Welcome back!

Gosh, our first week back has been a fun but very hectic.

Our team visit to the library

This week we joined the fabulous new school library, every Friday we will choose a new book to take home and share with our families.

On Monday, we were exploring colour and we sorted animals into different colour sets (we required a little support for this activity)

Then, we explored 2D shapes, and began sorting triangles and circles into different sets – with a little support.
Later, the children had fun taking the animals and shapes to different parts of the classroom to make up their own little games.

Sensory Train Ride 🚂

On Tuesday, we jumped aboard the Sensory Train 🚂 Here we are, thoroughly enjoying Bubble land, Material land, Foam land and Water land. This activity really makes us chuckle 🤭

Sensory Relaxation
As part of our routine, we have sensory relaxation time, we like to explore the beautiful lights, bubbles, textures etc during this quiet session.

Outdoor Adventure Playground
One of our favourite times of the day is playing outside on the adventure playground with our friends.
Here we are using our gross motor skills to climb, bounce, spin and run around outside! Such fun!

Super Star of the week ⭐️

Our Super Star this week in Bonnie for using a spoon and a fork to feed herself at lunchtime.⭐️

Have a lovely weekend,


Fun, February Celebrations! ❤️🐉🥞

Chinese New Year 🐉

Shrove Tuesday 🥞

St. Valentine’s Day ❤️

This week has been jam packed with wonderful celebrations, as they occur during half term and we didn’t want to miss them! Here are just some of the activities we did with our friends this week.

February 10th is Chinese New Year 🐉

This year is the Chinese New Year of the dragon.🐉
Here we are getting ready for our Chinese New Year dragon dance. It was such fun dancing with our friends 😊

We joined our little friends in Ladybird Class to watch Rushall EYFS perform their dragon dance, while we played the instruments with Bev. Then later, we went into Ladybird class to perform our dragon dance and explore all the Chinese New Year tuff trays, it was great fun.🐉 All the Caterpillars thought the best bit was the chocolate money!☺️

February 13th is Shrove Tuesday🥞
Shrove Tuesday, also known as Pancake Day is a Christian tradition that marks the day before the start of Lent (a day of preparation and feasting before the 40 day period of fasting and reflection leading up to Easter)
Here we are mixing the pancake batter in the role play area 🥞 It was exciting tipping the flour into a bowl and stirring in the milk. I think we will all be Star Bakers⭐️⭐️⭐️😊

February 14th is St Valentine’s Day.❤️

We used our fine motor skills to pull the lid off the glue stick, and then using a pincer grip we picked and placed pieces of red, pink and purple paper on a red heart to give to our Valentine ❤️ During continuous provision, we explored pink play dough, a plastic bouquet of red roses, heart shaped pasta and heart number dots too.💘

Forest School 🌳

On Tuesday, we went to Forest school. Some of the children enjoyed playing football ⚽️ on the field, while the other children explored the yellow bus from our story song “We all go travelling by.” Later, we discovered the pots and pans in the forest and pretended to make pancakes. Such fun! 😊

Super Star of the week ⭐️

Our Super Star this week is Emily, for sitting beautifully at the table for activities and at meal times too – well done!⭐️

Have a lovely half term,

Anne, Kelly, Dani, Claire and April 😊

Journeys and Introducing Chinese New Year! 🐉


On Monday, we continued with our journeys theme and decorated little sponge cakes for our picnic with small icing tubes. We had to use our fine motor skills to squeeze the icing onto our cakes. The best part, of course, was eating the cake!

During continuous provision, we were very busy exploring tunnels and textures in the tuff trays, plus numicon, books, numbers and scooting a little trike. Such fun!🎈

We have been working hard on our target of putting our coats on independently. First, an adult put the hood on our head, then we tried to put our arms down the sleeves independently. We are all making great progress with this skill😊

As we begin the month of February, Caterpillars are preparing for Chinese New Year.

This week we have been making a dragon 🐉, ready for our dragon dance next week. We found a big box and painted it with red paint to make a head.

During continuous provision we have been ordering numbers, and exploring all the animals in the Chinese zodiac. 2024 is the year of the Dragon.🐉

Bev came to play Chinese Music – she bought a dragon puppet 🐉for us to explore too! We all thought banging the gong was hilarious!

Super Star of the Week ⭐️

Our Super Star this week is a boy who is beginning to help the other children and staff in the classroom ⭐️ Well done!

Have a lovely weekend,


January Japes !🎉


Gosh, it’s week 3 already! Here are some of the activities that Caterpillars have been doing this week.

Sensory Bucket 🪣

Sensory bucket is a super activity for improving concentration and fostering curiosity. First of all, we all sat down on chairs in a semi circle and sang the “ Come and see what’s in my bucket?” song.
Today, for stage 1 we looked at the green ball popper, and waited with anticipation to see when it would pop up into a ball. Then, we chuckled as we watched slinky spring flop and pour it self about. Finally, we watched intently as the wiggly snake moved around independently. All the staff modelled good looking and how to develop a sense of curiosity.
For stage 2, we watched the teacher as she sprayed the foam on to the flower pot bases and, pressed another pot on top to make a foam fountain. Each set of flower pots got bigger until it became huge foam fountain, which made us giggle.😊

Preparing jam sandwiches for a journey 🧺

As part of out topic on journeys, we all prepared a jam sandwich for a picnic. We were encouraged to hold the handle of a round ended knife ( closely supported by an adult) and to dip it into a dish of strawberry jam. Then we all had a good go at spreading the jam on a slice of bread – the best part was eating the jam sandwich😊 Learning to make sandwiches is a good way of preparing us for an independent life, plus it’s great fun!

Forest School 🌲🌳

On Tuesday, we set off on a little journey to the Forest School with our friends. It was very dull and damp, but we all walked beautifully down to the field and had great fun exploring the Forest. We used our gross motor skills to run around and to explore the texture of the trees. Luckily, the damp weather didn’t prevent us from having lots of fun.

On Wednesday, Bev bought the scraper instruments to our music session. We had to use both hands – one to hold the scarper and the other to run the stick along the side to make a sound. We sang lots of songs and thoroughly enjoyed the session.

Super star of the week ⭐️

Our Super Star this week is Kaide ⭐️ for helping to tidy up the classroom independently.

Have a lovely weekend,

Anne 😊

January Journey Activities!

Caterpillars have had another busy week exploring our story “We All Go Travelling By” with our friends.

We had great fun making travelling patterns using 3 three plastic balls. First, we were invited to sit at the table by a familiar adult, she signed “look” and offered a choice of two colours of paint. When we had chosen a colour, we flipped off the top and squeezed out drops of paint into the paint tray. The best part was tipping the tray backwards and forwards (sometimes with support) to make a rolling paint pattern. Next, the familiar adult offered two different choices of colour and repeated the activity several times until we were happy with our patterns😊

Parachute Games
Caterpillars always enjoy the parachute games we play in class. Here we are using our gross-motor skills to lift it up and down as we dance and sing along🎵

(The staff love this activity too😊)

The Sensory Train Ride 🚂
On Tuesday, we jumped aboard the sensory train and set off through Bubble Land, Foam Land Land, Water Land and Material Land. All the children enjoyed feeling the textures that we encountered on our sensory train journey. It was great fun too!

Outdoor Exploration
Everyday, we wrap warm and venture out to our outdoor adventure area. Here we are exploring sensory tuff trays, spinning the colour wheel, climbing on the frame, rolling in the rocket cone and running along the trim trail. We soon get warmed up!

Super Star of the Week⭐️

Our Super Star ⭐️ this week is Tom. He is working hard on his toilet training – well done!

Have a lovely weekend,


Happy New Year!

Welcome back, we hope you had a lovely holiday. We were all very happy to meet up with our little friends on Tuesday.😊

This term our lovely story is “We all Go Travelling By” written by Sheena Roberts. We will be learning more about different modes of transport in all the areas of the EYFS curriculum.

You can join in with our story song on YouTube– https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kpoze1QKOCY

As part of our new topic, have been exploring direction using a Bee Bott. We used our fine motor skills to press the buttons to make it move forwards and backwards. We were all fascinated to see it move!

On Thursday, we investigated what would happen if we rolled a toy car through different coloured drops of paint. It was such fun rolling the wheels through the paint to make a pattern. We all enjoyed exploring the texture of the paint with our fingers too.

In our first PE lesson this term, we have been discovering lots of different ways of moving along a bench. We really enjoyed walking, crawling and jumping along the benches in the small hall. We are beginning to change our shoes 👟 for our PE lessons too.

Super Star of the week ⭐️

Our Super Star this week is Karric, as he is working hard on his toilet training! Well done ⭐️

Have a lovely weekend,


Merry Christmas 🎄

The Christmas Sensory Train🚂🎉

We have lots of Christmas fun with our little friends this week. We jumped aboard the Christmas sensory train to visit Santa, stopping off at magical Snow Land on the way! ⛄️

Our Christmas Party 🎈🎉

Caterpillars really enjoyed our fabulous Christmas Party. All the lovely food and dancing with our friends, added to the fun too!

A visit from Father Christmas 🎄🎉🎈

We were all very surprised and excited to see Father Christmas! Santa promised to visit every child on Christmas Eve and he asked if we could please leave a carrot 🥕out for Rudolph 🦌( as he needs a little snack after all that flying.)

Super Star of the week🎉

All the children in Caterpillar Class are Super Stars for working really hard this term⭐️

Merry Christmas and Happy 2024 from all the Caterpillar Staff.
A huge thank you for all your support this term😊

Caterpillar Christmas Workshop, Christmas Dinner and Wellbeing Welly Walk.🎄

Oh what a busy week! On Monday, Caterpillars enjoyed welcoming their parents into the classroom for our Christmas workshop.

The classroom was set up for all the areas of learning :- e.g. For Maths and Problem Solving, we had Christmas number cube cards for us to explore. In the tuff tray we had chocolate coins hidden in the ice and we discovered what happened as the ice melted (Knowledge and Understanding of the World.) We had lots of fine motor activities, such as decorating biscuits and making hats for a snowman with play-dough. In the creative area we had Father Christmas table decorations made from kitchen roll cylinders. We had a little Santa in the book corner who was ready to read a Christmas story to the children. Plus lots more to activities to trigger our curiosity.

Then, we all set to work exploring the activities with our parents and our little friends. It was lovely to share our activities with our parents ❤️

We had a surprise visitor as Father Christmas arrived in our outdoor Grotto to bring us a little gift. It was a magical experience and lots of fun too!

Wellbeing Welly Walk
Today, we went on a little “wellbeing welly walk”with our friends from Rabbit Class. We enjoyed meeting the children and walking in the fresh air.

Christmas Dinner

We are all very proud of all the children for trying a Christmas dinner today.⭐️

Super Star of the week ⭐️

Our Super Star this week is Karric for joining in with our Christmas songs.

Have a lovely weekend,


Hanukkah, Advent, Den building and Hour of Code

This week Caterpillars have been taking part in the Hour of Code week. We have been programming Bee Bott to move around the classroom. We are becoming experts at pushing the directions buttons and pressing the go button.


Caterpillars have been learning about the Jewish festival of Hannakkah. We enjoyed feeling the texture of the paint to make handprint candles on a Menorah. We have been learning to make a star with lolly sticks to celebrate too. We had great fun using our fine motor skills to spread the glue on the sticks and trying to copy the star that Kelly had made.

The Advent Calendar

Caterpillars have been our number skills to spot the numbers and open the doors on our Advent Calendar, and of course the best part was eating the chocolate.

On Tuesday, we joined together with Ladybird class to build dens, we had great fun wriggling under pieces of fabric and climbing in and out of wigwams! We had a little competition to see if Ladybirds or Caterpillars could build the best den 😊

Super Star ⭐️

Our Super Star this week is Stanley for wearing in glasses in school.

Have a lovely weekend,


Advent, Bee Botts, Bubbles and Boogie!


Exciting news, Caterpillars have lots of fun dressing the Christmas tree today!🎄

Last Friday, Caterpillars really enjoyed exploring the Bee Botts – programmable toys. We used our fine motor skills to push the directional buttons and watched the Bee Bott move around the classroom – We all found it fascinating and lots of fun too!

Animal Boogie crafts 🐘

As part of our Animal Boogie story, we made paper plate elephants. On Monday we painted the face, ears and truck. Then we glued all the pieces together to make a face.

On Tuesday we had lots of fun using our gross motor skills to run around the Forest to find the Bear 🐻 in our song.

Forest School 🌲🌳

The Sensory Train Ride. 🚂

We all climbed aboard our little chair train ready to go on a sensory adventure. First stop was Bubble-land, so we jumped off the train and popped the bubbles, other stops were Material-land, Water-land and Foam-land. We know that when the whistle blows we all have to have to jump back on and continue on our train journey.

Super Star ⭐️

Our Super Star this week is a little boy who is sitting at the table to eat his snack⭐️

Have a lovely weekend,

Anne 😊