Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day (13th to 17th February)🥞 💕

On Shrove Tuesday, we enjoyed adding toppings to our pancakes and we enjoyed eating them even more. We practised our fine motor skills by squeezing the bottle of syrup and sprinkling on our toppings.

We made a fizzy art heart for Valentine’s Day. We sprinkled bicarbonate of soda on the paper and then squirted vinegar on. The effect was very exciting as it fizzed and bubbled.

Riley was our Star of the Week for joining in with our Attention Autism sessions ⭐️

Another busy week in Bumblebees 🐝

This week we have been developing our problem solving skills in lots of different ways. We have been joining in with counting songs and have been investing different textures, including ice and flour.

We continued activities around our ‘Move It’ topic; transport land and sea. We used our fine and gross motor skills to mark make with our hands, vehicles or other objects. We are going to use this artwork to make a green train.

Some of us have been enjoying playing with cereals and using our senses: crunching, munching, tasting, touching, sprinkling and listening. The foil tray made the cereal sound more interesting.

We have joined in with activities this week to help us to improve our physical skills. We have enjoyed playing with play dough, pushing cars, bouncing, climbing and spending time outside. We also had another exciting swimming session.

Musa was our Star of the week, for fabulous progress using communication aids to express ‘more or finished’. Also for experimenting with his social skills to make connections with his peers and staff.

Musa embraced his star moment, Well done Musa 🤩

Number Day and messy fun in Bumblebees 🐝

We celebrated Number Day in Bumblebees this week. We enjoyed joining in with number rhymes and songs, messy play with Numicon and decorating numbers for our maths display.

We have enjoyed lots of messy play this week and have continued to develop our mark making and early reading skills.

Bumblebees always enjoy our PE lesson in the hall. We like climbing, balancing and jumping.

Binyamin was our Superstar this week ⭐️