Christmas Tree!

As it was the start of Advent this week, we thought it was time to put the Christmas Tree up in our class. The children were very interested when we got it out of the box. They helped put it together and decorate it. They have some unconventional ideas about what you should decorate a Christmas tree with, but it looks beautiful anyway.

On Thursday we had a little more snow and the playground was too slippery to go outside. So the Little Badgers made some fake snow from cornflour and shaving foam. They also had a tray of real snow in the classroom. Some children preferred the real snow, others the fake snow. They had lots of fun playing.

On Friday we had fun in the Immersion Room. The Little Badgers loved our new massage toy and voice changer megaphone and did some good communicating to ask for more and taking turns.

This week our Star of the Week was Haseeb. Last week he was brave enough to go in the swimming pool for the first time. This week he was really keen to go in and had a fantastic swimming lesson. Well done Haseeb!

It’s been a fantastic week in Badgers, even though we were missing a day! We have lots of lovely activities planned for the next two weeks, but we’ll try and keep our routines as normal as possible as we know some of the Little Badgers are not keen on changes.

Our Christmas Party will be on Wednesday 15th December. More details to follow.

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