Happy Easter 🐣🐰🌷

We have had a wonderful Easter themed week in Butterflies 🦋 and we have really enjoyed our final week of the spring term! Ready to start the summer term fresh on the Monday 19th April.
Forest fun on Monday, included a really fun Easter egg hunt, we all worked together to find the Easter eggs hidden in and around the forest 🌳

All of us made our own Easter cards for our families on Tuesday, you can see our wonderful cards in the pictures below. Butterflies had a great time making completing lots of Easter crafts this week, including Easter wreaths and Bonnets, we all recreated our own bonnets using lots of different materials, we have had a lovely Easter Satellite parade, showing all of the other children in their classes our wonderful bonnet creations. 🐰🌷🐥

We wrapped up our Easter week with a wonderful party playing lots of fun Easter games, including pin the egg on the Easter bunny and a great game of pass the parcel!
Have a look below at our wonderful week in the pictures below 😊

We look forward to seeing all of Butterflies after the Easter break! Have a lovely holiday. 🐰🐥🌷

It Must Be Spring 🌺🌷🐣🥚

Spring time has arrived and we have had a wonderful week exploring our new season. At the start of the week we went on a adventure to the forest and completed our own ‘spring hunt’, using magnifying glasses and our own picture tick list. Whilst in the forest we could not help but notice how many birds we could hear in the trees, so we decided to make our own bird feeders and found special places around the forest to leave them for the birds to enjoy. 🐦
When we returned to class we were introduced to the special celebration that takes place in Spring, ‘Easter’, we enjoyed listening to a simple version of ‘The Easter Story’ and used picture images to help sequence the main events. We then created our own story scenes and decorated our own unique cross, as well as tasted hot cross buns.
We had a great time in Butterflies when we explored the life cycle of a chicken, we helped recognise the next stage in the life cycle and made our own giant version. 🐓 🥚 🐣 In our Maths activities we have continued with our amazing work on take away, we used our Easter theme to help solve lots of Easter egg problems and even completed our own simple sums. Finally at the end of the week we got creative and used water paints and salt to make Easter egg pictures. What a fantastic week in butterflies.

Homework Challenge: Can you design your own Easter Egg picture using different colours and materials. We can not wait to use all your designs to make our own Easter bunting for our classroom.

Where’s my Teddy?🐻🌲

Bears, bears, bears! This week in Butterflies has been all about bears. In Story time we have been reading ‘Where’s my Teddy?’. On Monday we had to find all of the missing bears around the classroom to take them to the teddy bears picnic. Although we couldn’t go to forest because of the rain ☔️ we had lots of fun in the class room with our gigantic teddy bear!

On Tuesday we practiced our subtraction skills in maths, we used teddy bears to create our own number sentences. We all did some amazing work, well done! We also had lots of fun creating some chocolate fridge cakes in cooking and practiced our over arm throwing skills in PE. ⚽️

Finally we all enjoyed supporting Red Nose Day today, we all wore something red and made a big red nose on the white board. Take a look below to see all the fun we have had in Butterflies 🦋 this week!

Happy Mother’s Day🌺🌸❤️

In butterflies we would like to wish all our very special Moms, Stepmoms, Nannies and Grandmas a very ‘Happy Mother’s Day’! We really hope you have an amazing day, as you truly deserve it. This week at school our butterflies have been very busy making some very special gifts for you and we really hope you like them, we also hope they show you how much we love you 💕!


🦋Welcome Back All!🦋

It has been a fabulous week as nearly all our friends have returned to school, we were so happy to see all our friends and loved spending time learning all together.

This week we have continued with our theme ‘Toy Story’ and each day we have explored a new character. At the start of the week we completed a fun game of ‘hide and seek’ in the forest, we searched for each requested character and repeated some of their famous sayings. We have also enjoyed creating our own real ‘Potato Heads’, using a range of vegetables including carrots for a nose, mushrooms for ears and even broccoli for hair. Some of our friends had a great time constructing their own toy ‘Potato Heads’, adding different features, some our creations were really funny.
‘Wheezy the Penguin’ came to life this week when we made our own penguin characters and labelled key features, we also played our own penguin game using our colour recognition to help.
‘Hamm’ the pig was also explored as we created our own pig characters using wooden spoons and paper plates, one of our favourite activities was playing ‘Pig goes POP’. Finally it was ‘BullsEye and Buzz’ that were recreated through our play dough activities and drawing skills.

📚 Homework 📚 – Next week we will be focusing on the story ‘ Where’s My Teddy? By Jez Alborough. For homework can you recreate a picture of your favourite teddy that lives at home. You could use different materials or mark making tools such as crayons to help you. We can not wait to see your amazing creations.

Toy Story- World Book Week

What a fun week we have had in Butterflies celebrating World Book Week and our Toy story theme! 

Each day we have learnt about a different toy story character including Buzz, Woody and Forkie 😊 We have made alien jelly and had lots of fun recreating the characters in different ways! We even had a visit from Rex the dinosaur 🦖.

We all took turns posing as Buzz or Woody for a photo and had lots of fun becoming our characters using the masks. On Friday we all joined in with a ‘Toy Story virtual disco’ with all of our Oakwood friends.

Have a look below to see all of our Toy Story fun and we are all excited to see what fun you have been having at home, maybe you have created some of the characters? We would love to see them! 

Toy Story – World Book Week!

This week at school we will be celebrating one of our favourite weeks of the year ‘World Book Week’ and this year our theme is ‘Toy Story’. We are all ready to have lots of fun at school and we would love for you at home to join us. We have shared below many of the fantastic ideas that we will be completing at school, why not have a try at some of them at home. You might like to make a paper chain slinky dog, design Woody’s cowboy boots or even make your own ‘Forky’ character. You may even like to sing along at home with us to the famous ‘Toy Story’ song ‘You Got A Friend in Me’.

HOMEWORK CHALLENGE: Calling all Deputies! Why not have a go at our homework challenge and make a model of one of your favourite toy story characters. You could then send it into school and we can display your creation with all our other characters on our toy story scene.
We can not wait to see some of your fantastic creations.

Also on Friday don’t forget to join in our dressing up day, I wonder what character each of our friends will become.

To Infinity and beyond!!!!!!!

Harry and the Robots 🤖

Welcome back everyone after our half term holiday, we hope you all had some very special time with your families. This week we have returned to school and home learning by exploring one of our favourite toys, ‘robots’. Some of our friends at school have enjoyed listening to the story ‘Harry and the Robot’s’, we would love for our friends at home to have a listen to Ruth reading the story below. We then used some of our junk modelling containers, foil and shiny cardboard to construct our own giant robot. Why not have a go at making your own robot at home, you may like to use some of the pictures ideas below to help. Please remember to send in some wonderful pictures of your creations.
During this week we have especially amazed our adults with our fantastic counting and adding skills. We used our robot objects including metal tins to help solve simple problems. Can you count how many metal containers are around your kitchen or add two amounts together. Let’s have lots of fun with our robots.

We heard some very exciting news earlier in the week, that we can return to school soon and see our friends. In the meantime some of our friends at home have been busy learning, let have a look at some of the wonderful things that you have been up to.

Love Is In The Air ❤️💜❤️

Happy Valentines Day Everyone!

On Friday at school we had a busy day sharing our love as we learnt about why we celebrate ‘Valentine’s Day’. We began by using our creative ideas to design and make our own special cards for our families to tell them how much we love them! We then progressed onto making some very special gifts including heart decorations, a heart wish tree and a heart wand to help make special wishes for special people we love. During the day we listened to our favourite love and friendship songs and talked about why certain people in our lives are so special. We have shared some crafting ideas below for our friends at home, please have a go and share the love with your families at home.

We have reach the end of our first Spring half term in Butterflies and would like to thank parents for all their continuous support both at school and with home learning. We wish all children and their families a very safe week over half term. We are hopefully looking forward to seeing everyone very soon.

Chinese New Year! 🧧 🇨🇳

This week is a very special celebration called ‘Chinese New Year’. We are busy exploring why and how we celebrate and each day we are enjoying taking part in a range of traditional activities including making paper lanterns, fans and red money envelopes. For our friends at home, why don’t you join us, have a look in your learning pack and you will find a lantern template to make at home. Please do not forget to send some wonderful photographs of your creations into school. This week we are also watching a traditional dragon and lion dance video and then using colourful materials and decorations to create our own unique giant dragon. Please join in with our dragon dance from home and dance along to Chinese music. Our favourite part of celebrating ‘Chinese New Year’ is taste testing a range of Chinese foods, this may be a good excuse to order a Chinese takeaway at home and see which Chinese food you enjoy.