We are Butterflies class😁🦋

Hello Butterfly families!😁🦋

What a lovely first week back after half term. Hope you all had an amazing half term week and got up to lots of fun things. This half term we are contiuing our work on penguins and polar bears, as well as our PSHE topic, This is me! We are going to be looking at healthy foods, road safety and health & happiness. We are looking forward to the exciting activities we are going to do!😁 We also have some lovely celebrations this term such as Mother’s Day, world book day and Easter🥚💗📚.

We are settling back into our routines, exploring new things and having lots of fun! This week we celebrated pancake day! We used lemon juice, cream and fruit to make yummy pancakes aswell as exploring the ingrientd used to make pancakes. The children have loved getting messy in our pancake themed trays🥞😁🦋

This week we have made new butterflies for our classroom display. We have used paint dabbers, glue and tissue paper to decorate our new butterflies. They have done an amazing job we are super proud!🦋😁

In butterflies class we love music with Bev. This week we used egg shakers to make lots of noise! We love singing along to the music and dancing to the beats. The children are doing so well sitting around the table and engaging with the activities Bev has planned for us🎶🕺🦋

We are looking forward to another exciting week in butterflies!

Remember we have swimming on Tuesday and we can’t wait to be splashing around having lots of fun🏊💦🦋

Have a lovely weekend!

The Butterfly team🦋

Chinese new year celebrations🧧

On Saturday the 10th of February it is Chinese Lunar new year. To celebrate we had a very creative week in butterflies, creating art pieces, exploring Chinese objects and we even watched a dragon parade😁🧧🐲.

On Tuesday we watched the dragon parade on the grass. The children from rushall school walked through wearing a dragon head and waving materials. The children loved watched the dragon walk through and dancing to Chinese music. In class we used red and yellow tissue paper to decorate lanterns as well as bright colours to create dragons on paper plates. For our continuous provision in the morning we explored red material, chop sticks and different animals which represent Chinese new year🥢🧧🐲.

We have been focusing on our communication this week in butterflies. The children have been using ALD board to request wants with some of their favourite activities. They include our pig coin bank, shaving foam and bubbles.

On Friday we introduced our messy cooking session. During this session the children had an ALD with lots of cooking ingredients and equipment which they can choose. The adults encouraged them to point to what they wanted to use. The children did such an amazing job and really engaged with picking different equipment. Our communication is really coming along in butterfly class😁🦋.

We love bucket time in butterflies!🪣😁 The children love engaging with the different activities and working through the stages of attention autism. This week we have introduced stage 3 where the children can come and take turns having a go at an activity. It was so lovely to see the children engaging with this and turn taking so well!😁🦋

We have also been doing some problem solving this week. The children love exploring the different activities and all engaged really well.

In the morning we have lots of different toys and activites out for the children to explore. They have all been developing their play skills with the dollys, balls and our Chinese new year items. It’s so lovely to see them exploring different things😁🦋

It’s been a short but exciting half term back! It’s been so amazing seeing the children grow and learn new things!

Next term we are swimming on a Tuesday morning and we are super excited to be back swimming!🏊😁🦋

Thank you families for your continuous support! We hope you all have an amazing week off😁

The butterfly team🦋

Polar bear fun in butterflies😁🦋

This week we have been focusing on our topic, penguins and polar bears🐻‍❄️🐧. Our story this week has been that’s not my polar bear. The children loved exploring the different materials and textures before having in making arty polar bears.

Here the book to listen to at home📖😁🦋

We used fork to spread white paint onto our card to create a polar bear face. The children loved using the forks and exploring the movement of the paint.

Last week we mixed shaving foam and blue paint to make foamy paint work. We used this to create blue snowy background for our polar bear prints. We cut plastic bottles and dipped them into paint to create polar bear footprints in the snow. The children did amazing work printing using the bottle and enjoyed looking at the patterns which were left on their blue card.

Our final polar bear piece was making a big polar bear for our display. The children dipped cotton wool balls into glue and stuck them onto a the bear. The children loved dipping the cotton wool and exploring the texture when they had glue on them.

This week during our forest lesson we explored the open field. The children enjoyed running and exploring some balls that were on the field⚽️. We also looked at the leaves which had fallen from the trees, throwing them in the air and watching them fall. It was so much fun😁🍂🦋

This week in cooking we made strawberry milkshake and it was so yummy!🥤😁 The children used their fine motor skill to scoop the powder into their cup and tipped the milk before getting to try their yummy milkshake. We used ALD board to help us choose what we wanted and explore the different ingredients.

Well done butterflies for another amazing fun filled week! You are all making us super proud every week! Next week we will continue to look at colours, food, music and Chinese new year. Have an amazing weekend😁🦋

The Butterfly team🦋

A happy week in Butterflies😁🦋

What a lovely and jam packed week of fun. We have been exploring lots of new things in our topics, during PE and in our forest area. We’ve been exploring our PSHE topic ‘this is me’ and looking at our body parts and facial features. The children enjoyed looking at their pictures and in mirrors. Our book focus for this topic is head, shoulders knees and toes. We are all enjoying singing along and do the actions😁🎶.

Here is the book sing along for you all the listen at home😁🦋.

During our Monday cooking session we were making Cereal. The children enjoyed scooping their rice crispies into their bowl and exploring the new textures. They poured their milk and listened to the popping of the cereal. They all showed good engagement and concentration, as well as working in their fine motor skills. We loved mixing our cereal together. Then we got to try our cereal! Yummy! 🥣😋🦋

We all loved exploring the forest this week! It had been rainy day which meant we could jump in puddles and investigate the pots and pans full of leaves and water. The adults made a drum set from the pots and we made lots of noise, banging them with a stick. The children loved banging each pot and listening to the noise it made🥁🌳🍂.

From making music in the forest to exploring the Bev’s instruments in the classroom the children really enjoy experiencing music in different ways. This week in Bev’s session the children were looking a loud and quiet using their scrapping blocks. They did amazing listening to Bev and following her lead🎶🥁😁🦋

our Pe topic this term is gymnastics. The children are exploring different ways to travel, including jumping and crawling as well as working on our balance skills. We have lots of different equipment set up to help the children explore the ways to travel. This week the children loved using the hurdles to jump over and the benches to balance along.

In butterflies class we love listening to nursery rhymes. This week we have been working on our choosing skills using aided language displays. The children were able to choose what sing they would like or listen to. They were all really engaged and enjoying choosing. We were also using aided language displays for activities such as bubbles and block building. The children could request what they want and the adults would help them to complete this request. Super work butterflies😁🦋

What another amazing week in butterflies. We look forward to updating you on lots more butterfly fun… Feel free to emails us at anytime to hredshaw@oakwood.walsall.sch.uk with your own pictures, videos and comments with your own weekend news💌

Have a lovely weekend and see you all next week!😁🦋

The butterfly team🦋

A cold week in butterflies class❄️😁🦋

This week we have been exploring our new topic, Penguins and polar bears. We have been focusing on cold and exploring ice in different ways. We have used frozen paint to mark make, ice filled with pasta which we had to smash open and dripping paint into snow to create gloop. The children loved exploring the different ice😁❄️🦋

Our focus during PSHE session this week has been brushing our teeth and cleaning our face. Each day after lunch we have listened to our brushing teeth song and using our flannels to clean our face. They have been doing an amazing job exploring the brush and flannel. The song below is what we have been listening to if you would like to play it at home😁🪥🦋

Our brushing our teeth song🪥😁

In our cooking session this week we were making jam sandwiches🥪. First we spread the butter onto a two piece of bread. The children loved scooping the butter and spreading it. Once they had done that we moved onto the jam. Once we had finished our sandwiches we kept them and enjoyed them for afternoon snack😁🦋

it’s been another lovely week in butterflies! We look forward to another fun filled week! We have forest on Tuesday so don’t forget to bring your wellies🥾😁🦋

Hope you have a lovely weekend!

The butterfly team🦋

First week back of 2024😁🦋

Hello everyone! From all of us at butterflies we hope you had a lovely Christmas and new years! It’s been such a lovely week back. The children have settled so well back into school. Our new topic for this half term is penguin and polar bears🐧🐻‍❄️. We are going to be exploring the cold weather, different stories about the animals and sensory experiences throughout the term. This term we are also focusing on ‘this is me’. This will include learning all about how to look after ourselves, keep each other safe and healthy and road safety. We are all super excited to dive into this topics throughout the coming weeks!😁🎉🦋

This week we have new members to our classroom! We have introduced a new role play area with babies and tea sets. To help learn about keeping our selves clean and healthy we have been looking after, washing and feeding our babies. The children have loved washing them with the soap and water, aswell as feeding them and pushing them around the classroom. As the week has gone on the children have really started to become insterested and wanted to interact more with the role play areas. It’s so lovely to see😁🦋👶

We have also been looking at washing hands and brushing teeth. I have laminated hands and teeth and given the children to opportunity to explore the different ways of keeping clean and brushing our teeth. Next week we hope go put everything we have learnt this week into action.

Our attention Autism is such a good session in our class. The children love to see what items are going to be pulled out of the bucket and then what kind of activity I have planned for stage 2. They are really engaged throughout the whole session. This week we have started to introduce stage 3, which is where we allow the children to take part in an activity. They absolutely love coming to the front and being able to explore the different activities.

We have also made snowflakes this week! Using our cutting skills, some glitter and paper we have folded, cut and sprinkled to create some lovely snowflakes for our classroom displays!❄️😁🖌️🦋

Again, it’s been such a great first week back!
A quick reminder that we have Forest on a Tuesday morning and also PE on a Wednesday morning. If we could have some warm coats and wellies for our adventures into the forest that would be great.

Have a lovely weekend everybody!😁🦋

Weather in butterflies☀️🌧️❄️🍃

This week in butterflies we have had another fantastic week! We’ve explored the different weather through messy play, songs and creating art pieces. We have been focusing on the weather song ‘ how’s the weather’. We have involved lots of sensory material such as fans, hot water bottle, paper snowflakes and water spray to experience the different weather in the classroom.

Here is the song for you to listen at home😁🦋

The children have loved exploring the weather during our early reading sessions and listening to the song in our afternoon routine. It great to see them all excited to experience new things☀️🌧️❄️💨.

we even made art pieces such as a sun using forks and paint, snowflake from bubble wrap, rain cloud using paint dabbers and kites with googley eyes.

In music this week Bev brought her bells and big drum so we could play along to Christmas music. All the children really enjoy Bev’s music session. It was great to be singing Christmas songs together. We not only learned Christmas songs, we even got to look at the Jewish festival Hanukkah🎅🕯️🦋

The children are really getting involved during our Problem solving sessions. They will come over to investigate all of the activites we have put out for them. We have been doing lots of colour matching and shape activites. It’s lovely to see the children so engaged and excited to take part in different activities.

It’s been a great week in Butteflies with our welly walk and christmas dinner. We are really looking forward to you joining us for our parent craft afternoon on Monday!🖌️😁🦋

Next week we are going to look to be looking at more Christmas traditions and even have a visit from an exciting guest on Tuesday🎅😁. It’s Christmas party day on Tuesday so remember you can send them in a festive jumper or party clothes and a plate will be sent home with them for you to fill with some of their favourite treats.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend🎉🦋

The Butterfly team🦋

Elmer in butterflies Class🐘🌈🦋

What another amazing week in butterfly class! We have been looking at Elmer and all of her amazing patchwork colours. The children have explored all the colours of the rainbow through lots of different activities.

In attention Autism (Bucket) we explored lots of different light up and moving toys before creating a big Elmer picture. We all then were able to make our own Elmer designs using tissue paper. The children got to cut and stick their different coloured squares onto their Elmer’s. They did an amazing job placing and pushing the paper down to make sure it was glued down. Very good job butterflies.😁🦋

As a class we love exploring and discovering new things in our tuff trays. Each day we like to have a different item for everyone to get messy with. This week we made the, very colourful and the children loved to see all the bright colours🌈😁.

With Rosie this week the children became artist. They used sponges dipped in rainbow paint to create their very own rainbows🌈. The adults in the classroom helped the children to dip their sponges and rub them across the paper, revealing all the colours left behind. What great artist we have😁🎨👩‍🎨.

It’s so important to let the children explore new toys and use their imagination. After lunch we brought out some toys which the children hadn’t played with and let them investigate. The adults in the class played along side them, looking at the different activities. It was great to see them interacting with not only us but their friends😁

Unfortunately we weren’t able to have Bev ,our music teacher, this week but we know how much the children love their music sessions. We found some instruments out the cupboard and played some songs. The children played along with lots of different instruments, banging the drums and shaking their bells🥁🔔🎶.

This week we weren’t able to go swimming as the pool wasn’t ready for us but our fingers are crossed for our Tuesday session🏊‍♂️😁🦋.

Our class sign for next week is Toilet.

Next week we are going to start look at emotions and our colour monsters. We look forward to another fun week in butterflies🦋

The butterfly team😁🦋

A colourful week in butterflies🌈😁🦋

It’s been a very colourful week in butterfly class. This weeks focus has been on the colour yellow, red and blue. There has been lots of activities to support the children with recognising each colour.

This week we have focused on Elmer the elephant. We looked at all of her colours and how she is different to her elephant friends🐘🌈😁.

On Monday we did cooking. Using our aided langauage displays we looked at fruit the match the colour we are focusing on. We chopped and sliced strawberry’s and bananas to make a yummy fruit salad. The children loved exploring the different fruits and they were extra tasty🍓🍌😁.

Throughout the week we had lots of different colour activities. Melting ice and mixing colours, exploring our colourful ball pit and building using our coloured blocks🌈😁.

We also made some new butterflies using paint dabbers. We used lots of colours and created beautiful rainbows for our classroom display🌈🦋.

This week we’ve been doing lots of problem solving activities to help learn new skills. The children have loved exploring different activities🔢😁.

Music with Bev this week was very exciting. We looked a Diwali again which the children love. We were all able to feel the texture of the sari and play our instruments to the best of Bev’s drum. This children are doing so well with sitting and focusing on Bev’s activities.

Unfortunately this week we were unable to go swimming but we are hoping to be back splashing around on Tuesday!🏊‍♀️🦋

Have a lovely weekend and we look forward to having another fun and colourful week in butterflies!🌈😁🦋

The butterfly team🦋

A fun filled week in butterflies😁🦋

What an amazing week we’ve had in butterflies! We celebrated Remembrance Day, Diwali and children in need. We’ve done lots of fun activities to learn about all of these different celebrations. It was also our first time swimming together which was very exciting!🏊‍♂️😁

With Rosie on Monday we looked at Remembrance Day! We had lots of sensory and art activities and even got to make some poppies out of apples and chocolate buttons🍎🍫😁. The children did an amazing job and were very happy about all of the activites they were able to do.

Tuesday was swimming! The children sat lovely on the bus, patiently waited until we got to our destination and when we got there walked perfectly into the swimming area. We split the children into two groups, one in the swimming pool and the others were able to explore our amazing sensory room. They loved looking at the lights and sensory materials. All of our butterflies were super brave and loved splashing around in the swimming pool😁🏊‍♀️🦋

As you can see we had lots of fun😁🦋

At school we were looking at Diwali…

we made our very own diva lamps out of clay. The squashed, squeezing and poked them to make the perfectly shaped diva lamp🪔 Once they were dry we used glue and glitter to paint our lamps, making them extra sparkly😁🦋

We had lots of fun looking at different tuff trays base on Diwali…

Bev came to our classroom and showed us some instruments and music which is used during the Diwali festivals around the world. We got to explore and use the instruments and feel the texture of a sari…

On Friday as a school we celebrated children in need! We wore spots or colours, decorated pudsey biscuits and put spot on a giant pudsey bear.

See you next week for another week of butterfly fun😁🦋

The Butterfly team🦋