All things new!

Happy New Year, everyone!

The Little Badgers have had a great start to the term and we’re all very keen to come into school on the first day. They are getting used to our new story, Owl Babies and starting to learn about the difference between day and night. They have been practising cleaning their teeth after snack time and are doing really well with this.

Next week we would like to do some role play, so please could you send in a spare pair of pyjamas so your child can dress up in them? Please send them on Monday and we will send them home on Friday.

Bucket Time

This week we started something new. Attention Autism is a scheme designed to develop the attention skills of children with autism. They often have difficulty focusing on adult-led learning activities and following rules. During these highly structured activities, the children learn to focus, to wait, to follow instructions and to attend.

We got off to a flying start this week with Bucket Time. We were all amazed at how well they sat from the start, how they responded to the cue of the bucket and how they paid attention and followed the rules.

Next week we will move on to the next stage- I can’t wait!

The Badgers have had lots of other fun this week, including getting to know our new hairdressing doll, a lovely music session with Bev and testing out our new water-absorbent mat- Rizwanul put it through its paces!

Our Star of the Week this week is Manraaj, because he has started to spontaneously sign “finished” when he’s had enough of an activity. Well done, Manraaj!

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