Goodbye Caterpillars

This is my final post to you as a Caterpillar.

Happily , I will be seeing everyone around the satellite in September . Don’t forget to say hello.

Thank you so much for all your support throughout the year. It really has been a pleasure. Please join me in thanking the rest of the Caterpillar team too. They have all worked incredibly hard and been fabulous.

Please have a look at some of our last week photographs below.

There is a link to the Year 6 leavers video. Enjoy. Good luck and best wishes to all Year 6 children and their families.

Have a wonderful holiday, stay safe.


We made spiders and spider webs.

We made the spiders using our handprints. We used a scrunching technique to paint paper plates and then threaded our own web before adding in our spider.

More last week fun.

Party fun.

Congratulations to Casey-Jo and Riley who are superstars this week. Well done.

And here is the link for the Leavers video.

Walsall Virtual SEND Music Festival – SummerFest 2021

I hope you all got through the festival with dry eyes. I’m quite sure most did not. It was a beautiful compilation of fun and music from Special schools across Walsall.

If you missed it, fear not! The link is below. I have also added in the entire Caterpillars video of Mr Golden Sun.

However, you will need to scroll through the rest of our work before you get to the highlight!

We read the Poem – ‘Ladybird’ from Mad About Minibeasts.

We added Playdough spots to ladybirds, trying to add more or less spots. Then we painted some pebbles and added details to create ladybirds.

We made some fish, carefully adding cereal hoops, developing our fine motor control, to represent fish scales.

We read the ‘Spider’ poem, enjoyed singing all about Incy Wincy Spider and made chocolate rice Krispie cake spiders using chocolate Matchsticks for legs and Smarties for eyes.

We attempted to work together to create our own spider’s web. We tried our best!

Problem solving activities this week included an Incy Wincy game. Children raced their teachers. The teachers were the rain and poor Incy got washed down the drainpipe. The children were the sunshine. They rolled the dice and if they got the biggest numbers, Incy Wincy climbed all the way up.

We used pegs to add spiders legs to their bodies. We counted the legs and matched the number to the correct numeral and gave the spider the correct number of legs to match the numeral.

Today we experimented with making ice cream. We did mange to make a small amount, as you will see. Luckily, we had some ready made so that there was enough for us to share.

Sadly, Our Summer term Travels have come to an end. We left Antarctica and flew back to the UK. We have been to the beach with Spot, on a canal boat trip with Rosie and Jim and with Peppa Pig and her family.

Congratulations to our Satellite Superstar this week -Harmony

And you made it! As promised, here is the SummerFest video. Caterpillars excerpt is at around 17 minutes but if you have time, I really do recommend watching more. Below is the Video we made in caterpillars from which the excerpt for the festival was taken.,

Caterpillars – Mr Golden Sun

What a Busy Week!

As our school year is rapidly nearing its end, we had a very busy but enormously fun week. We have enjoyed both our Summer Fun Leavers Day to help celebrate the wonderful achievements of our Year 6 pupils who are moving on to the next phase of their education journey. We also had our Sports Day. We had sand and water play, ice cream and a bouncy castle. This week has also seen us meet a number of new children who we are looking forward to getting to know better in September. In order to keep all our children safe, we haven’t been able to play together or welcome them in to our classrooms but I know they will be lovely new friends for everyone at school.

I hope you love our photos this week.

This week Caterpillars continued our journey on to Antarctica where we found the macaroni penguins. We made our own penguins reusing plastic bottles. We created a lovely polar environment for them in our tuff Spot. We looked at a number of polar creatures and some of us could sort them out in to those which live in the south and those that live in the North Polar regions.

Sports Day was very enjoyable. Everyone got involved. We had various stations to explore. We jumped, aimed, threw and more. Take a look at some of the tasks we completed.

We have had plenty of sand and water play, in the classroom and outside in the playground. We also had a disco, as requested by the children! 😊

We made ice cream cones with shaving foam and glitter sprinkles and then…

A real ice cream van arrived! We had super whipped ice cream with raspberry sauce. Fortunately, this came after our turn on the bouncy castle!

sorry for the blurry photos. There was a lot of bouncing.

2 more weeks to look forward to.
Have a lovely weekend .


American Travel

We have still loved reading Owl Babies this week. We have had yet more fun building nests and we have acted the story out with our puppets.

Our travel has now taken us to North America, through Central America and in to the South. We have started our journey to Antarctica. Wow! We really have covered some miles.

We used our fine motor skills, tracing and cutting to make some lovely owls.

The first stop on our journey was to search for Bald eagles. We made paper bag eagle puppets and then took them outside to let them fly in the wind.

Then we found some spider monkeys. We made some finger puppets.

In South America we found boa constrictors.

We made our own snakes with coloured pasta and fruit.

On Friday and next week too, we will be learning about the Macaroni penguin.

We attempted some chocolate penguins. You can see in the photographs that some never actually got finished. They were simply too tempting!!

We also enjoyed some yoga activities this week and we made our own dough to play with.

Finally, congratulations to our Satellite Superstar this week. We chose David for showing tremendous care and empathy.

Have a fabulous weekend.


Owl Babies

This week we have started reading ‘Owl Babies’ by Martin Waddell and Patrick Benson.

We are enjoying the story and playing with the puppets.
Watch an animated story video and enjoy the photographs of our owl activities. Keep reading below to see what else we have been up to. It has been a busy and fun week.

We made owl faces using rice crackers, mini cheddars, cheese slices and grapes. We used pom poms to paint the owl babies and completed the picture using cut out shapes and glitter for the moon (because owls are nocturnal) .

Then we all worked together to make a nest with twigs, leaves, moss and feathers that we collected in the forest. (The feathers we found were sanitised, most were bought)

We had a wonderful time in Music. We went outside to enjoy the sunshine. We used the big drum.

In PE , we worked at balancing. We tried to walk carefully along a straight and a zig zag line.

We have done some counting and matching.
Some IT afternoon fun. (we got out the remote controlled cars and Beebots again) We tried scanning QR codes to find some of our story videos.
We made Father’s Day gifts. I hope all dad’s have a wonderful day. Thank you all for being fabulous.
We always look forward to our Celebrations assembly on a Friday afternoon. There was lots of singing and dancing this week.

Congratulations to our satellite superstar for this week, Matilda.

Take a look at our map to see how our journey is progressing. We head through central America next week.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. Rest well. Hope to see a healthy and happy Caterpillar class on Monday.


Summer Term 2 – South East Asia

Hello Caterpillars,

I hope everyone is well and has had a lovely week and that you are enjoying the sunshine.

This week we have been in South East Asia looking for Green Sea Turtles and Water Buffalo.

We made paper plate turtles and a paint and collage buffalo picture. We also made turtles from fruit.

We have enjoyed Parachute Time, Dough Disco, Train Ride Yoga and sensory, messy activities.

We have worked our finger muscles and tested our coordination using tweezers to pick up grapes.

Working together and interacting with our peers is a target for many of us so we tried to support each other to create a large floor jigsaw puzzle as a team.

Have a look at some of the photographs below to see what fun we have been having .

Next week we move on to North America. There we are searching for bald eagles.

I hope you all enjoy a happy and relaxing weekend. Stay safe.


Using Kiwi, apple and grapes to make turtles. We used an icing pen to add eyes.
Paper Plate Turtles

Water Buffalo

Congratulations to Desire. He is our Satellite Superstar this week.

Elephants and Lions

I hope you are all well and have had a good week despite the weather.

We are still travelling in Africa and have enjoyed finding out about Lions and Elephants. We have learned about Long and short and have created some elephants with long and short trunks. We really enjoyed messing with Lion’s mane spaghetti and created some wonderful Lion crackers.

Next week, we will continue our journey by bus and train to search for hippopotamus and zebra.

Please enjoy the photographs below and have a great weekend.

We worked on our cutting skills to create these elephant puzzles.

Congratulations to Hiba. She is our Satellite Superstar this week for Caterpillars.

We brightened up a cold and grey day by having huge fun with bubbles.

If you are keeping track of our classroom world map is developing, here you go.

If you enjoyed our peacock video last week, the peacocks we made are now on display in the corridor.

Eid Mubarak

Happy Friday.

This has been another busy week.

We have continued to learn more about Peacocks from our India visit and loved investigating some peacock feathers.

We then boarded a flight again and flew to the North of Africa where we celebrated Eid.

Please enjoy our photographs. I have added a video for you too. I hope you love it.

Take care and have a great weekend.

And finally, congratulations to Archie who is this weeks Satellite Superstar this week.

Indian Adventures

Caterpillars have continued on their journey. This week, we took another flight to India. We are looking for leopard and peacocks. Next week we fly again to North of Africa where we will enjoy some time celebrating Eid before begin our journey South to search for zebra, hippos, elephants, lions and flamingo.

We have a display in the classroom which we will add to as we travel.

Before our flight, we enjoyed some exploration amongst the icebergs, arctic fish and ice. ( jelly, marshmallows and fish biscuits)


We made leopard biscuits, painting white chocolate and adding dark chocolate spots.

We had a very muddy trip to the forest this week.

To finish a lovely week, we had our first Satellite Star assembly on Teams.

Caterpillars star this week was Zion. Congratulations to him. Who will be the star next week?

Have a lovely weekend.

I look forward to seeing everyone next week.


Chilly in the Arctic

Welcome back.

This week we have continued to enjoy our time in the Arctic. We made aeroplanes for our journey and then we made some fish cakes and some paper plate clams which the walrus love to eat.

We enjoyed some Polar Yoga.

We enjoyed some music making and singing.

We tried out some magnifying glasses to explore in the forest. We will try to develop our skills further in the classroom.

Caterpillars took part in the Royal Mail design a covid hero stamp competition.

Join us next week as we pack and fly to India to see peacocks and leopards. It is very exciting.

Have a wonderful bank holiday weekend.