Snow Day Activities…

Good Morning Bumblebees…

Due to the adverse weather and ensuring our children and staff remain safe, school is closed today (29th November 2021) which means we get to do lots of lovely work from the safety of our homes.

Below is the schedule we follow on a Monday supported by some suggested activities for you to try if you wish to do so….

9:25 – Good Morning

Our letter of the week is F.

Our story songs for this half term are The Gruffalo and Animal Boogie – 2 of our favourites!

9:40 – We have breakfast in class followed by our first sensory activity.

Can you make Gruffalo footsteps out of snow and maybe even try and build your own Gruffalo?

10:15 – Playtime – can you make a choice and chose a toy to play with an adult? Maybe even taking turns?

11:00 – We begin our second activity – can you build a Gruffalo den and maybe make some Gruffalo crumble with cornflakes and melted chocolate?

11:30 – It’s time for lunch and then playtime.

12:45 – We come together to say Good Afternoon to our friends

1:00 – On a Monday we go to the Multi sensory room for relaxation and massage. Can you do something at home to relax?

2:00 – We have our snack followed by playtime and our home time songs.

Take away task – can you look through a magazine/catalogue and rip/cut out Christmas pictures to bring in to school for our Christmas visual box?

We hope you have a lovely day together and stay safe!

The Bumblebees team x

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