Sports Showcase (22nd to 26th May)

We invited our parents into school this week to take part in our swimming session. The children have made a lot of progress in the water this year and it was lovely to share these achievements with parents and family members. We were really happy that so many parents took the opportunity to take part in this session and it was enjoyed by everyone involved.

We continued our โ€˜Under the seaโ€™ theme this week and used our creative skills to begin to make paper plate turtles and to continue our papier-mรขchรฉ octopus. The children showed good fine motor and engagement skills and focused well on what they were doing.

We took advantage of the sunny weather this week and spent lots of time outside. As well as developing our gross motor skills of running, jumping and climbing, we also practised our fine motor and problem solving skills.

We had a lovely music lesson this week. Bev brought a cello into class for us to look at and play. We were all very sensible and took care. Some of us enjoyed exploring the instrument and investigating the sounds that we could make and some of us preferred to watch Bev and listen to the sounds instead.

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