Father Christmas

Butterflies have been extremely busy sharing ideas with each other about what they would like for Christmas from Santa. We then cut out pictures and symbols from magazines and catalogues to make our own Santa wish list letter. We even used our writing skills to record important information such as our name. Our class Elf finally delivered our letters to the North Pole to Mr and Mrs Santa Claus.

On Thursday we could not believe who arrived at school on his sleigh. It was Santa.
We all had chance to meet Santa and tell him all the amazing things we had done in class. We even found out from his Elf that we all were on the ‘good list’ in Butterflies. Well Done Everyone! We finally receive a special present and said goodbye to Santa, promising him we will leave him a mince pie and glass of milk on Christmas Eve.

Christmas Crafting Morning

On Wednesday we had a wonderful time during our Christmas Crafting morning. Many family members joined us and took part in all our snow themed activities. We enjoyed making paper plate snowmen, bottle snowmen, and cut out glittered snow flakes. We also made some very yummy marshmallow snowman biscuits. During our activity morning we even had a great time playing in the sensory snow tray, as well as enjoyed a yummy mince pie or Christmas cake.

We all joined in our Christmas sing along to some of our favourite Christmas songs with our families.

Thank you to all that attended we had a fantastic time!!

Christmas Time!

When we arrived to school on Monday we found a very special delivery under our class Christmas tree. Guess who it was? It was Santa’s Elf and a Santa cam. As a group we have given him the name ‘Jay’ and each day we have found him up to mischief in our classroom such as decorating our Christmas tree with tissue and building towers with our cups and bowls in the sink etc.
Each day we wrote a special message back to Santa to tell him something good we have done. During this week we have also learnt about ‘advent’ and create our own Santa calendars. Our advent calendars will help us count down each day to when Santa will arrive and when we will celebrate the birth of baby Jesus. We also had a very yummy class chocolate advent calendar to open each day, amazing our staff with recognising the correct date.

The National Adventure Farm – Christmas Visit!

On Thursday we all took part in a fun festive visit to the National Forest Adventure Farm. We went on a magical Christmas journey to the North Pole where we meet Father Christmas and his friends. We had a great time walking through the magical forest to the Elf Workshop, where we helped sort letters and parcels for Father Christmas. During our trip we had chance to visit the Ice Cave where we meet our interactive talking Polar Bear. We also collected magic dust from the Northern Lights to make Father Christmas’s sleigh fly. Our favourite part of the visit was when we met the real Father Christmas in his Grotto; we were given a early Christmas present before we headed back from the North Pole to the soft play area. We finally ended our visit as we listened to the story of the Nativity in the barn alongside all the farm animals. What a fantastic Christmas trip out!