Remembrance Sunday

On Monday 11th November 2019, we learnt about the important event ‘Remembrance Day’. We found out about what poppies represent and created our own special poppies using our crafting skills and choosing red and black materials. We also watched and listened to video footage of ‘The Remembrance Parade’ and completed our own class march. We finally completed a two minute silence as we explored pictures of our very special soldiers.

Autumn Party Day!

On the last day of half term we have enjoyed an Autumn themed party day. We put our creative ideas together and took part in our pumpkin carving competition, our creations were so good we were all winners. During the day we decorated some very yummy pumpkin biscuits and as a group we enjoyed eating some autumn themed party food. The highlight of our day was working in teams when joining in party games, we witnessed some excellent turn taking and team work.

We would like to say a big thank you to parents who sent in items to help make our party day a great success.

Happy Diwali!

This week at school we have celebrated the Hindu festival ‘Diwali’ through a range of hands on sensory activities. We enjoyed listening to the story ‘Lighting A Lamp’ and explored objects of reference. As a team we used our creative ideas and produced our own colourful rice Rangoli patterns in the large tuff pit. We even progressed onto using sand shakers and templates to create our own patterns.
During the week we made our own choices when dressing up in traditional clothing and using the body paints we completed our own Mendi patterns on our hands. We have also smelt and tasted some traditional foods eaten during ‘Diwali’ celebrations. Finally in PE we amazed our staff as we learnt dance movements and their meanings to Diwali music.

Dinosaurs in the Supermarket!

Over the last few weeks we have enjoyed visiting our class supermarket.

Guess who we saw?


There was T- Rex gobbling sausages, a Stegosaurus spilling beans! We had a great time convincing the dinosaurs to behave and helped them clean up their mess. We then progressed onto role playing and sequencing the main stages of the story along our class washing line. We have also made independent attempts to vocalise the sound ‘d’ and helped recognise all the ‘d’ dinosaur characters. Some of our friends even successfully sorted the different foods to areas in the supermarket such as the bakery, fishmongers and greengrocers.


Visiting Our Local Shops

Over the last few weeks we have had chance to visit our local shops to collect items for our cooking sessions. During our trips out we have concentrated on crossing the road safely using the pedestrian crossing. We have also used our symbol shopping list to help collect all the correct items and experienced paying for the items using real money. We especially amazed our adults with our fantastic packing skills.

This week some of our friends enjoyed collecting items ready to decorate our classroom for our Pumpkin / Autumn Party next week.

Splish, Splash, Splosh!

We have had a wonderful time in our swimming session this week. We have concentrated upon building our confidence in all depths of the water whilst taking part in fun activities and games. We closely focused on swimming on our fronts and used our swimming aids to help support us with our positioning, control and coordination. We even had chance to take part in a class swimming race with our peers. Guess who won?

The Tiger Came To Tea

Our first story this term was called ‘The Tiger Came to Tea’. We could not believe it when we heard our class door bell and found the ‘Tiger’ at the door. We have been busy becoming the characters and role playing the story as well as sequenced the main stages. We have helped make Mum and Sophie a shopping list as well as made some very yummy sandwiches to feed the tiger. We were all very excited when we received our own invitation to the ‘Tiger Tea Party’ where we had a great time.

We would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents involvement in making the Tiger welcome and completing his diary when he came home for tea.


Welcome to Butterflies!

It is great to be back to school and already we have become familiar with our amazing learning environments and our new routines.  We have had so much fun taking part in ‘Getting to Know You’ activities as well as  making some wonderful friendships.