Litter and Stomp!

This week the Badgers have been very busy learning about their environment. They took part in a litter workshop,  #cleanergreenerwalsall, wearing hi-viz jackets and using litter pickers to help tidy up clean litter which had been planted in the hall and small playground. Then in music, Bev did a Stomp workshop, where they used rubbish to make music. It was very loud, but great fun.

Food For Life

The Badgers have also been finding out about where our food comes from. They explored compost and planted seeds in it. Hopefully they will grow!

This week in Badger class

The Badgers have had a very busy week. They listened to the story Mr Magnolia and explored some sensory resources. They also listened to a song about Mr Magnolia and some children have learned to sing it!
We had a fantastic time at Crash Bang Wallop on Wednesday, but unfortunately we weren’t able to take any photos as the children were on the go all the time. I hope they all slept well- the staff did!
On Friday we all went out in the rain and splashed in the puddles. In the afternoon we found our new school compost bin and put in the scraps of fruit and veg we have been collecting all week, along with some shredded paper. We will be learning all about growing food over the next few months.

Good news about Crash Bang Wallop!

Badger Class loved their visit to Crash Bang Wallop in December. The good news is, they can go again! Badger Class is being sponsored by The Motivation Hub in Walsall Wood to make three more visits, starting next Wednesday!
Today, Suzanne, the manager of the Hub and two of their clients came to bring us a cheque for £75. We said thank you and one of our artists made a card for them.

We are really looking forward to going to Crash Bang Wallop next week!

The Circus Is Coming To Town!

The Badgers have got off to a great start with the Circus topic this week. They have dressed up in funny hats, turned the classroom into a sensory dark room, a bit like a circus tent and begun to practise their circus skills in PE. They also started to work off some of the Christmas excess by practising running across the big playground. They heard the story of Mr Magnolia and loved using a range of resources to help tell the story.

Christmas disco and party

On Wednesday we had a disco in the hall. Some of Badger class were a bit nervous about going in when the hall was full of people, so they went in at the end with the music playing quietly, fewer people and the pretty lights. On Friday, we had another disco and this time they all loved it and went straight in to the busy hall. Well done Badgers! I’m afraid the photos aren’t very good as it’s hard to take a good photo of a moving child in a dark room.

After the disco Badgers had their party food. They were very pleased to have their favourite food, although there was a bit of “sharing” going on!

Christmas craft

During the past few weeks Badgers have been really busy making lots of lovely things for you. In their folder you will find a little card box containing their Diwali lamp and some cinnamon tree decorations, their calendar, which is a collaborative effort this year, a Christmas biscuit, a table decoration made from clay and a pine cone and lots of other bits and pieces. We hope you love their work and are really proud of your child’s efforts.


Today we made Christingles. We listened to a song which explained the significance of each part of the Christingle. The orange represents the world, the red ribbon reminds us that Jesus died for us on the cross at Easter, the sweets remind us of the good things God gives us and the candle reminds us that Jesus is the Light of the World.

The children all noticed the smell of the oranges when we cut into them but they were most interested in the sweets and I think quite a few went missing while we were making them!
they did really well with this quite difficult activity and  we hope you love the Christingle they have brought home. Please remove the cocktail sticks before giving it to your child.


Crash Bang Wallop!

The Badgers really enjoyed their Christmas visit to Crash Bang Wallop today. They had great fun climbing, crawling and sliding. I hope they all sleep really well tonight!


Last week we learned all about the colour white and made artificial snow. In cooking we made Scottish Snowball biscuits. They ave a round biscuit in the middle. We rolled the biscuit in white icing then rolled it in coconut. They were very sticky but fun to make.