Sports Relief

Friday was Sports Relief Day. We started the day with a whole School warm-up in the hall then we did the Hokey Cokey. The Badgers loved it, but it was a bit hard to take photos as we were all moving about so much.

Later we went outside to do our work on the small playground. The children did mark-making on the chalk boards and practised physical skills on the go-kart, slide and sand box.

Earlier in the week we made some cakes, but they burned so we had to throw them away. It didn’t matter as the Badgers had great fun watching the hand mixer and adding the ingredients. We had two birthdays this week, so there was plenty of cake to eat!

We’ve spent a lot of time this week practising washing our hands. The Badgers are getting really good at this now, although as you can see, some are still not very keen!

We’ll be doing lots more hand washing practice over the next few weeks and spending time outside where there are fewer germs! We’ll also be trying to communicate key messages about using tissues and keeping safe.

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