Sunny afternoon activities

Thursday afternoon was very warm. We tied up sheets on the small playground to make sail shades and set up some sand play and a flower activity. Badgers were very content playing in the sand and/or trying the ‘Hapa Zome’ activity. What a lovely relaxed, productive afternoon.

Bug Hotel

During the last two weeks, the Badgers have been busy making a bug hotel. First of all they spent time examining the materials we were using and spreading them all around the classroom. Then they tied sticks into bundles, rolled up card board, drilled holes in wood and stuffed straw into plant pots. Then we took everything outside and built our bug hotel. It has been quite a mammoth operation, but as you can see it looks grand. Hopefully it will get some residents over the summer and be buzzing by the time we come back in the autumn.

Some of the Little Badgers did really well with learning to use the hand drill. Have a look at our videos below!

Sports Day

The Badgers had lots of fun on Sports Day, joining in with the activities which were set up on the large playground. They each had their own favourites, from the ball rolling, skittles, the barefoot walk, parachute and obstacle course. They certainly got active and explored some new things!

Bug hunt

This week the Little Badgers went on a bug hunt. We tipped out one of our potato plants and had a look in a few old pots and found a few potatoes and all sorts of creepy crawlies. At first the Little Badgers didn’t really notice them, then they got really interested. The snails were define favourite, closely followed by the massive spider which we put in a perspex bug house so we could watch it. So don’t be surprised if the Little Badgers start bug hunting at home and bring you a snail or a wood louse!

Leavers Day

The Little Badgers and the Big Badgers really enjoyed the Leavers Day activities. They are very thankful that the Leavers wanted to share the activities with them. The favourite was definitely the bouncy castle, closely followed by the sand and water play. The sun came out so it didn’t matter when the little Badgers got a bit damp.

Liam loved being sprayed with the water squirter and kept coming back for more, then running away when I said “Ready, steady, go!” Josh, Cody and Issah didn’t bother running away! Josh had fun squirting Shannon back. Manraaj preferred the sand and had a lovely time watching it run through his fingers.

I’m a Caterpillar!

Hello! The Little Badgers have been very busy learning about the Very Hungry Caterpillar. They love his song. They have made small and big caterpillars, a cocoon and butterflies and tasted some of the food the caterpillar ate.

Some of the Badgers even know the words!

Badgers Short Week

The Badgers were all set for a short week, but it was even shorter than we expected! Glad to say everyone is ok and the weather was good.
the Little Badgers still managed to do lots of work, mainly about beans. They had a look at the runner beans we planted and discovered they were starting to grow, despite being flooded several times by the rain in the past few weeks. Cody was very interested in his and adopted it as his new friend for a while. Liam took some persuasion to examine his, but eventually had a good look. The others were somewhere in between in their interest level. We were going to send them home on Thursday, but in stead they are sitting outside the classroom door, taking their chance with the weather. We’ll send them home after the holiday if they’re still alive!
The Little Badgers used dried beans to collage the initial letter of their names. They felt lovely and bumpy and the finished results are beautiful.
we had some tins of beans and chick peas left over so we thought we’d set up a sensory experience for the little Badgers, as they often prefer to explore textures with their feet. We tipped the beans and peas into a tuff tray and encouraged them to test the textures with their toes.

Oh what fun we had!
We hope you are having a lovely half-term and able to enjoy the beautiful weather.
Our topic is still Flowers and Insects and our story after the break will be “The Very Hungry Caterpillar.” We are looking forward to going on a bug hunt around the school grounds and doing some beautiful art work. See you all next week!

Eid Mubarak!

Happy Eid! It’s been a very special week, with Eid on Thursday. The Badgers enjoyed singing an Eid song and watching some Eid cartoons on the big screen.

The Badgers have been very busy this week, designing stamps for the competition and preparing some work for the music festival. You might have noticed there was paint and glitter involved.

We also had a super music lesson with Bev, our first for ages. She brought some new drums which were noisy but lovely.

Exploring beans

Last week, the Little Badgers started to find out all about beans. They explored some beans from a can and some dried beans, which were probably more like the ones that Jack’s mum threw out of the window in the Jack And The Beanstalk story. The canned ones were slimy and a bit smelly. The Little Badgers were not keen to touch them, but quite liked splatting them with a little hammer! They preferred handling the dried beans. They make a nice noise when you drop them and are not slimy. We mixed some into our play dough and it felt really nice!

The Badgers had fun with some other sensory materials too, each finding their favourite activity.

And they had another super PE lesson, getting used to using the apparatus and having lots of fun. Cody found a tunnel and hid inside it, saying “Where’s he gone?” And “There he is!”

Another fantastic week in Badgers!

Welcome to the Summer Term!

Hello everyone! Our summer term topic is Flowers and Insects and our story this half-term is Jack and the Beanstalk.
The Little Badgers settled down quickly this week and got straight to work with getting to know their new story, planting runner bean seeds and also planting some wild flower seeds. They also transplanted the peas they planted last half-term, which had filled their little pots with roots. They are now outside our classroom window where we can watch them grow.

The Badgers also had their first PE lesson in the hall since before Christmas. At first, they were a bit hesitant about the change of routine, but they soon settled down and had a lovely long lesson. We didn’t put PE kits on this week, but will be getting changed as soon as they are used to the change of routine. Our PE day is now Tuesday.

The weather has been beautiful and the Badgers have loved going out to play on the large playground, which we now share with Foxes sometimes. Things are very slowly starting to feel a bit more normal, but still with lots of hand washing and social distancing where appropriate.