It’s Pancake Week!

This week at school we have had a “flipping” great time during our pancake themed work. We began by discovering why we celebrate pancake day and the important reason behind the celebration, we also discussed different ways around the world pancake day is celebrated. During the week we role played the story called ‘The run away Pancake’, we helped sequence the characters as they chased after the pancake, as well as used our prepositional language to help create a story scene. In our phonics session we recognised the initial sounds of a range of pancake ingredients and used our spelling skills to create our own shopping list. We had so much fun when we cooked our own pancakes and taking part in our class pancake race, seeing if we could toss the pancake twice before the finish line. The highlight of the week was when we designed our own ‘favourite pancake toppings’ and used ingredients to make our creations. Finally we used some of the pancake ingredients such as flour to help experience creating different weights. We even helped sort items into two categories heavy and light, whilst some of our friends experienced using the measuring scales to produce different amounts.

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