On Thursday, the Little Badgers did their Walk-a-thon at the forest. They walked really well from the bus to the forest, negotiating the slope down to the fence skilfully. They are always very pleased once we are inside the gate and they don’t have to hold hands any more.

Some of them set off at a run, keen to do their lap of the big field. They certainly earned their sponsor money and didn’t stop walking or running for the whole time we were there (about 45 minutes).

There was still time to play in the forest.

This week the Little Badgers also had fun exploring some food items during sensory play. We were donated a large pumpkin and the Little Badgers loved rolling this on some dry pasta to make it crunch. They looked inside the pumpkin and used the seeds to make pictures. We made a mixture of cornflour, water and food colouring, adding more water and cornflour as the children played to change the texture. This was very interesting and very messy! It’s a good job we have a very friendly cleaner! On another day, we mixed flour and water until it clumped together to make play dough. Some of the Little Badgers are a bit reluctant to join in with messy play, but they are getting braver with gentle encouragement.

We also collaged some leaves and acorns for the Oakwood Tree. Morgan did his really neatly. Well done Morgan!

It’s been a very busy half-term and some of the Little Badgers have been very tired this week. We hope you all manage to get some relaxing time, and maybe even some sleep! If the Little Badgers go anywhere exciting, we’d love to see some pictures.
have a great half-term break!


The Little Badgers have done lots of activities about Harvest this week. They explored vegetables and even tasted a few. They discovered that sweetcorn makes lovely patterns when rolled in paint and the outer leaves are a good substitute for a paintbrush. They explored cucumber and a white squash with a spoon. They printed with apples and potatoes too.

We had some new furniture delivered and the Little Badgers had great fun with the boxes! Morgan made a robot and played a game with Gwen, where they took turns to be the robot. There was a really big box which made a super hiding place!

We had our Harvest assembly on Teams and sang some Harvest songs. We said thank you to God for all the good things he gives us and for the people who help us.
we’d like to thank you all for sending in food for the Foodbank collection.

Next week is the last week of the half-term. We have our last Forest visit on Thursday. The Little Badgers have really enjoyed it and will be sad not to go after the holiday. But they will be going swimming every Wednesday until Christmas, so it’s time to find those swimming trunks and check they still fit!

Happy Birthdays and lots of fun!

This week three of our Little Badgers had birthdays so we had a celebration on Wednesday, with a cake and a few treats. We had some party music and some of the Badgers showed us their dancing skills. You should have found a few treats in their bags.

The Little Badgers have now really settled in to their new classroom and routine now and have been showing us their skills with problem solving resources, communication and joining in at story time. Watch out for our story video coming soon! They were also much braver in the forest this week, exploring more independently and remembering their way around.

A swirling whirling snowstorm and a picnic

We couldn’t visit the forest this week, so instead, the Badgers made sandwiches, choosing between jam and lemon curd, and took them to the Gazebo, where they had a picnic.

This week, the Badgers did some more work for the Bear Hunt display, including painting a swirling whirling snowstorm. They loved using the paint sponges and adding cotton wool to the paint to give it texture. Some Badgers preferred using shaving foam to make a snowstorm in the classroom!

The Badgers also found their own photos on the table and we made them into jigsaws. They were all able to put the two pieces of their photo back together. Some could do four pieces. We’ll be practising this next week too.