King’s Coronation (2nd to 5th May)

This week we have celebrated King Charles’ coronation. We started the week by joining in with some coronation themed activities and by making decorations for the classroom. We used our creative skills to paint some red and blue bunting. We enjoyed sensory activities with red, white and blue rice and spaghetti. We also practised our cutting skills by snipping the spaghetti.

We made paper chains to decorate the classroom. We needed some help, but enjoyed spreading the glue and threading the paper to make the chains. The classroom looked great when we had finished.

We had a coronation themed music lesson with Bev. We enjoyed playing the drums and listening to the different rhythms that were played on them.

We all joined in with decorating a cake for the school cake competition. We enjoyed spreading on the icing and sprinkling the sprinkles onto the cake.

We were very proud of our cake 😀

On Friday, we had our coronation party. We enjoyed eating our party food from home.

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