Snow Day Activities…

Good Morning Bumblebees…

Due to the adverse weather and ensuring our children and staff remain safe, school is closed today (29th November 2021) which means we get to do lots of lovely work from the safety of our homes.

Below is the schedule we follow on a Monday supported by some suggested activities for you to try if you wish to do so….

9:25 – Good Morning

Our letter of the week is F.

Our story songs for this half term are The Gruffalo and Animal Boogie – 2 of our favourites!

9:40 – We have breakfast in class followed by our first sensory activity.

Can you make Gruffalo footsteps out of snow and maybe even try and build your own Gruffalo?

10:15 – Playtime – can you make a choice and chose a toy to play with an adult? Maybe even taking turns?

11:00 – We begin our second activity – can you build a Gruffalo den and maybe make some Gruffalo crumble with cornflakes and melted chocolate?

11:30 – It’s time for lunch and then playtime.

12:45 – We come together to say Good Afternoon to our friends

1:00 – On a Monday we go to the Multi sensory room for relaxation and massage. Can you do something at home to relax?

2:00 – We have our snack followed by playtime and our home time songs.

Take away task – can you look through a magazine/catalogue and rip/cut out Christmas pictures to bring in to school for our Christmas visual box?

We hope you have a lovely day together and stay safe!

The Bumblebees team x

Star of the Week

Bumblebees are proud to share that Oscar is our star of the week! He has allowed an adult to comfort him when he was feeling overwhelmed and has accepted help when needed. Well done young man!

We hope you all have a lovely weekend. Thank you for your continued support.

The Bumblebees team x

Children In Need!

On Friday Oakwood celebrated Children in Need by dressing up and having a day filled with Children in Need activities!

We all sat and listened to the 2021 Children in Need song and enjoyed looking at the colours.

In Bumblebees we had so much fun wearing our spots and pyjamas!

Our Bees also enjoyed exploring the Pudsey sensory tray made out of crushed digestive biscuits, oats, raisins, party rings and chocolate fingers – yummy!

We even managed to develop our pincer grip through squeezing and dropping paint on our Pudsey pictures.

We hope you all have a lovely evening watching Children in Need and thank you for all your donations towards this lovely cause!

The Bumblebees Team x

The Gruffalo

Hi everyone

It has been a busy week in the Bumblebees class! We have been watching and exploring The Gruffalo story.

Below is the story song we listen to during our ‘Good Morning’ & ‘Good Afternoon’ collaborative sessions, where our Bumblebees sit amongst their friends and positively participate by clapping, looking and smiling at the story.

The Bumblebees have been hearing all about a big, scary monster called The Gruffalo. We have learned that in fact he is not so scary, but the little mouse is the villain of the story! The children have enjoyed developing their motor skills by painting a big picture of the Gruffalo and also small ones for finger puppets. Did you know? Our Bumblebees were able to make a choice whether they wanted to use a roller or brush… Good communicating Bees! ๐Ÿ

We have also enjoyed exploring a Gruffalo sensory tray.

During our Forest visit, we all tired to find the Gruffalo who was hiding…

Amongst all that, our Bumblebees have also worked hard at their communication targets, as well as making some shakers with dry pasta and paper plates or cardboard cylinders.

We also had the time to work on our fine motor skills through cooking pizzaโ€™s, building, stacking and threading. We ALL enjoyed eating the Pizza’s for snack!

What a wonderful week we have had. We hope you all have a lovely weekend.

The Bumblebees team x

Bumblebeesโ€™ Remembrance Week

Hello everyone

Our Bumblebees have worked hard this week exploring the colour red. We have used paint, materials and pastry to make poppies of different sizes. We watched a video about Remembrance Day, which our lovely visiting music teacher Bev made for us last year, and our adults have worn their poppies in school.

Below is to lovely assembly our Music Teacher Bev created for us in honour of remembering those we have lost.

Bumblebees team x

Forest Fun and Lights and Sounds!

Hello everyone, we were excited to welcome our Bumblebees back into school on Tuesday. They have settled back into school routines really well. We do appreciate that some of our children can find having holidays and returning to school difficult, so well done Bumblebees!

This week, we have had some lovely sensory sessions. We explored lights and sounds of Divali and also Bonfire Night ( if anyone has taken photographs of your own celebrations and you wish them to be included in future blogs, please send them to

We also went to the Forest school at Rushall, which we will be visiting every Thursday until Christmas. It was a lovely dry sunny day which was perfect for exploring – letโ€™s hope we get the same every week.

Best wishes from your Bumblebees Team ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ๐Ÿ

Oakwood Superstar!

Bumblebees are very proud to announce that we took part within the whole school Superstar assembly. This is a celebration of our children and the wonderful things they do everyday.

Our Bumblebee superstar got his recognition as he tried new things this week and came out of his comfort zone. Well done!

Ladies and Gentleman, our Superstar this week is………..

Image preview

WELL DONE young man! The Bumblebees are very proud of you and all you have achieved this week!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Bumblebees Team x