Bumblebee Fun

What another fantastic week in the Bumblebees class.

Our topic for this term is focused around Animal Kingdom. Our Bumblebees have been making Bear Toast in cooking, developing our skills of holding a knife, scooping, spreading and we even managed some food tasting. I think it’s safe to say our Bumblebees enjoy chocolate toast with banana and raisins.

We even managed to manipulate some edible dough and use cutters to create different animal shapes.

Our Bumblebees also enjoyed looking at the different animal books, turning the pages and feeling the different textures.

Our Bumblebees also enjoyed Swimming this week, as well as Music with Bev. The children enjoyed banging on the drum, in the sunshine, within their 1:1 session.

We have also been practicing our fine motor skills by painting and trying to isolate our fingers. Some of us didn’t like paint on our fingers, so we practiced using a roller. Great job Bumblebees!

We also took some time out to relax within our Multi-Sensory room, looking at the lights, smelling the different scents, exploring the interactive backgrounds and enjoying massages. As always we have been…….

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Hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The Bumblebees Team x

Busy Bees

It’s the end of week two and what another amazing we have had with our little Bumblebees!


We have completed a full week of our wonderful new timetable and what a lovely experience it has been for everyone. Our little ones have explored new things and gained new experiences.


Our timetable focuses on all the key areas for your child to build on their life skills. This week we have looked at gross motor skills through swimming, outdoor play and PE. Also, communication of our children’s likes and dislikes, through food tasting and choosing. Our Bees were very good at sharing what they didn’t like through a variety of ways – clever bees! Let’s not forget our personal, social & emotional development through collaborative ‘good morning’ sessions and snack/lunch time.

'We didn't realise we were making memories, we just thought we were having fun'.

Thank you for your continued support. We hope you have a lovely weekend.

Bumblebees Team x

Welcome Bumblebees!

Hello and welcome to the Bumblebees blog 🐝


It has been so wonderful to see the children this week. All the smiles, laughter and energy has definitely made our newly decorated, colourful school feel complete.


The children have all settled well, in their own sweet ways ❀️ It has been a busy week for our Bumblebees…exploring their new surroundings, classrooms and getting to know the adults that will be working closely with them.

Let me introduce you to team… The class teachers are Myself (Nin) and Janet, supported by Anisha, Jodie, Kym and Vicky 😊


This week, the team has been focusing on getting to know our little bees, learning as much as possible about their likes and dislikes through different activities.

Below are some of the activities/toys/sensory sessions we have explored this week…


We have also been getting used to new school routines this week.

Below are a selection of ‘Cue Music’ we use throughout the day, to help with transitions and to signify ‘time of day’.


Good Morning Song

Days of the Week

Snack time song

Tidy up song

Home time songs


Please remember, if you have any concerns or questions do email us at postbox@oakwood.walsall.sch.uk – also do share with us any lovely pictures of your Bumblebees at home.

We look forward to working closely with you over the year and thank you for trusting us to teach, nurture and care for your precious little children.

The Bumblebees Team x