Christmas decorations

This week The Badgers decorated the classroom ready for Christmas. They had great fun putting up a Christmas tree and exploring the decorations.

The Badgers also made you a lovely calendar, which they will be bringing home in their Christmas packs in the last week of term. They are very beautiful.

Next week they will be making Christmas cards and on Friday we will be having a Christmas Disco in our Christmas Jumpers (or t-shirts or other favourite clothes).

Remember, remember…

This half-term, we have been finding out about remembering and celebrating special events. We have learned about bonfire night and Remembrance Day.

We have been reading a new book- The Animal Boogie. The Little Badgers love singing and dancing along to the video and following the story in the book.

Next week we will be learning about Diwali. If you have been celebrating Diwali this weekend, please let us know all about it.

Harvest Celebration Video

Hello everyone! During the last few weeks of term The Badgers were very busy preparing for their Harvest Celebration. We made a video (thanks Emma) which you can see below. You might notice that even the Little Badgers who were self-isolating at home managed to put in an appearance. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Harvest activities

The Badgers have been finding out about Harvest and autumn. They explored vegetables by feeling the textures, smelling them and looking at the colours. We cut them in half and used them for printing. This was very messy! They went outside and collected some autumn leaves, seeds and sticks which they used for their art work. They explored a pumpkin, being very brave and putting their hands inside to get the seeds out. Unfortunately, some of our activities were Cut short by the school closure.😖😦😭

The Badgers practised playing instruments along to the song “Cauliflowers Fluffy” and we recorded it as a backing track to our Harvest video, which is coming soon!

The Train Ride

This half-term The Little Badgers have been loving reading and singing The Train Ride. Here is the link to their favourite version on Youtube.

They love to sing along and some are now able to follow the story in the book, turning the pages at the right point. Have fun singing along and helping them join in. You could have a go at acting out the story- you’ll need to collect some toy cows, sheep and a mare and foal, a balloon, a tractor, a toy train, a black cloth for the tunnel, a cap for the ticket collector, some sand and water for the seaside and a shawl for grandma.

Home learning again!

Here we are again, back to Home learning! This half-term we have been getting very expressive with the paint, so I hope you have an apron and a cover for the floor as your Little Badger might want to show off their skills!

A bit of music

Bev has prepared a lovely music lesson. You will need some musical instruments, real ones, toys or home made ones.

And some autumn leaves. You can collect some from the garden, or make some from paper. You might like to put down a sheet or do this activity outside to make clearing up easier.

Then get ready to join in and help your child do all the actions and click the link!

Another week in Badgers

This week in Badger Class we have been making sensory bottles from oil and water with sequins and food colouring. The Badgers did really well with pouring and mixing.

The Badgers have also been looking at the photos they brought in and making a piece of work for our “All About Me” display.

We’ve had lots of fun with paint recently too.

And we love The Train Ride story and music with Bev and cleaning our teeth.

Next week we will be focusing on autumn and Harvest. If your child goes out for a walk this weekend, please take a bag and collect some autumn leaves, conkers, seeds, acorns etc and send them into school on Monday. We will use them for some art work.

Last day of summer sunshine

On Tuesday the sun was shining and the weather forecast for the rest of the week is not too good, so we took Little Badgers outside to play on the grass bank to enjoy the last bit of summer sunshine. They had a great time exploring, finding sticks and running down the slope.

We also had a super PE lesson on Tuesday. The Little Badgers were really pleased when we got the climbing frame out. They have all made lots of progress since last year. We also had great fun in the Immersion Room on Monday. Josh loves to be squashed under the cylinder!

Settling in

Hello everyone! The Little Badgers are settling down well and starting to want to do a few more activities now. We have had a lovely week and here are a few photos of what they have been up to. They are loving the Train Ride story and our little toy train that chugs around the track.

We have plenty of plastic bottles now and will be making our sensory bottles as soon as we have gathered together a few more special ingredients. Thank you for sending them in.

We are loving using our new dark den and torches too!

Welcome to the new school year!

Hello Badgers and Badger Parents!
It was lovely to see the Little Badgers yesterday. They were all impressed with our new classroom and soon settled down, although some of them were very tired by the afternoon and ready to go home! We have started establishing some new routines which we hope will help the children to understand the school day.

Here are a ew photos of our first day.

Thank you for sending in plastic bottles. We will be using these to make sensory bottles over the next few weeks. We still need clear plastic jars (not glass) with a screw on lid if you can find any.