Happy Easter!

The Little Badgers have had a lovely Easter week. They have done lots of lovely Easter activities and had fun too! The weather was so beautiful that they asked for a water play session too, which we managed to squeeze in on Tuesday afternoon. They got very wet but had lots of fun.

They also made Easter cards and Easter bonnets and managed to wear them long enough for a photograph. We all had great fun making Easter nests from melted chocolate and shredded wheat. It was a race to get the nests made before the children ate all the mini eggs!
They loved listening to Bev’s Easter song, “Celebrate” and danced and clapped along to it. Try playing it to them and see how they respond.

It’ll soon be Easter!

This week in Badgers we have begun to focus on Easter. We are still learning about the Gingerbread Man and explored different types of ginger. We mixed powdered ginger with flour and smelled and felt it in the tuff tray. Some children were brave enough to taste some crystallised ginger, but some didn’t like the smell.
We have started to listen to some Easter songs and painted some hard boiled eggs. The children rolled the eggs across paper bunting to decorate it and the bunting will be used to decorate the conservatory. We then had an egg rolling competition which was great fun. Cody rolled his egg the furthest. Some eggs didn’t last very long as they got bounced. A few got eaten!
The Little Badgers have also been practising relaxing and Issah has been wearing some noise reduction head phones. Manraaj has been helping us fill in some paperwork. Liam has been climbing and jumping off the purple mountain.

Next week we will be listening to the Christian Easter story and making Easter cards. Hopefully we’ll be doing some Easter COVID safe cooking and having an egg hunt in Badgers 2. On Thursday we will send home the sunflowers which we planted last week as they are starting to grow. The weather over the holiday might be cold at night so please keep your child’s sunflower inside until the frosty nights have finished, then they can be planted outside. They should grow very tall and might need staking to support them.

Growing things

This week the Badgers have been planting things. We hope they will grow! They planted potatoes in bags of compost. We have put these outside our classroom window so we can watch them grow. They also planted some sunflower seeds in pots. We have been putting them outside in the day but bringing them in at night as it’s a bit cold still. Hopefully they can bring them home before the Easter holiday and plant them in the garden. They also planted some primula in a big pot. They had a good look at the leaves and roots and saw where the flowers were starting to emerge.

The Gingerbread Man

This half-term, our story is The Gingerbread Man. The Little Badgers have been watching the story on the computer and getting to know a Gingerbread Man song too. They have decorated gingerbread men and made their own gingerbread man shapes with play dough. Last week, they got much better at sitting to listen to the story and enjoyed exploring the story resources, especially the old man and woman puppets.

Book Week

Hello Badgers!

We had a fantastic week celebrating Book Week and focusing on Toy Story. The Little Badgers have enjoyed listening to Toy Story songs and watching video clips, dressing up and doing lots of Toy Story cooking.

Unfortunately, I forgot to bring the ipad cable home and all the photos are on the ipad! The battery has run down so I can’t put any pictures on the Blog. I promise I’ll go into school early tomorrow and put it on charge so I can add in the photos as soon as the Little Badgers will give me a minute! That might be 3pm, as they are all back now, as you know.

You can put it down to me having a Baby Brain if you like, not sure if that’s a recognised thing for grandparents, but it sure has felt like it this week.


Badgers baby news

On Tuesday, Chief badger Gillian became a granny 🎉🎉

I’m sure you will join us in wishing Gillian and her family many congratulations on the safe arrival of their new family member 👶🏻💙

Belated Happy Pancake Day!

Well I hope you all had fun making pancakes during half-term, but just in case you didn’t make any, we have been having pancake fun in school! We watched Bev’s pancake song on the Oakwood At Home page and practised making pancakes with some play dough and tossing them in the air. Jo made us some pancakes at home and the children chose different toppings to spread on top. The most popular was marshmallowfluff. As there were lots of pancakes, the Little Badgers then had fun with the leftover ones by using them to paint with!

As you can see, the Little Badgers had great fun. If you have made pancakes at home and have any photos, send them in and I’ll add them to the blog.

Happy Half-term!

Well that seemed like a quick half-term! The Little Badgers have made lots of progress, but not necessarily in the areas we would have predicted. Some have learned to get coats or socks on, others to use PECS, others to adjust to new situations. Some are making progress with toilet training, others have learned to use the swing safely and to make the bikes and scooters move. Well done, Badgers!

if your Little Badger has been in school this week, you should find a lovely Valentine card in their bag. If they are at home, you might like to have a go at making one this weekend and to encourage them to sign “I love you”.

It’s Pancake Day next Tuesday! Bev has recorded a lovely Shrove Tuesday assembly for us which you can view on the Oakwood At Home page. If you make pancakes with your Little Badger in the holiday, please send us a photo and we can put it in your child’s personal learning evidence.
Next half-term our topic is still Buildings, but we have lots of additional topics, such as Book Week, when our theme will be Toy Story, Mother’s Day and Easter. We will be reading the Gingerbread Man too. We are all looking forward to hopefully getting back to a more normal routine and making things even better for our Little Badgers.

Have a great Half Term!

Chinese New Year

Kong Hei Fatt Choy!

That’s how you say Happy New Year in Chinese. The Little Badgers who are in school have been listening to a lovely Chinese New Year song and watching Bev’s assembly which you can see on the Oakwood At Home page. They also loved watching the dragon dance and finishing the big dragon that they started last week by making footprints. They made red envelopes with a gift in for somebody at home and decorated a picture of an ox, as this year is the year of the ox in the Chinese calendar. This year we haven’t been able to cook any Chinese food to eat due to COVID regulations, but the Little Badgers have explored rice and noodles as a sensory activity in stead.

The Badgers have also been having fun practising making faces to match emotions cards, playing in a stretchy cloth and relaxing with each other.