Summer Holidays! ☀️

This year we are extremely proud of all the children in butterflies as you have coped so well with all the changes and still each of you have achieved so much individually. We hope you all have a lovely summer and we can’t wait to see you all again in September to start our new adventure at the ‘Oakwood Satellite’. We have been working hard to get our new classrooms ready for you and have lots of fantastic activities planned for our new topic ‘Buildings, Houses and Homes’.

We sadly have to say ‘goodbye’ to some of our friends who are in Year 6, although we know that you will be fantastic in your next educational journey at your new secondary schools. We will all miss you so much and wish you ‘good luck’ in the future. Please do not forget to keep in touch and let us know how you are getting on.

Over the summer stay safe and have lots of fun with your families and we look forward to seeing you in September.

Junk Modelling Time !

We have enjoyed seeing some of our friends at school this week and it has also been great to speak to our friends that are busy learning and having fun at home. We have continued to be amazed with all the wonderful activities that you are completing with your families and thought maybe this week, we all could have some junk modelling fun! Here are a few ideas for you to try at home! We would love to see some of your wonderful creations. Take care everybody and stay safe.

Bottles of Fun!

A big ‘hello’ to all our 🦋 butterflies. All the staff are missing you so much but it has been great to hear all the wonderful activities you have been completing at home. It has also been lovely to see some of our friends at school, although it is different you have all done extremely well. This week we are setting a ‘plastic bottle challenging’, let’s see what creative things you can make out of a plastic bottle, with the help and support of your family. I have shared a few ideas below to help you get started. Please do not forget to send me some amazing photographs of your creations.

We would like to remind you that you can access our music website ‘Charanga’. Bev has added some great songs for ‘July’. Below you will find our class log in details, enjoy and have lots of fun!

Summer Fun! ☀️ 🦋

The Summer has begun and over the next few months we will hopefully see many signs of summertime around us including flowers, ice creams, the sunshine, shells, paddling pools, bbq’s, the seaside and possibly sandcastles. This week I have shared some activity ideas that might help you get into the Summer mood including crafting paper plate ice creams, painting a fork stamp flowers, making a colourful sun catchers or even painting shells.

It has been a joy to hear all the wonderful activities you have been during at home and it has also been lovely to see a few of our friends at school. We all miss each other so much and we are looking forward to hopefully seeing one another when it is safe to do so.

If there are any photographs or messages you would like me to share with your friends please send them to me via email.

Happy Father’s Day!

On Sunday it is Father’s Day, this is a very special day as we celebrate all our Dad’s, Daddy’s, Father’s, Stepdad’s, Grandad’s or Grandpa’s. This is an important time to tell our super dad’s how much you love them and thank them for everything they do for you. Normally we would be at school to make some wonderful cards and gifts, but instead I have shared some ideas below that might help you make a special present at home. I hope all our families enjoy celebrating this special day on Sunday, do not forget to send me some wonderful photographs to share.

We have continued to hear from many of our friends this week and it has been lovely to see all the wonderful activities you have been completing. Here are a few photographs that our friends would like to share.

Missing Our Friends 💓!

It has been a long time since all our butterflies have been together at school and I know that many of us are missing our friends and looking forward to hopefully seeing each other in the near future. Our friends are very important to us because they make us happy, they make us laugh, they are kind to us and they play with us. To help put a smile on our faces why not try some of the ‘friendship’ activities below, they may help cheer you up when thinking about your friends that you are missing. You could have a go at writing your friend a letter, make a friendship bracelet, create a handprint friendship tree or even make and send a giant hug.
Why not sing along to one of our favourite ‘Toy Story’ songs that we like to sing in class, it can help you think of all the fun we can have together when we see our friends next.

It has also been lovely to hear from all our friends about the wonderful activities and fun you have been having at home with your families, we are extremely proud of all of you. Here are a few photographs of what our friends have been up to.

Rain Rain Go Away!

Hello butterflies hope you are all well. The weather this week has been a little bit different as we have had some rain showers, but lets enjoy the rain together with some fun activities. You might like to put your wellies on and enjoy making some big splashes in the puddles, you also might like to make raindrop pictures or even create a musical rain shaker. Please have a look at the ideas below. Why not sing and dance along to the famous song ‘Singing in the rain’.

During this very different times do not forget to smile and be happy. It would be lovely to see your happy smiling faces; don’t forget to send me your photographs and I will share them with your friends.

Fun in the Sun!

What fantastic weather we have had this week. I hope you have all enjoyed the sunshine. It has been wonderful to hear about all your adventures in the garden including having a splash in your paddling pools, playing football, bouncing on the trampoline, camping in the garden, painting patterns on pebbles and also enjoying a family BBQ.
Here are some fantastic photographs that parents have sent me, it is lovely to see you all having fun at home.

Our topic this summer is ‘People Who Help Us – Transport’. This week our activity ideas are focused on the theme of transport and can all be completed in the sunshine. Have a go at making a paper plate vehicle or cardboard tunnels to travel under, you could even make a road trail out of bricks.. You might also like to make one of our transport snacks to eat as a special treat. Most importantly don’t forget to have lots of fun.

Enjoy the Sunshine ☀️

Hope you are all enjoying the sunshine this week. We thought maybe it might be a good time to share some activity ideas linked to the theme of ‘sunshine’. You might like to have a go at crafting, painting, printing or even singing along to some of our favourite sunshine songs. Please feel free to complete some of the ideas shared below and please send any photographs of activities you have completed for us to put on our class blog. The most important activity is not to forget to have lots of fun and try and enjoy the time with your family in the beautiful sunshine. ☀️