Outdoor Learning ☀️ 🍃 💐

Hope everyone is well and safe, we all miss you so much! Here are a few ideas for you and your families to enjoy learning outdoors in the beautiful sunshine. You could have a go at making a chalk rainbow, building a den, planting some of Mum and Dad’s seeds, dig for treasure or even create your own toy car wash. The most important activity is that you stay healthy and happy. We can not wait to hear about all the exciting activities you have completed at home.

Class Pet Update!

Ruby and Dory are having their own Spring adventure at Ruth’s house. They have settled in well and has made friend’s with Ruth’s doggy ‘Bella’. Ruby and Dory are both very happy swimming about and eating their fish flakes. They are missing all their class pet monitors / friends and look forward to seeing you soon.

Our Week at School! ☘️ 💓

At the start of the week we recapped on the key stages of washing our hands and the importance to do so by carrying out a germs experiment using pepper and water. On Tuesday we learnt about a special day that is celebrated all around the world called ‘St Patrick’s Day’. We found out about why we celebrate this day and become familiar with the lucky colours, symbols and signs linked to St Patrick’s Day, whilst making our own individualised shamrock. We then used our labelling and writing skills to create our own information word boards and designed our own celebration decorations. We especially enjoyed digging for the lost shamrocks in the green ice and finding the hidden coins in the green jelly. This week we have amazed our staff we our excellent work during our swimming session. We all became much more comfortable and confident with our positioning when on our backs in the water with the support of a float. As we grew in confidence we used our kicking skills to help travel through the water 💦 longer distances. Towards the end of the week we prepared many special surprises for a very important day on Sunday. We would like to take this opportunity to wish ‘Happy Mother’s Day ’ to all the ‘Mums’, ‘Nans’ and ‘Grandmas’ and hope you all have a wonderful day.

‘Bippo and Boppo the Clowns!

Last week we enjoyed reading and listening to the story ‘Bippo and Boppo’ the clowns. We learnt some important facts about clowns and used our prepositional language to take part in a fun game of positioning the clowns in the correct locations. We have also been busy exploring the letter sound ‘c’ and ‘cl’ for clown and helped recognise objects beginning with the sounds. One of our favourite activities was exploring the movements and actions a ‘Jack in the Box’ makes, we had lots of laughter as we made him pop out the box. We then used our design skills to create our own pop up clown cup, using a clown picture and straw to produce the up and down movement. During the week we used our creative ideas to make and decorate our own ice cream cone clown hats, we had many wonderful ideas.

World Book Week- Show Time!

This week we have had a fantastic time celebrating ‘World Book Week!’ On Monday we enjoyed a clown show by ‘Flippy and Dippy’ and had chance to explore and play with some of the circus toys. On Tuesday we took part in a workshop with ‘Circusology’, we learnt some circus skills including juggling, spinning plates, balancing on the step boards and hula hooping. On Wednesday we had an amazing time in our ‘bubbles’ session. We made giant bubbles that we stood inside and also blew our own bubbles through different shape blowers. Thursday, was fun in the the school hall with hook a duck, the ball pit and a trampoline, we even had time to bake some circus treats including cakes. Finally, on Friday we WOWED our adults with our brilliant costumes, we also walked the red carpet and joined in a showtime singalong during our whole school celebration assembly.

It’s Pancake Week!

This week at school we have had a “flipping” great time during our pancake themed work. We began by discovering why we celebrate pancake day and the important reason behind the celebration, we also discussed different ways around the world pancake day is celebrated. During the week we role played the story called ‘The run away Pancake’, we helped sequence the characters as they chased after the pancake, as well as used our prepositional language to help create a story scene. In our phonics session we recognised the initial sounds of a range of pancake ingredients and used our spelling skills to create our own shopping list. We had so much fun when we cooked our own pancakes and taking part in our class pancake race, seeing if we could toss the pancake twice before the finish line. The highlight of the week was when we designed our own ‘favourite pancake toppings’ and used ingredients to make our creations. Finally we used some of the pancake ingredients such as flour to help experience creating different weights. We even helped sort items into two categories heavy and light, whilst some of our friends experienced using the measuring scales to produce different amounts.

Chinese Lion Dance Workshop

On Wednesday we had a fantastic time when taking part in a ‘Chinese Lion Dance Workshop’. We enjoyed watching a very colourful lion dance performance and each of us had chance to meet the dancing lion. We then joined in learning two types of Chinese dances including a ‘Fan Dance’ and a ‘Umbrella Dance’. We carefully listened and followed instructions to learn important actions throughout. During the workshop we especially enjoyed experiencing dressing up and working with a chosen friend to perform our own lion dance. Finally we took part in a whole group performance.

Happy Valentines Day!

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!
We have had a busy week at school, sharing our love as we learnt about why we celebrate ‘Valentine’s Day’. We began by using our creative ideas to design and make our own special cards for our families to tell them how much we love them! We then progressed onto making some very special gifts including heart decorations, a heart wish tree and planting our own ‘forget me not’ seeds, which will grow for our loved ones to show how our love keeps growing and growing. Later in the week we used and developed further our cooking skills by making some amazing ‘red velvet Valentine’s cakes’. In PE we incorporated our throwing and catching skills to help play a range of valentine’s games including keeping the heart balloon in the air and heart balloon dodge ball. We were all very interested when exploring how ‘Valentine’s Day’ is celebrated around the world and how it is different in certain countries. Finally we celebrated ‘Valentine’s Day’ with all our friends around school in our whole school Valentine’s disco.

We have had a wonderful half term in Butterflies and would like to thank parents for all their continuous support and wish all pupils and their families a very safe and fun half term.

Nightie Night Circus!

We have enjoyed listening and acting out the story of ‘Nightie Night Circus’. We met many different animals that we may see at the circus and learnt about some of the tricks they performed. We focused on the letter sound ‘e’ and recognised objects with the initial sound, as well as spelling the names of different animal characters. As a group we extended on sequencing our story and following symbol instructions to follow key actions containing prepositions. As a group we turned our classroom into a performing circus and took on the challenges of each animals tricks and talents including ‘spinning a plate’, ‘balancing beanbags on head’, balancing on board’, ‘juggling balls’ and the ‘diabolo’. During our week we brought our circus animals to life in the swimming pool when swimming and playing ‘doh nutters’ and used our bodies in PE to make body shapes and actions linked to each animal. We have made our own circus animal shaped pizza.
As part of our problem solving activities we have continued with our shape work and built our skills in continuing, repeating and creating our own 2D shape patterns.

Noisy Circus

This week at school we have enjoyed listening to the story ‘Noisy Circus’ and recreated circus sounds as we read each section of the story. We concentrated on the associated letter sound ‘n’ and helped recognise different objects beginning with the initial letter sound as well as recognised a range of noisy noses.
We amazed our staff with our acting skills as we role played important events in the story and helped sequence the main stages in the correct order. Throughout our story we became familiar with custard and enjoyed following a simple recipe to make our fruit flans.
During this week we have visited the circus shape tent and used our awareness of shape properties to help recognise the described 2D shape. We have used different amounts of sides and corners to help construct our own shapes as well as using playdough to mould our own shapes.
During our topic afternoon we used a range of circus dressing up items and props to help us change our own appearance and evolve into a new circus character, providing simple descriptions. Swimming was our favourite session this week as we had lots of fun using our circus balloons to support us with develop our own individual swimming skills on both our front and back.

Litter Picking Workshop

On Wednesday we took part in a ‘litter pick workshop’. We learnt about the importance of picking up and recycling our litter and how it is turn into something new when we recycle our ‘paper / cardboard, plastic and metal’. During the workshop we put on high vis jackets and gloves then used litter pickers to help collect and tidy up all the rubbish in our school hall and outdoor playground. We were all fantastic in sorting the rubbish into the three recycling material bins ready to go to the recycling centre.