Bear Hunt In The Forest….and other things

This week the Badgers have been very busy. They have started to really enjoy the Bear Hunt story and have explored lots of resources to help them understand the story, including long swishy grass, water, “mud” (made from chocolate Angel Delight and coco pops) and a cave. On Thursday, they explored a real forest and we recited the story as we walked around. Some of the children were able to follow the rhythm and say a few words.

The Little Badgers also had a good look at their own faces in a mirror and had a few goes at making a representation of their face. They were helped to find their own photo from a selection and collated on it to emphasise the features. They also made a paper plate face. Some of them are a little bit scary!

First Forest Visit

Today was Badger Class’s first visit to the Forest School at Rushall.

The Little Badgers were very excited about going on the bus. When we got there we had to walk down some big steps and then walk along the fence to the locked gate. Once the gate was locked behind us, the Little Badgers had lots of freedom to explore, with discrete supervision from the Big Badgers. They were very brave and had a good look around. When it was time to go back to school, we all gathered back at the gate and had a sweetie. Well done Badgers, big and small!

Welcome to Badger Class!

Hello Badgers! It’s great to be back at school with our nine Little Badgers! We have a brand new room and lots of new things to explore.

In our first week we have spent time getting to know each other and finding our way around the classroom and the school. We have explored our three playgrounds, visited the Multisensory Room and the hall. We are all looking forward to lots of exciting lessons with the Big Badgers and the Little Badgers.