Valentine’s Day

Hello everyone! This week the Badgers have been celebrating Valentine’s Day. they have been trying very hard to be kind to each other and show their love. We hope you liked the cards which were in their bags on Monday.

on Friday we had our Valentine’s disco. The children took turns to go in the hall and dance.

They helped make the food for the party, mixing the angel delight with an electric whisk and stirring the icing to go on the cakes.

The best bit was eating the jelly, angel delight, cake and crisps!

The Little Badgers did lots of other good work this week, including using play dough tools , exploring sensor resources and practising their drawing skills. They are superstars!

After half-term, we will be focusing on Earth and Space and counting for our topic work, so if you have anything at home that will help the Little Badgers, please send it in!

Numbers Day and more…

Many thanks to those of you who contributed to NSPCC’s Number Day. The Little Badgers had fun dressing up and doing lots of number activities.

This week the Little Badgers have had fun continuing with Chinese New Year celebrations, practising their Attention Autism skills, making their Valentine’s Day cards (but you’ll have to wait till Monday to see those) and doing some super PE. They also had great fun playing with some cardboard cylinders. They rolled cars down them, played tunes on them, looked thr them and turned them into telescopes. They also made some lovely Owl Babies pictures for our classroom display.

We didn’t get to choose a Star of the Week this week, but next week we will choose two!

Happy Chinese New Year!

This is the Little Badgers favourite Chinese New Year song.

This week the Little Badgers have been finding out about Chinese New Year. They have watched a dragon dance on YouTube and made their own Chinese dragons to dance with, made Chinese lanterns and tasted some Chinese food. Some of them liked the egg fried rice, but all of them loved exploring noodles, which were like wiggly worms in the bowl! Chinese New Year lasts two weeks, so we will be exploring more activities next week.

The Little Badgers also had lots of fun with water play and with the parachute in PE. Our Star of the Week was Harrison due to his lovely efforts to communicate, including using an Aided Language Board to ask for the swing in PE.

Next Friday we will be celebrating Numbers Day. The Little Badgers are welcome to come to school in clothes with numbers on, but if they don’t have anything, we will be making numbers badges for them to wear.