Brilliant Bumblebees 🤩🐝

Hi Bumblebee families!👋

What a week we have had!😊 This week, our children have had so many special moments. We have had lots of vocalisations, lots of breakthroughs and they are all absolutely thriving with our structured daily routines in Bumblebees.

In our Monday problem solving session, the children have worked so hard in a variety of ways. As part of our workstation tasks, we have worked on missing number lines, to ordering numbers, colour sorting and puzzle matching! 🧩

As part of our small group table activities, we completed numicon printing. The children made a choice of numicon, dipped it into their choice of paint, and then printed this onto paper. We then counted how many holes their were to recognise which numicon was printed 🧮

On Tuesday, we travelled over to our Walsall Wood site 🚌. Unfortunately, we could not swim this week. Instead, we utilised the ‘rainbow room’ soft play equipment, and the multi-sensory room✨

On Wednesday, we have a cooking session 👩‍🍳. The children have loved getting used to some new cooking equipment the past few weeks. This week we used this equipment, such as a wooden spoon to stir with, creating polar bear biscuits 🍪

The children also had the choice of access to our dough station, using a rolling pin to ‘roll’, cutters and a wooden knife to ‘cut’. This is something that we often have out during a cooking session to get the children used to the motions of ‘making’. Some of our children even tried on the chefs hat 👨‍🍳.

On Thursday, we like getting creative in Bumblebees 👩‍🎨. Our session this week included polar bear pictures! The children were given the option to use collaging materials to pick the feel of their polar bear, but lots of our children opted for simple pens, crayons and stampers instead 🤩. It was so nice to see all of our children volunteering themselves to join in with an activity altogether; every single child had a great go at this around the table as a group 🤍

As a 1:1 activity, the children also completed a ‘Bouncy Ball Painting’ following our Attention Autism stage 3! Each child got the opportunity to come and pick a bouncy ball, dip this in a choice of paint colours, and then drop this into the tray and roll it around to make marks 🖌️🤹

On Friday, we got up to lots of our usual fun! Parachute time, and using our communication aids to make a request during snack time. However, we also got to celebrate our lovely TA’s birthday – happy birthday Amanda!🎈🥳🎂

See you all next week!

The Bumblebees team🐝

Ice world adventures!❄️

Hello Bumblebee families 👋

We are so excited to have had another great week with all of our Bumblebees🐝

We LOVE exploring our topic ‘Penguins and Polar Bears’ 🐧🐻‍❄️

This week we have continued on ‘The Snow is On My Head’ as well as ‘That’s Not My Polar Bear’ 🧊

In our creative sessions, we have explored lots of snow like textures using conditioner and cornflour to make a fake snow mixture, as well as some white died sand to create snowballs!🤲

We have also explored a big COLD iceberg!🥶 The children enjoyed spraying this down with various different coloured water to watch it melt away into individual ice cubes.

We have also completed some great iceberg mark making with great decision making about which tool to mark with 🎨

Some children chose pens, others chose chalks, but the favourite was stampers! ✏️

We are also continuing to progress with our skills of joining in during ‘Stage 3’ of ‘Bucket Time’ 🪣.

The children this week have had a go at sitting under a clear umbrella and watching the rain fall as we sing ‘The rain is on our heads’, just like our story song!💦

They were also super at driving through the snow, where each child made a request for a particular coloured car, and then drove this through a shaving foam and paint mixture to mimic ‘driving through the snow’. 🚗🚙❄️ This was then moved over to the table as a supervised group provision, because the children loved it so much!

We have also had some of our usual fun with ‘loud’ and ‘quiet’ sounds in Bev’s music session 🎶📣🤫… and some outdoor learning with chalk, writing our phonetic sounds out and getting moving on our bikes ✏️🚲

Another lovely week in Bumblebees… 🐝🫶💛

See you next week!
The Bumblebees team🐝

Polar fun🧊

Hello Bumblebees families 👋

This week we have engaged in lots of sensory activities that follow our Spring topic ‘Penguins and Polar Bears’ 🐧🐻‍❄️

In our creative focus session, we used glue to squeeze and glitter to sprinkle on to our very own snow angels ❄️

Lots of the children enjoyed observing the adult sprinkling the glitter and then had a go themselves, they were all super confident with squeezing the glue! ✨

Our ‘bucket time’ was also themed around ice!🧊

This included having a go at an ice smash during ‘Stage 3’ with a frozen green and frozen pink ice hand ✋. The children in Bumblebees all took turns to feel the cold of the ice, and drop the ice from a height making a big SMASH 💥

This week, we have also had some more sensory fun during our morning activities including kinetic sand and lots of yummy edible things! 🤲

We also took a ride on the sensory train! 🚂

We ride the sensory train every Monday afternoon and love exploring bubble land, water land, material land and foam land 🫧💦🧱☁️

Our PSED theme this term is ‘This is Me’. Every morning we sing about our emotions during ‘If You’re Happy and You Know it!’. We have also initiated a new addition to our good afternoon routine – brushing our teeth!🪥

This is great for the children to learn about self care and we love to brush along to ‘Peppa Pig’s Teeth-brushing Song’ 💗

We are so proud of our Bumblebees!💛

See you next week👋

The Bumblebees team🐝

Time for Spring🌼🌿🌸

Welcome back Bumblebees💛

We hope you have had a wonderful, and hopefully restful, break over the last two weeks!

We are so excited to have all the children back ready for an exciting Spring term 🌼

This week, all the children have worked hard to settle back in to routines and begin their very first rotation of workstation activities. This is a daily opportunity for 1:1 interventions that support each child with building shared attention and engagement. It is also a great opportunity to work on your child’s individual PLT targets.

Some of this weeks 1:1’s included completing a puzzle independently using colour matching, shape and sorting skills. All of Bumblebees are great problem solvers! 🧩

We also worked on a communication ‘choosing bag’ activity! We are developing our skills on this.

We have also made big developments in just a week, on our engagement with ‘Bucket Time’. This has always been a favourite in Bumblebees, but the children have now begun engaging with stage 3! 🥳

This includes the children having a go at joining in with an activity on the carpet and developing a range of skills including observing, waiting, joining in and initiating an activity, and sharing attention with adults and peers in Bumblebees 🗣️

Take a look at some of our Stage 2 and Stage 3 pictures from this week…

Our bucket time has also drawn us nicely in to our new Spring term topic, ‘Penguins and Polar Bears’. This is a really exciting topic that has begun with our knowledge of winter weathers and the feeling of ‘cold’ 🧊

For the next two weeks we have been and will be focusing on ‘Snow is on my head’. This song has helped us thing about the key word ‘cold’, and a winter weather; ‘snow’. It has also included the body parts ❄️

Here are some activities we have engaged in this week to introduce our topic. We have completed ice paintings, spraying and unfreezing the iceberg, splatted snow mountains and even felt the ice on our tongues! ☃️

We also managed to complete two of our favourite parts of the week – music with Bev and swimming! 🎶🤿

The children are developing their engagement daily and I’m sure you can see this through our wonderful photos around the carpet during music or some lovely photos within swimming…

Have a lovely weekend!🤍

The Bumblebees team🐝

Welcome back! 💛

Welcome back Bumblebees!🐝

What a fun three days we have had!

This week we have been very artsy, which is something we love doing, to settle ourselves back in to school 🏫

There has been some great mark making opportunities, including drawing pretty daisies! 🌼

We have explored the different colours out on the track playground 🛝

We have completed some 1:1 colour matching, where the children showed us just how much they know about colours and utilising their matching skills!

Some children were also enjoying getting messy at the colour mixing station 🌈

and a favourite was driving the car wheels through the paint 🖌️🚙

What a brilliant first week back!

Well done Bumblebees🤍

The Bumblebees team🐝

Halloween fun 💜🖤💚

Hello Bumblebee families 👋

This week we have loved exploring all things ‘Halloween’. We have focused on the colours, animals and sounds related to Halloween 👻

As you can see, the children have loved exploring lots of tactile resources such as our pasta ‘bats’ 🦇, our spooky black water tray 🖤 and multi-coloured spiders 🕷️.

Some children explored these with their senses; using the water to pour, the bats to crunch and the slimy paint rice to feel 🤲

Some children began exploring verbalising and signing the colours they could see, such as black, orange and green 🎨

Other children loved listening to the sounds of the adults shouting ‘BOO!’ and laughed lots at the anticipation 👻

A few of our children explored the letter sounds within the colours and began selecting and blending the words 🔠

We also completed some science experiments exploring the fizz of bicarbonate soda and vinegar and some green cornflour gloop

The children have also been great at beginning to utilise the ALDs more and more to express likes, dislikes and lots of language!

Happy half term everyone!
The Bumblebee team🐝

Happy Harvest 🍎🍏

Hello Bumblebee families 👋

This week we have explored the Autumn Harvest. This has been a really fun one for everyone in Bumblebees!🐝

Throughout the week we have engaged with the story ‘Apples, Apples Everywhere!’ and sung ‘Thank you for the Harvest’ in our music session with Bev.

On Monday, we enjoyed exploring Harvest vegetables including aubergines, onions, peppers and potatoes. We cut them in half, felt the texture of the skin and what was inside. The children loved rolling paint on to the vegetable, and then with adult support, were able to print and make marks with the vegetables 🍆🌽🥕

On Tuesday, we enjoyed apple bobbing! The children used their fine motor skills to pinch and squeeze the tweezers in the water to try and to grab as many apple slices as possible. Some children enjoyed eating the slices too 🍎

As part of the rest of the week, we painted a giant harvest tree! The children enjoyed creating the browns of the tree trunk as a big group task. We then created some lovely hand printed leaves that formed the rest of the Bumblebees tree🌳

Of course, we also had to add some ‘Apples, Apples Everywhere!’ all over our harvest tree 🍏

Other parts of the week were filled with our usual Bumblebee fun, including some very glittery letter reveals as part of our ‘Attention Autism’ stage 2!

We loved the cause and effect cars 🚙🚗

Our mornings were also filled with lots of number work! 📊

We have had another amazing week in Bumblebees ❤️

See you next week!

The Bumblebees team🐝

Autumn explorers 🍂

Hi everybody!

This week in Bumblebees we have begun exploring all things Autumn!

We have become artists, focusing on the colours red, orange and brown. We mixed these together into shaving foam and then printed the mixture onto card. We made some beautiful creations. Here is us exploring the Autumn colours.

We have also used our colour recognition skills to attempt matching the different coloured leaves.

We did this so brilliantly!

Our favourite though, was diving into a real life pumpkin! The children got to explore the texture, scent, and colour of the pumpkin. Lots of our children enjoyed scooping the insides and then squeezing this in their hands to feel the cold, squishy texture 🎃

We have also began engaging with some new sensory experiences as part of ‘sensology’. This is a session where the children can explore the 5 different senses, as well as movement related sensory systems. A much loved area was the ‘I can see’ station which utilised our school LED equipment. The children loved using the building blocks to create towers and put the glow sticks through the gaps 💡

We also managed to swim again, which was lovely for all of our children. We are learning the routine of getting on to the bus, and what happens when we arrive. The children thoroughly enjoy splashing around in the water, playing with the adults and utilising the pool equipment 💦

We are excited to continue exploring Autumn as a class in Bumblebees.

Have a lovely weekend!

The Bumblebee team 🐝

Our first swimming session 🤿

Hi Bumblebee families!

I hope you are doing well. We are super excited to share our fun week we had.

Our biggest achievement was getting everyone to swimming! We got on to the bus, sat beautifully listening to some number songs, and waited patiently to get to our destination. When we got there we split into two groups; some children explored the sensory room and rainbow room over at Oakwood Walsall Wood site, whilst the others had their first swimming session.

As you can see we had lots of fun🥰

The bumblebees staff had lots of fun too!🐝

Back at school, we have been working on our communication…

We have been using ALDs (Aided Language Displays) to enhance the language within our learning. When we explore a tuff tray, the children have enjoyed pointing to the symbol that relates to their play or maybe even matches the animal they have found!

Lots of children have impressed us by beginning to use the ALD to make choices on which breakfast option they would like!🥣

Our afternoons this week have consisted of lots of sensory exploration.

In Monday afternoon’s art session, we explored the medium of paint using our bumblebee colours yellow, orange and black. We mixed the paints by standing on the bubble wrap to create a swirl of colour, and then revealed our group artwork by removing the bubble wrap.

We may have become excited and decided to explore the sensory texture of the paint without the bubble wrap too! This was lots of fun, and very messy🎨

The children also completed a sensory ‘walk’ for the first time. Using four sensory trays, the children used all their senses and particularly the feeling from their hands and feet to walk their way through the trays, feeling the different textures.

See you next week for some more buzzy fun💛

The Bumblebee team🐝

Let’s get learning 🖍️

Hello bumblebee families!

This week we have had a great week getting stuck in to our learning.

In the mornings we have been having breakfast to fuel us for our day…

This has helped get our brains ready for some phonics. Our sound of the week this week has been ‘m’ for ‘M-m-monkey’ and ‘M-m-mountain’.🐒🏔️

All our bumblebees have tried really hard to engage with a range of ‘m’ related activities.

We have continued to build relationships with our peers and adults in the classroom, and have particularly enjoyed getting stuck into our PSHE relative story; ‘The Colour Monster’.

This story helps us to understand how we can identify and express our emotions. We have enjoyed pulling our happy and sad faces in a mirror and saying hello to the happy and sad monsters💛💙

We have even made some of our own ‘colour monsters’ to display in the classroom!

As a class we are growing everyday and us adults are super proud of the children.

Unfortunately, our swimming session was cancelled this week. However, we look forward to hopefully going next Tuesday!🌊

Our sign of the week this week is Teacher…

Have a lovely weekend!🌸

The Bumblebee team🐝💛