One final word…

To close the year, because the Little Badgers are so ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC, we chose two Stars of the Week this week. Both pupils only arrived at Oakwood in September and have made a super start, settling in really well. Noah is always at the front of our line and is quite a little leader in the class. RIzwanul is never far behind. This half term he has overcome his fear of the swimming pool and is even confident enough to take his feet off the floor and allow an adult to support him in the water. Well done Rizwanul and Noah!

And finally, a big thank you for all the lovely gifts and cards you have sent in for the staff. We have plenty of goodies to keep us going until Easter, I think! Here are just a few!

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, from Team Badger!

Badgers Christmas Video

The Little Badgers have recorded you a special Christmas video which we hope you will enjoy watching. The password will be emailed to you separately.

Merry Christmas! See you all in January!

Christmas play dough and Christmas jumpers!

This week the Little Badgers have really got into the swing of Christmas! We started the week by making some sparkly Christmas playdough. It was very sticky, but the Little Badgers were very interested when the glitter turned the dough blue. We had red play dough later in the week and then on Friday, we made some special dough with cinnamon, apple sauce and glue to make tree decorations. Hopefully they will set over the weekend and we can decorate them.

The Little Badgers have been making progress with speech and language, using aided language boards in different contexts and also using their voices to communicate.

They also did cooking, making some melting snowman biscuits. Some of them were very keen to eat the marshmallows (vegetarian) but they all managed to make their own version of a snowman.

On Friday some of the Little Badgers wore their Christmas jumpers and they had a lovely Christmas dinner. They had lots of fun watching the Singing Hands pantomime, dancing and popping bubbles.

Our Star of the Week this week was Morgan, for excellent efforts with communication over the last two weeks. Well done Morgan!

Next week we will have our Badgers Christmas Party on Wednesday afternoon. The Little Badgers are usually quite hungry after swimming so should be able to eat lots of party food. PLEASE COULD YOU SEND IN A PLATE OF PARTY FOOD, JUST FOR YOUR CHILD, WITH THINGS THEY WOULD LIKE TO EAT. Please remember NO NUTS due to allergies.

Christmas Tree!

As it was the start of Advent this week, we thought it was time to put the Christmas Tree up in our class. The children were very interested when we got it out of the box. They helped put it together and decorate it. They have some unconventional ideas about what you should decorate a Christmas tree with, but it looks beautiful anyway.

On Thursday we had a little more snow and the playground was too slippery to go outside. So the Little Badgers made some fake snow from cornflour and shaving foam. They also had a tray of real snow in the classroom. Some children preferred the real snow, others the fake snow. They had lots of fun playing.

On Friday we had fun in the Immersion Room. The Little Badgers loved our new massage toy and voice changer megaphone and did some good communicating to ask for more and taking turns.

This week our Star of the Week was Haseeb. Last week he was brave enough to go in the swimming pool for the first time. This week he was really keen to go in and had a fantastic swimming lesson. Well done Haseeb!

It’s been a fantastic week in Badgers, even though we were missing a day! We have lots of lovely activities planned for the next two weeks, but we’ll try and keep our routines as normal as possible as we know some of the Little Badgers are not keen on changes.

Our Christmas Party will be on Wednesday 15th December. More details to follow.