The Little Badgers have done lots of activities about Harvest this week. They explored vegetables and even tasted a few. They discovered that sweetcorn makes lovely patterns when rolled in paint and the outer leaves are a good substitute for a paintbrush. They explored cucumber and a white squash with a spoon. They printed with apples and potatoes too.

We had some new furniture delivered and the Little Badgers had great fun with the boxes! Morgan made a robot and played a game with Gwen, where they took turns to be the robot. There was a really big box which made a super hiding place!

We had our Harvest assembly on Teams and sang some Harvest songs. We said thank you to God for all the good things he gives us and for the people who help us.
we’d like to thank you all for sending in food for the Foodbank collection.

Next week is the last week of the half-term. We have our last Forest visit on Thursday. The Little Badgers have really enjoyed it and will be sad not to go after the holiday. But they will be going swimming every Wednesday until Christmas, so it’s time to find those swimming trunks and check they still fit!

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