smelled carrot halwa and had a great time dressing up in Indian clothes and dancing in the hall. They made Rangoon patterns on the iPads, smelled spices and played with coloured rice.

Going shopping

Last Wednesday we managed to take all the children for a walk to the shop. Some rode in buggies to make it safer. We bought some frozen vegetables and a jar of sauce to make a curry. They are all getting used to going in our little local shop now.

Back in school we made our curry and tasted it. Cody surprised us by eating chick peas. Some children preferred the packaging. They all explored the food really well.


This half term the Badgers have tried lots of different breakfast food. Toast was the most popular, closely followed by scrambled eggs and porridge. Mushrooms, cheese and beans were less popular.

I’m not sure if we persuaded any of the children to try new foods, but they did have lots of opportunity to touch, smell and taste them.

Going shopping

Cody and Joshua went shopping today. They bought some bread so we can have toast and their favourite crisps. Cody handed over the money and Josh looked after the shopping.

Today’s PE

The children explored the large apparatus in PE today. They are developing their gross motor skills really well. Every lesson they are becoming more independent.