There’s no ‘January Blues’ in Caterpillars! 🥶❄️💙 We’re just having fun as usual with lots of smiles 😁💛☀️

With that title in mind, I’ll start with our Superstar this week.

🥁 Big drumroll…. it was our Keiks!

Well done Keike-Le Brie! 🌟

Our new topic is called Animal Kingdom so we recapped one of our Nursery Rhymes from last term. We sang and signed Down in the Jungle and then enjoyed doing the Animal Boogie version and created some art work for our display. I’ll add the videos we enjoyed after the pictures.

We have also enjoyed getting back to the Forest this week 🌳 🌲 🌳

The rest of the week has been spent settling back into favourite activities, familiar routines, learning through play and practicing some new life skills. We have even begun to brush our teeth after lunch 🪥

PE…Hokey Cokey dance
One of our many Tuff-pit sensory play and explore activities. We are getting really good at working alongside our friends now.

Thank you for some of the wonderful Christmas pictures from home! If you haven’t sent any it’s not too late as we have had some children away at different points in the week so we are going to share them next week.

Camera 📷 Feel free to send any pictures when you want to. You can send to the school postbox or my email is

Quick reminder… is just to make sure children have a full change of clothes (including socks) in school everyday please and particularly for Forest days! We look forward to seeing the children for more fun next week. Bye for now 👋

Welcome back and Happy New Year!🥳 We hope you had a lovely Christmas despite the ongoing craziness of COVID!🎄

Homework Task!! Some of you have sent some photos to me already but if you haven’t, could you send a couple of our Caterpillars enjoying themselves over Christmas? We are looking to share them on Monday and Tuesday if possible. Email to postbox or

Thank you 😊

The children have enjoyed coming back to school and we were so pleased to see their big smiles! It has only been a short week but we have enjoyed quite a few activities. On Wednesday we enjoyed exploring a New Year rice activity. We enjoyed listening to ABBA’s Happy New Year song and watched our friends at Singing Hands sign it. I tried to add the link so you can watch it from our blog but it wouldn’t embed so I’ve done a little picture to help you search it.

The children have also enjoyed doing some familiar play activities, some dough disco & exploring the track playground that the older children use. We haven’t been able to use our usual outside space as it’s having some very exciting equipment added to it!

Everybody enjoys having time to play and explore independently. We are really good at making choices and selecting items we would like to play with.
After our warm up dough disco song, we played with our play dough and added candles to make a birthday cupcake. We then sang to Lola who was 5 during the holidays. Happy Birthday Lola! 🥳 🎂 🎈
We loved exploring the track playground!

If you’re staying inside but want to go on an adventure, why not head off to the jungle? 🐘 🐒 🐍 🐊

The Nursery Rhyme that we will be working on this week is, Down in the Jungle! I will add the song on and the little talkers version so you can try the signs out. Whilst you’re at home today do you think you and your family could look for these animals. You might have a cuddly toy, a book or you could look for a picture on the computer/IPad or if you don’t have these you might be allowed to look on a family member’s smart phone. Practice the signs and have a go at making the sounds or actions. If you want to bring anything in to show us we would love to do a ‘share, show and tell’ with all of your friends. Ask somebody to write on the daily diary what you have sent so we don’t get anything muddled up when we send it back home! Have fun! 😀

Hop little bunnies hop hop hop! 🐰

We continued our fun last week with the World Nursery Rhyme Week. Our focus rhyme was Sleeping Bunnies! You can have a look at some of the fun things we did in the photos below.

You could also listen and join in at home today? I’ve added the one with the Little Talkers signing too! Can you remember the sign for rabbit?

I also want to share our amazing Caterpillar Superstar and a collage of wonderful wow moments!! 🌟🤩

I’m just creating some suggestions to help you continue your learning at home today…I’ll upload this very soon!

Snow Day Fun ⛄️

Good morning lovely Caterpillars I hope you are all ok and have all had a good weekend.

Hopefully you have had chance to enjoy a little snow fun, perhaps you have been able to use your senses to explore, what does snow feel like? Does it sound different outside? Or perhaps you have created a snowman ☃️. Exploring the outdoors and different weather conditions supports confidence and allows big scale creativity, problem solving and interaction with others. It is also enhances our physical well being.

To follow are a few ideas for home learning today, of course the main thing is to have fun, explore and keep safe. Please do not worry if you have not got certain resources, I always find the recycling bin at home can help if you fancy being creative 😄 or simply bring a little snow inside to explore on a tray.

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Adding different resources to snow or any sensory materials you have at home is a great way to extend learning and link with all areas of the curriculum. Hiding numbers or letters in flour or shaving foam or creating a small world adventure with figures or animals.

Some children may prefer to follow our story “The Very Hungry Caterpillar “

Watch and enjoy the story animation and maybe complete one of the activities below 😊 🐛

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Have fun Caterpillars keep safe and take care


😄 Hello Caterpillars! 👋🐛

As we have had a few mid week blogs on swimming (so that you can share the pictures of all the fun we’ve been having in the pool with your families), I thought this week I would share a few things from the last couple of weeks in the classroom!
I will start with a little video of our Caterpillar Superstar 🌟✨ This week it was Lana for working so hard on her communicating and interaction targets! Well done Lana! She is modelling the outfit that our Superstars wear on a Friday for the Satellite Superstar Assembly!

I also thought you would enjoy seeing some of the exciting changes in our classroom. Christmas came early for the Caterpillars. Have a look what Father Christmas put up for us to play with on Monday morning. It was so exciting that some of us couldn’t even wait to take our coats off first!

We absolutely love our climbing tower!!
This week in story, song and rhyme time, we have been joining in with World Nursery Rhyme Week 2021. We have focussed on Incy Wincy Spider and have loved using the sensory resources. 🕷 🌧 ☀️ We are extending our week so that we have more time on each rhyme.
I’ll include the link to the rhyme from this week after the photos so you can share them at home. The second link will have the signs we’ve been using.

I’ll finish this week with a lovely selection of pictures from the last couple of weeks. They show us playing, interacting, having fun and playing independently. Have a lovely weekend! 👋