On Thursday, the Little Badgers did their Walk-a-thon at the forest. They walked really well from the bus to the forest, negotiating the slope down to the fence skilfully. They are always very pleased once we are inside the gate and they don’t have to hold hands any more.

Some of them set off at a run, keen to do their lap of the big field. They certainly earned their sponsor money and didn’t stop walking or running for the whole time we were there (about 45 minutes).

There was still time to play in the forest.

This week the Little Badgers also had fun exploring some food items during sensory play. We were donated a large pumpkin and the Little Badgers loved rolling this on some dry pasta to make it crunch. They looked inside the pumpkin and used the seeds to make pictures. We made a mixture of cornflour, water and food colouring, adding more water and cornflour as the children played to change the texture. This was very interesting and very messy! It’s a good job we have a very friendly cleaner! On another day, we mixed flour and water until it clumped together to make play dough. Some of the Little Badgers are a bit reluctant to join in with messy play, but they are getting braver with gentle encouragement.

We also collaged some leaves and acorns for the Oakwood Tree. Morgan did his really neatly. Well done Morgan!

It’s been a very busy half-term and some of the Little Badgers have been very tired this week. We hope you all manage to get some relaxing time, and maybe even some sleep! If the Little Badgers go anywhere exciting, we’d love to see some pictures.
have a great half-term break!

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