Garden Centre Visit and painting clouds

As you may know, Badger Class have a little garden on the small playground. They have planted flowers and broad beans already and it’s looking quite nice. Gwen wrote to all the local garden centres asking for donations and we had a reply from Wheats on the Chester Road. They kindly donated us some seeds, pots and three big bags of compost. On Wednesday, we took a delegation of Little Badgers to the garden centre to collect the donations. They had a lovely time looking round and found some ducks. It’s the first time we have been anywhere other than the Forest since before Lockdown, so it was lovely to go out. Hopefully we will be able to go again with another small group before too long.

We have already used some of the compost to plant potatoes in and some sunflower seeds (the slugs ate the last ones). I will post some photos of that activity next week.

Earlier in the week the Little Badgers had fun painting fluffy white clouds on blue paper for a display board in the corridor.

The Little Badgers also had fun this week finding out about the weather as you may have noticed by the bags of soggy clothes they brought home! They got caught on the playground in a downpour and got very wet. Some of them also got muddy because they love to experiment with the mud. We apologise for the mix-ups with shoes and socks! It can be very difficult if things are not named. We always try our best to send the children home dry and comfortable. If you want to send in wellies and waterproofs for wet play, that would be great, but please make sure they are named.

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