Summer Time Adventures🌞🍦

WOW! What a fantastic week we have had at school! We continued with our seaside theme through a range of exciting activities. Butterflies have learnt about many different creatures that we might find in a rock pool at the seaside and recreated our own wonderful pictures, naming and labelling throughout. We then brought the classroom alive with our own ‘Punch and Judy’ show, we enjoyed meeting all the main characters and getting to know their personalities and then recreated different scenes from a show that had watched on the Interactive White Board, we had lots of fun.
Later in the week during our cooking session we made our own very yummy ice creams and selected the sauce and decorations we would like, we did get quite messy as we enjoyed eating them so much!
Our sand sculpture challenge was one of our favourite activities of the week, we made so many amazing sculptures using wet sand and added different features such as flag and shells to make them even more amazing. We even made our own sandcastle pictures to represent our creations.

We have had such a busy but wonderful week in 🦋 Butterflies. We can’t believe we only have one more week left at school together before our big holiday!

HOMEWORK– This week we have sent home a puppet kit for you create with your families and maybe you could even perform you own puppet show.
Next week, on Wednesday in Butterflies class we will be hosting our own end of year party to celebrate all our hard work this year and also to celebrate our Year 6 leavers going to big school. If you would like to send in a extra snack to enjoy during our party please feel free.

Don’t forget to watch our wonderful performance in ‘The Summer Fest’ show, you will really enjoy it!

What a week! 🤩☀️🏖🎉

Wow, what a week we have had! 🤩 We started the week exploring our story of the week, ‘The Lighthouse Keepers Lunch’. We learnt some wonderful facts about lighthouses and then created a mini fact file, and labelled our lighthouses.

On Wednesday it was our amazing Sports Day! It was so much fun and everyone used their amazing skills to complete lots of activities, including ‘Bubble Bonanza’ blowing huge bubbles all around our shipwreck playground. We also had lots of fun playing ball games and practicing our running and jumping skills. Finally, we all enjoyed showing off our amazing dance skills using the colourful streamers. You can see all of our sports day fun below. 🎉🌟 In maths this week our focus was height. We discovered how tall we all were using a height chart and who in the class was the tallest and shortest. We also had a great time using the cubes to measure the height of different lighthouses and comparing which was taller and shorter. Everyone did lots of amazing work!

We finished off the week with our ‘Leavers Fun Summer Friday’ 🤩🤩🤩 Butterflies 🦋 had such a fun time bouncing on the bouncy castle, everyone practiced their biggest jumps!
Afterwards we couldn’t believe we got to see TWO fantastic Super cars! 🏎 💨 Taking it in turns to take a photo and we even got to sit inside! We finished off our super fun Friday, with a visit from the ice cream van 🍦, it was nice to cool off with a delicious ice cream after our very busy morning of fun filled activities. 😊 Have a look below at all of our fun!

Time At The Seaside! 🌞🍦🏖

We have had a great time in our class themed ‘seaside’ this week as we have continued with our story ‘What The Ladybird Heard At The Seaside’. As we have got to know the story really well we became our favourite characters and acted important stages of the story. We then made our own wonderful sensory seaside scenes in the tuff pit and also created our own replica picture scenes.
We really impressed our teacher’s this week when we answered our why, what and who questions, using the story to help us. During our cooking session we made some wonderful seaside themed donut, creating colourful icing and adding our own seaside decorations. 🍩
In our Maths ‘money’ session we have visiting our ‘seaside ‘souvenir shop’ where we selected our favourite items and exchanged different coins to make requested amounts – we had a great time.
During our ICT activities we used our IWB to listen and recognise a range of seaside sounds and to create their own including the sea, seagulls and ice cream van. 🍦

Homework – Next week we will be listening to the story ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’, can you design your own lighthouse ready to use for our story next week. You may also like to listen to the story with your family over the weekend – please click the link below.

Let’s go to the Seaside 🏖 🌊

Butterflies 🦋 have joined the Ladybird on another adventure this week all the way to the seaside! We have had a great time so far reading our new story, with some of the familiar characters. We have also had fun exploring down at the forest 🌳, it’s very different the trees have grown a lot and we had to find all of the different insects hiding around the forest 🕷 🐞 🐜. Afterwards we used different leaves and sticks and other material to create our own natural butterflies, take a look at our amazing creations below.

In maths this week we have continued with our money topic and this week we used different coins to buy different ice creams and sweets at the ‘Beach Cafe’. We each took it in turns to choose what we wanted to buy and then gave the correct coins to buy our items. Everyone had lots of fun and did fantastic counting and exchanging, great job everyone! 👍

We have also had a wonderful time learning all about celebrating ‘Fathers Day’ and in music we learnt a special ‘Fathers day’ song with Bev and introduced some rhyming words and we even thought of our own. We have also created our own special Father’s Day cards and did some lovely writing all about our Daddy’s and how wonderful they are and the amazing things they help us with.

Have a lovely Father’s Day on Sunday! 🌟🎉

Homework- At home we would like you to have a go at sorting the items that you might see or need when visiting the seaside. You can also have a think about a time you might have visited the seaside and you could draw a lovely picture to show everyone on Monday.

We Are Back At School And The Sun Is Shining☀️!

Welcome back everyone from our half term break, it was wonderful to hear about the lovely things you did in the nice weather and time spent with your families. On our return to school we have continued with our topic ‘Let’s Go On Holiday’ and our focus story this week is called ‘What the Ladybird Heard on Holiday’. We have enjoyed using a range of props to help role play key stages of the story and to support us in getting to know the main characters and related sounds heard whilst on holiday. During our cooking session this week we followed a sequence of instructions to create our own very yummy ‘Ladybird Biscuits’ using red icing, chocolate drops and a biscuit, we amazed our adults with our own unique designs. This week we have even had a wonderful time down at the forest, we concentrated on recognising and identifying different minibeasts and their habitats whilst completing our own minibeast hunt. We all especially enjoyed completing our P:E session outdoors as we made the most of the beautiful sunshine and used our huge outdoor field to practice our running skills. We had fun changing the speed of our movements from walking, to jogging, to running and then to sprinting to the finishing line. We finally ended our outdoor fun with a quick game of simplified cricket / rounders, working extremely well as a team.
Our Maths focus this week was money, we built our skills in recognising common coins and matched them to their correct labels, we also helped sort our coins to their correct sorting containers and purses. Next week we are looking forward to building our awareness of the value of our coins using 1 pence coins and exchanging money for items.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION: ☀️ At the moment we are experiencing some beautiful sunshine and hopefully this will be continuing over the next few weeks. Please can I remind you to send into school a sun hat to wear when playing out in the sunshine at lunchtime. We do provide suncream in school, but if you would prefer your child to wear a certain factor can you please send this in. Thank you for your continuous support.

HOMEWORK: Next week we are going to the seaside with the ladybird. For homework please can you tell us about your favourite seaside holiday or you could even send in any photographs you may have. Thank you 🏖.


Off We Go On An Aeroplane ✈️ 🧳☁️

We have continued our topic ‘Let’s Go On Holiday’ as we took off into the sky on an aeroplane. We enjoyed listening to the story ‘Topsy and Tim Go On An Aeroplane’ and had a wonderful time role playing the story and becoming familiar with the important characters such as the pilot and the passengers. As we created our own class plane seating arrangement, we recognised and named important features of an aeroplane and used our writing and symbol recognition skills to label each part such as the wing, tail and wheels.
During the week we have enjoyed learning important facts about an aeroplane and made our own fact sheets. We also had fun turning our class into an airport and sequencing the important events completed when going on holiday on an aeroplane.
Our Maths focus has been around time, we have enjoyed recapping our awareness of the order of the months of the year and linked seasons, as well as correctly sequenced our days of the week through a range of songs, games and activities.
In our cooking session we used a range of ingredients including crackers, cheese, cucumber, tomatoes, grapes, carrots and celery to make our own aeroplane models. We then recorded the ingredients used when following our own recipe instructions. Our favourite two activities this week was creating our own passport using symbols and words, as well as constructing our own model aeroplane and taking part in a competition to see who’s aeroplane travels the furthest.
Homework– Next week we will be continuing our work on going on an aeroplane on holiday. For homework why not work with your family and have a go at packing your own suitcase activity sheet, please find the activity in your homework folder.

Eid Mubarak

Another busy week in Butterflies having lots of fun! This week we have been learning all about the Islamic festival Eid, we have been looking at the different ways it is celebrated around the world. We looked at the way we know when Eid starts at the sighting of the moon 🌙 and then made our very own Rice Krispie moons in cooking, it was a lot of fun. After we learnt all about Eid, we all made our own Ramadan lanterns, have a look below to see our amazing creations. As well as some amazing sunset 🌅 silhouette pictures.

During the week we have also been continuing with our story ‘Herman’s Holiday’ we created our own letter ‘h’ and explored different objects starting with the letter ‘h’. Finally in PE this week we continued to practice our skills using bats and balls, we had lots of fun balancing and travelling with the bat and ball, as well as using the bat to guide the ball through the cones.

Homework– For homework this week have a go at home at making your own paper aeroplane ✈️

Let’s Go Camping! 🏕🐻🦫

We hope everyone enjoyed their bank holiday Monday, it was lovely to talk all about the wonderful things our Butterflies got up to over the long weekend. We began our week by unpacking our holiday bag and finding out what type of holiday we would be going on this week…… and guess what it was… GOING CAMPING 🏕 ! We worked together to set up our pretend camp fire and constructed our class tent and then we role played and listened to the fantastic story ‘Herman’s Holiday’. Our letter sound this week was ‘c’ for camping, we helped recognise all the items beginning with ‘c’ and identified the initial sounds of different camping items mentioned in our story. Whilst reading our story Herman and Henry wrote lots of postcards to their friends back at home, so we decided to write our own postcard to a chosen friend to tell them all about our own camping experiences this week.
This week We have amazed our adults with our work on 3D shapes as we were able to recognise and name many models and used our 3D junk modelling items to construct our own 3D models. Our class 🏕 campfire experience was brought to life when we made our own very yummy chocolate marshmallow stick treats 🍭 , these were greatly enjoyed as we danced around our role play campsite.
Homework Challenge: Let’s design our own wonderful tent picture using different materials or mark making tools. We will then share all our ideas next week and we use our creative skills to bring our tents to life. We look forward to seeing all your fantastic designs. ⛺️ 🏕

Butterflies visit London 🇬🇧🚇🚏

Butterflies joined ‘Topsy and Tim’ this week on a visit all around London🇬🇧
At the forest this week we had a lovely singalong to ‘London Bridge is falling down’ we all joined in and then explored using different materials found in the forest to make our very own bridges. We then used our bridge to help get all of our friends across! We all worked really hard and worked great as a team, well done!
In PE we have been practicing our racket skills, we worked in pairs to balance the balls and bean bags on our rackets and then practiced bouncing the ball on the racket too, well done Butterflies 🦋

Continuing our trip around London, in groups we identified and explored different London landmarks and how people travel around in London. We also made our own London buses and looked at the different features they have. In maths this week we continued our work with 2d shape and explored the different properties of each one. 🔴🔸🟪🔺 Using lolly pop sticks to make our own 2d shapes it was lots of fun!

We even had Afternoon Tea! 🧁🫖☕️ We all made our own sandwich using our spreading and cutting skills to do so. Afterwards it was time for scones, we chose our toppings carefully and all sat down together to eat our afternoon tea together. Finally we have had lots of fun creating our own entries to the Royal Mail stamp competition, we designed our own stamp for the Heroes that have helped everyone over the last year, to say a big thank you! 🌈 🌟

Welcome Back 🌈☀️

It has been lovely to see everyone back at school this week and hear about everyone’s adventures over the Easter holiday. We began our week with an introduction to our summer topic ‘Let’s Go On Holiday’ and helped recognise some of the different types of transports we use when going on a journey. We absolutely loved listening and singing along to our story ‘We All Go Travelling By’, recognising all the correct vehicles throughout and organising them into the correct sequence. During our phonic focus this week we have explored transport beginning with ‘t’ and ‘tr’ and made our own road scenes and train tracks. During our Maths activities we recapped our recognition of 2D shapes and their properties. We then used our 2D shapes to make transport pictures and named 2D shapes in our everyday environment. In our topic work we explored our different forms of transport closer by sorting them into wheel and no wheels categories, as well as made our own sky, sea and land scene.
Finally, we have especially enjoyed our time in the forest in the beautiful sunshine, we completed our own forest sensory walk and recorded what we saw, felt, smelt and heard and created our own forest egg box of treasures we found.
Homework – Please send into school a photograph / picture of a special holiday or journey you have been on that you would like to share with your friends, it might be a visit to the zoo or a holiday to the seaside etc.
At home you might also like to share our story from this week with your families, please click in the video below to enjoy listening and watching the story song.