A wonderful week in Deer Class! 🦌⭐️

What a super week we have had in Deer Class, we have learnt so many new things! We have loved learning about our Spring topic “Ice Worlds”. We have engaged beautifully in activities and have followed routines well. We have had some amazing interactions this week too! 🦌✨😊

During our “Ice World” topic session we learnt about animals that live in the Arctic and Antarctica. We also learnt about their climate, features and we learnt some interesting facts too! We love learning about Ice Worlds and it is amazing to hear our pupils use the terminology they have learnt! During this session we made a “snowy owl”. 🥶❄️🧊🦉

In this weeks maths session, we focused on money, we explored coins and notes in a pirate treasure hunt tuff tray. We used our class shop to learn to exchange, we practice this skill in our community visits which is amazing! We worked on our recognition of coin and notes too! 🏴‍☠️⭐️🔑

We have enjoyed having some quiet reading time during the day where we choose a book from our class library. It is amazing to see us engaging so beautifully with stories promoting a love of reading in our classroom. 📚❤️

On Friday we took a team of pupils to a Boccia competition, this was a wonderful experience for our pupils where they met lots of other pupils from other schools, our lovely Deers made Oakwood proud, they showed incredible teamwork and participation. What an amazing achievement! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

In our P.E session we focused on dance, we are learning to sequence and link our movements and we are learning what happens to our bodies when we exercise! We are communicating whether we are hot or cold! 🥵🥶

We enjoyed our fine motor session where we engaged in a range of activities such as threading, building, cutting and much more!

We love our Dough Disco session! We are very good at following the actions and we all engage beautifully and have lots of fun!

Our champion this week is Tommie! Tommie has been a super star this week! Tommie is always so kind and thoughtful to his friends, he is gentle and considerate. Tommie is a fantastic role model around school, he holds doors open and is so polite and welcoming to everyone. Well done Tommie! We are incredibly proud of you! ⭐️😊

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