Christmas Time Has Arrived!

This week at school we have been very busy exploring the story ‘Hansel and Gretel’. We enjoyed a visit to the forest where we role played important events in the story and made our own bread crumb trails. We then explored the sound ‘g’ by collecting Gretel’s initial sound shopping list and ticked them off as we found them. During our cooking session, we made our own amazing jam houses as well as created a group display gingerbread house using very yummy sweets. In our handwriting this week we helped Hansel and Gretel travel around the forest to reach their correct destinations, we also designed and drew our own front covers for the story.

Our favourite time of the week was when Christmas arrived at the Satellite. We had a wonderful time listening to our favourite Christmas songs whilst we helped put up the Christmas decorations both in our classroom and around the Satellite. It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! 🎄🎁 ⛄️

Butterflies Lego Adventure

This week in class our topic has been all about Lego, we have enjoyed bringing Lego into our learning this week and having lots of fun!

In maths this week we have been learning about length and the difference between long and short. We have measured items in the class using the Lego bricks and we then compared different sized towers to find out which was the shortest and which was the longest.

In literacy this week we used Lego to build different words and match them to the correct pictures. We also had fun in PE practicing different robot dance moves and then performing them to all our Butterfly friends.

On Monday we all went to the forest and had a great time! We all explored the different trees and identified how some felt different and we had a nature hunt around the forest finding lots of pine cones and creepy crawlies!

Happy Diwali!🪔

This week in school we have been exploring the Hindu festival of light ‘Diwali’.
We enjoyed listening to the story of ‘Lighting the Lamp’ and learnt about ‘Rama and Sita’ and the Hindu God ‘Lakshmi’. We used our crafting skills to create our own clay diva lamps and paper lanterns, adding and painting our own designs. We then produced some amazing Mehendi patterns using body paints and glitter pens and recorded our ideas on our hand templates. This week we have had fun using our awareness of patterns when creating our own Rangoli patterns using coloured rice and sand. The highlight of our work on ‘Diwali’ was when we had chance to taste test different celebration foods and dance to traditional music.

On Wednesday we focused on a very special and important day called ‘Remembrance Day‘, we learnt about the purpose of this day and events that take place, we even completed a 2 minute silence. As a class we made some beautiful poppies that were then displayed on our whole school display.

Finally, on Friday it was ‘Children in Need’ we had great fun making Pudsey masks and pudsey spot biscuits whilst we help raise lots of money for a very special occasion. Well done everyone for dressing up!M

HOMEWORK- Enjoy learning about Diwali with your family as you watch the video below.

Welcome back Butterflies! 🦋

We hope you had a lovely break and we are glad to see you back in Butterflies!

During our first week back we have enjoyed learning all about Bonfire Night. We have been exploring different materials to create firework pictures using paint and chalk, as well as completing lots of Bonfire night themed activities.

Also we explored the sounds and movements fireworks make and recreated those in dough disco and in PE, we had a great time. 

This week we welcomed a new friend into Butterflies! It has been lots of fun playing with and getting to know our new little butterfly! 

Autumn Fun!

We have all had a wonderful week at school, enjoying lots of different autumn and harvest activities, as well as finishing our week with a celebration party and taking part in our pumpkin carving competition. We can’t believe that we have already completed the first half term back to school. We are extremely proud of our children in butterflies as throughout the half term they have worked so hard on becoming familiar with our new setting and routines at this very different time in the world. All the adults would like to take this opportunity to wish our very special families a wonderful half term holiday, we hope you enjoy spending time with families.
Please don’t forgot to let us know all about the wonderful things you have been up to during your half term holiday. Take care everyone and stay safe.

Our Harvest Performance!🥦🥕🥔🚜

‘Happy Harvest’ to all our wonderful parents in Butterflies class 🦋.
During our harvest celebrations we have enjoyed learning a special dance to our favourite song ‘A Farmer’s Life for Me’. We are really excited to share with you our performance and wish you all a very ‘Happy Harvest’.
Please click on the link below so you can view our video from home and in your child’s home / school diary you will find the passcode in order to access our performance. We really hope you enjoy our dance as much as we enjoyed performing it.

Autumn Fun!

Butterflies have been very busy this week, continuing our autumn and harvest activities! 

This week we continued to read our story “The Scarecrow Who Didn’t Scare” we made season wheels and identified the different features of the animals in the story. We also went on an autumn walk to collect different autumn objects, we brought back lots of pretty leaves and made autumn wreaths which was lots of fun!

We also made a story sequence of different parts of the story and identified the characters. 

On Wednesday we continued practicing our different balances in PE and made some harvest bread! We had lots of fun weighing out the ingredients and kneading our dough!

In class we have all been very excited to practice our Harvest song! Ready for Monday when we are recording our performance for all our families to see! 

Learning is Fun!

This week at school we have had none stop fun when completing all our activities. We began by amazing our adults with our fantastic skills in recognising and decribing the properties of different shapes. We also completed our own shape hunt around our classroom and used lollipop sticks and play dough to make our own shapes. During the week, we have been busy helping direct our remote control cars and Bee-Bots to the different buildings and positions on our village and building site mats. The highlight of our fun in our topic work was when we turned our classroom into a building site, we dressed up in important safety clothes and experienced role playing using play equipment tools to construct our own model buildings. Finally towards the end of the week our artistic flare came out as we created our own sunset paintings and we formed our own building silhouette scenes.

Homework- Next week in school we are beginning our focus on Autumn time. If you have time over the weekend why not have a go at some of the Autumn activity ideas below. You could go on an Autumn hunt and along the way you could see how many different leaves your can spot.

Houses and Homes 🏡

Another wonderful week at school has passed and we have had none stop fun focusing on our topic ‘Buildings, Houses and Homes’. We began the week using google maps to explore where our own homes are situated on the world map and made our own address labels. We then used a large range of junk modelling items to construct a model street of houses for our class display board.
This week we have continued with one of our favourite stories ‘The Three Little Pigs’, we have been busy sequencing the story and creating our own role play show. We have even learnt important facts about ‘pigs’ and used describing words to describe key characters. We have had a wonderful time visiting the ‘forest’, where we made our own straw, stick and brick houses and tested to see how strong they were. Towards the end of week we recognised our related letter sound ‘p’ and made our own pig characters, which helped spell our CVC words beginning with the sound.
Our Maths / problem solving focus this week has been on ‘position and direction’, we had lots of fun following given instructions to help identify characters from our story.

Homework- Next week we will be exploring ‘2D shapes’. In your homework folders you will find a game of shape BINGO for you to play with your family. How many shapes can you recognise? Can you name each shape? How many sides has each shape got?

The Three Little Pigs

This week in Butterflies we enjoyed exploring the forest on Monday during the sunny weather. We all sat in the forest and read our story ‘The Three Little Pigs’. We then used different materials we found exploring to make the straw, stick and brick houses. We had a great time acting out our story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ story in the house using props.

Whilst looking at our topic of ‘Buildings houses and homes’ we all helped to build our house and identify it’s different features. We all worked great as a team!

Homework- if you have any spare cardboard boxes or plastic containers could you please send them in for our junk modelling next week.