A fun week in Deer Class ⭐️🦌

We have had a lovely week with lots of activities! We shared some amazing moments this week and we have developed our friendships too! We have been very busy this week! Take a look at our pictures for the week! ✨

Here are some happy moments from the week! πŸ˜πŸ“Έ

We loved our community visit on Monday, we visited Tesco and went shopping to collect items for our cooking sessions this week. We loved sharing this experience together, we looked at lots of items and identified things on our shopping list. We also payed at the till and we practiced our maths skills of knowing how many items we needed for 11 pupils and how much items cost. We payed at the till and helped to bag our items. This was an amazing opportunity for us to develop important life skills.

We had some very special visitors Jenny and Aimee on Wednesday from the National Literacy Trust. We explored some exciting new books and talked about our favourite books and how reading made us feel using verbalisations and ALD boards. We also discussed and drew our dream library! We had some amazing ideas and it was lovely to see our creativity and imagination come to life. It was clear to see a passion for reading in Deer Class! πŸ“šβ­οΈ

We enjoyed cooking this week! We learnt about the importance of hygiene in the kitchen and we washed our hands following adult modelling and instructions. We all shared the resources and participated in turn-taking which was amazing to see. We also engaged in measuring to develop our maths skills. I think we have some future careers in cooking in Deer Class! πŸ‘©β€πŸ³πŸ§‘β€πŸ³πŸ°

We enjoyed a Pumpkin Party at the end of the week to celebrate our hard work and all our achievements this half-term. We are so proud of all our pupils in Deer Class for settling in so well and forming fantastic relationships with both staff and peers. It is such a joy to teach Deer Class! ☺️⭐️🦌

Our Champion this week is … Andre! Andre has been doing some fantastic communicating at school, we are so proud! Andre has been answering questions in history and has been so kind to his friends. Well done Andre! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Well done Deer Class, what a fantastic half-term we have had! Have a lovely week with your families and we will see you soon for more adventures!

From Tracey, Lou, Gina and Ellen 😊⭐️

Fantastic Firefighters! πŸ§―πŸš’πŸ‘©β€πŸš’πŸ‘¨β€πŸš’

We have had such an exciting week in Deer Class! We have enjoyed a wide range of sessions, and we have seen some lovely friendships blossom this week which is amazing!

We had a fantastic time time at Aldridge Fire Station. What an amazing experience this was. We looked at the fire engine, heard the sirens, examined all the interesting equipment, we looked at the training areas were the fire fighters practiced their skills, and we even tried on their helmet and jacket. We loved this experience and we learnt so much. This even inspired some career aspirations for the future! πŸš’πŸ‘©β€πŸš’πŸ‘¨β€πŸš’πŸ§―βœ¨

We enjoyed our forest trip this week. We enjoyed the outdoors and we created imaginative games to play with our friends. Andre made a game up of being a Roman statue, this was very fun and this also linked to our history topic. We loved seeing our pupils creativity and imagination come to life in the forest! 🌳

Here we are developing our fine motor skills in our English lesson to prepare for our writing activity! We showed excellent turn-taking skills and it was wonderful to see our team work. ✨⭐️

Magic Bucket was fun this week! We love this time of the week and we see so many amazing facial expressions and hear some beautiful verbalisations. πŸͺ„βœ¨

We loved our history session this week. It is amazing to see how much we have learnt since we started this topic of the Romans in September. We are answering questions and recalling key facts which is brilliant! We made some Roman helmet mosaics this week. πŸ›πŸΊ

We have loved spending time with each other, we have played board games where we are listening to instructions and sharing with our friends. What an amazing time we have together in Deer Class! 🦌✨

Tommie and Jayden’s friendship has blossomed beautifully this week. It is incredible to see them sharing time together and making each other laugh. πŸ’™

Our Champion this week is Abdulmajid! Abdulmajid has been so kind to his friends and has played beautifully with them. Abdulmajid is always so helpful and loves helping with jobs. Well done Abdulmajid, we are so incredibly proud of you! ⭐️✨⭐️

Delightful Deer Class 🦌✨

What a fantastic week we have had, we have enjoyed a wide range of lessons and we can’t wait to share our experiences with you!

During our Colour Monster story time this week, we explored facial expressions and what each colour monsters face may look like in our own interpretations. We had so much fun making these faces and we captured some beautiful pictures! πŸŒˆπŸ“Έ

In History this week we made Roman mosaics! We looked at Roman art and we learnt that Romans made mosaics out of gens and stones. Look at our amazing creations! πŸ›πŸΊ

We also explored Roman numerals this week in our history session. We matched the number to the Roman numerals using our β€œgood looking” skills with a visual aid to help us.

We loved our attention autism session this week! Our listening and attention skills are developing and we are enjoying working as a group! The vocalisations and expressions we heard during this session were amazing! It was wonderful to see all our pupils so fascinated! ⭐️

This week we went to forest school, we loved being outdoors with our friends. We transitioned safely and showed awareness of cars and making sure we stopped looked and listened with our adults. We loved exploring nature and we found some interesting insects! 🌳

This week we completed some Harvest Festival activities, we learnt about the celebration and talked about foods we were thankful for. We completed some apple printing and completed some addition sums with the apples (maths link). We also made a tree of thanks, we wrote down everything we were grateful for, our answers were amazing and beautiful!

This week we have spent time promoting a love of reading, we have had breaks in the day to choose a book to read and we have also enjoyed listening to our Tonie which reads us a story! We have enjoyed reading to our adults and reading independently. We have escaped into lots of stories this week which has been wonderful!

We enjoyed our yoga session where we followed actions and practiced deep breathing. Everyone felt very calm after!

Tommie created a lovely gesture for his Deer Class using Lego! How lovely! 🦌⭐️😊

Our Champion this week is… Joshua! Joshua has been doing some beautiful talking this week and has amazed us with his development of communication skills! Well done Joshua! We are so proud! 😊⭐️

A wonderful week in Deer Class! 🦌⭐️

We have had a lovely week in Deer class, full of amazing moments! Our friendships have developed this week which is fantastic! There has been some wonderful interactions this week!

We enjoyed our history lessons this week, where we made Roman helmets and shields. We learnt some new facts too! Here are some pictures of our amazing creations!

We have enjoyed our new playground equipment this week, we are helping to tidy up and share resources. We enjoyed taking turns to skip!

Here are some lovely moments we shared this week with one another! We are using our kind hands and kind words! 😊