HappyEaster (27th to 31st March) 🐥

We enjoyed taking part in lots of Easter themed activities this week. We continued to learn how to make marks in different ways by using a fork to create the feathers on a chick.

We painted a paper plate to create our Easter bunny ears and we put them on to show our friends.

Some of our parents came into Bumblebee’s class to do some Easter activities with us. We did some planting and some Easter crafts. We also made chocolate nests and enjoyed eating them too!

Bumblebees have been so amazing this week, we were all Superstars of the week ⭐️. Bryan got a certificate for 100% attendance 😀

Mother’s Day and Comic Relief (13th to 17th March)

This week we made cards and pictures for our moms. We used painting and printing to make our pictures and chose the colours that we wanted to use. We are learning to hold paint brushes correctly to help us with our mark making.

On Friday, we celebrated Comic Relief. Some of us wore red and we painted pictures of red noses.

We have also been very busy this week, joining in with counting songs, looking at books, working at the work station and lots of sensory play. We have practised lots of skills, including engagement, fine motor and problem solving.

During music this week, Oscar enjoyed playing on the xylophone. This was a new word that he had learnt and enjoyed saying it and interacting with Kym.

Renesmae was our superstar this week. She is learning to play with other people and to share ⭐️

20th-24th March ~ Spring is sprung! 🐣

Spring finally arrived this week with spells of warm sun, short sharp showers, rainbows and blustery breezes. Bumblebees have been embracing springtime indoors and out. We began making our Easter cards, exploring making marks in different ways.

We used collage to make a Spring chick.

We have enjoyed exploring outside. Climbing, running and bouncing help develop our gross motor skills.

6th-10th March: Colour Monsters, Music, Stories and SNOW!

Though this week was cut short due to snowfall, we still managed to fit lots of fun and learning into three days

We have started to explore our feelings using the book ‘The Colour Monster’. We have started this by introducing the yellow colour monster, ‘happiness’. We have looked at photos of children who are happy and have used a mirror to learn about our own expressions of happiness. We also painted a picture of the yellow colour monster, making choices about which painting tool we wanted to use.

We have continued our ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ sensory story. We are learning to join in and engage with the story, enjoying the different textures and sensory experiences. We have also been developing our play skills, playing with the cars and trains and learning to play alongside each other, sharing the toys.

Some of us have been developing several skills during 1:1 activities with an adult. We used our fine motor skills during a mark-making activity with chalks, and chose which colours we wanted to use. We communicated to the adult with symbols whether we wanted ‘more’ of the activity, or had ‘finished’.

On Wednesdays, Bev visits us for a music session, she brings lots of fun instruments for us to try. Bev sang a train song and a song about Mothers Day, we played along on the instruments and clapped. This week’s favourite instrument was the xylophone.

We’re going on a bear hunt (27th Feb to 3rd March)

This week we celebrated World Book Day. Our theme was ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ and we practised many different skills whilst having lots of fun. Some of us used art to create the different parts of the story using paint and collage. Some of us liked the feel of the paint on our hands and some of us enjoyed playing in the water.

We created our own bear hunt as a bare foot walk. Some of us enjoyed walking through the different materials, experiencing the feeling of the different textures on our feet and some of us preferred to watch.

We brought our favourite teddies into school and had a teddy bear’s picnic. We sat very well at the table, eating our snacks.

We all took part in a ‘We’re going on a bear hunt’ sensory story. This helps us to concentrate and enjoy the story and to have different sensory experiences like feeling the water and the wavy grass on our skin. We also enjoyed making our own bear cave in the classroom and mark making using mud on the wall outside. We discovered that we could use a paintbrush in the mud and make marks.

Bryan was our Superstar of the week ⭐️

Valentine’s Day and Pancake Day (13th to 17th February)🥞 💕

On Shrove Tuesday, we enjoyed adding toppings to our pancakes and we enjoyed eating them even more. We practised our fine motor skills by squeezing the bottle of syrup and sprinkling on our toppings.

We made a fizzy art heart for Valentine’s Day. We sprinkled bicarbonate of soda on the paper and then squirted vinegar on. The effect was very exciting as it fizzed and bubbled.

Riley was our Star of the Week for joining in with our Attention Autism sessions ⭐️

Another busy week in Bumblebees 🐝

This week we have been developing our problem solving skills in lots of different ways. We have been joining in with counting songs and have been investing different textures, including ice and flour.

We continued activities around our ‘Move It’ topic; transport land and sea. We used our fine and gross motor skills to mark make with our hands, vehicles or other objects. We are going to use this artwork to make a green train.

Some of us have been enjoying playing with cereals and using our senses: crunching, munching, tasting, touching, sprinkling and listening. The foil tray made the cereal sound more interesting.

We have joined in with activities this week to help us to improve our physical skills. We have enjoyed playing with play dough, pushing cars, bouncing, climbing and spending time outside. We also had another exciting swimming session.

Musa was our Star of the week, for fabulous progress using communication aids to express ‘more or finished’. Also for experimenting with his social skills to make connections with his peers and staff.

Musa embraced his star moment, Well done Musa 🤩

Number Day and messy fun in Bumblebees 🐝

We celebrated Number Day in Bumblebees this week. We enjoyed joining in with number rhymes and songs, messy play with Numicon and decorating numbers for our maths display.

We have enjoyed lots of messy play this week and have continued to develop our mark making and early reading skills.

Bumblebees always enjoy our PE lesson in the hall. We like climbing, balancing and jumping.

Binyamin was our Superstar this week ⭐️

Chinese New Year

Bumblebees had an exciting music lesson this week celebrating Chinese New Year. We enjoyed hitting the gong and liked the noise that it made.

We have been practising our fine motor skills and problem solving skills this week. We are getting better at buttering our own toast and practised cutting using noodles and spaghetti.

We enjoy stories and songs in Bumblebees and have been practising our early reading skills by listening to stories and looking at pictures. We have also been continuing practising our mark making.

These are songs that we have been singing in class which are linked to our topic.

Jackson was this week’s superstar ⭐️

Let it snow

This week we have been busy making marks in lots of different ways. We enjoyed making marks with our hands and with the vehicles in shaving foam.

We also made marks in paint.

We have enjoyed some calming, sensory time this week and have completed some creative activities based around our ‘move it’ theme.

On Wednesday, we had a very exciting day and enjoyed time outside playing in the snow. This was a lovely sensory experience and was enjoyed in lots of different ways.