A Dark, Dark Tale

We are enjoying our story and have completed some lovely sequencing and writing. We can retell the story well using words and signs. Yesterday, we planned our own story based on Ruth Brown’s story. We have called it A Dark, Dark School. We hope to present that to you next week so don’t forget to take a look. In Preparation for this, the children have all taken photographs of some different locations around school and enjoyed editing them on the iPad to create some dark scenes. Last week, I posted a link to a video version of the story. There is a character lurking on every page. We have chosen our character and set it into our pictures. That is a secret for now! All will be revealed next week.

Below you will see some photographs of us working on our story. There are also some photos of us revising our o’clock and half past times by playing some group games.

For cooking, we stayed on the theme of healthy eating. As the nocturnal animal we have learned about this week is the domestic cat, we created a cat snack with rice cakes, cream cheese and some fruit and vegetables.

We continued to explore the very challenging concept of why we have day and night. We used a large lamp to represent the sun and a globe for Earth. The children rose to the challenge superbly well. They have also made some plasticine planets with Kelvin. There is some more exciting space work coming up next week.

Each day, we start a session with a calming or relaxing moment. I will drop a coupe of our favourite videos below in case you would like to explore them at home. The first link is a new one we used today and the children loved it.

The final 2 weeks of this half term will be very busy as we learn about Harvest and Halloween. It should be a lot of fun.

Have a great weekend everyone.


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