That’s not my Polar Bear! 🐻‍❄️

Welcome back, we hope you all had a lovely half term.
This week we have started a new story ‘That’s not my Polar Bear’. We enjoyed meeting Mr Polar Bear and then working to develop our fine motor skills as we explored cotton wool and added it to sticky glue to create our own fluffy white polar bears.
We were pleased to see Jude back in school briefly this week, it was great to see him smiling and showing enjoyment meeting his friends.
We would like to say a big well done to Ihsan this week. He has been our star of the week for doing excellent work in the swimming pool, blowing bubbles with his face in the water and experiencing movement on his back. Elijah has also been having lots of fun in the water during his hydro session; we made up a fun game for him to tow Safoorah around in the water in his little yellow taxi boat, which they both found funny!
Eduard has also been making good progress with his eating. He has not previously shown a lot of enjoyment with school dinners, but in recent weeks, he has enjoyed having a taste of a few new flavours. Well done! 👏

Lola has been very helpful with the nurses this week, helping them with the syringes and using her palmer grasp to help push the water out. Keep up the good work Lola!
Jacob has been doing some great looking this week. He watched Bucket Time with interest this week and tracked the colourful spinner as it moved from side to side.
Ibrahim did super work during his rebound therapy session on Friday. He did good sitting balance and head control and even managed to keep his balance as an adult walked around him and tried to wobble him! He later then went in his standing frame, keeping those muscles supple. Super physical skills!

Have a great weekend everyone, see you all on Monday

From Sarah and all of team Doves 🕊️

Happy Half Term everyone! ❤️🧧

What a week we have had celebrating 🎉
We have enjoyed sharing the story of Peppa’s Chinese New Year and exploring all of the sensory resources such as fortune cookies, red envelopes 🧧, Chinese hats, bags and our class dragon.
We were very lucky to have some of Year 5 children from Rushall Primary come to do us a lovely dragon 🐉 dance around the hall and we have thoroughly enjoyed exploring sensory messy play noodles and soy sauce and dried red rice with gold glitter. Some of our children have been doing really well with building their tolerance up with messy play, especially Elijah, Ihsan and Safoorah who are now beginning to do some independent exploration.
We have also enjoyed exploring the colour red ❤️, and using paints to create some Chinese Dragons and Valentine’s Day cards.
In cooking this week, the children were supported to mark make using Icing sugar and then decorate a penguin biscuit with snow themed sprinkles. We hope you enjoy eating them!

We have had lots of fun during swimming. The children have been working on their physical skills without even realising it! We had so much fun pretending to catch children in the swimming pool with our pool noodle fishing rods and building on language, communication and turn taking through our action songs. We are seeing lots of smiles, anticipation and participation. Some of the children that were very clingy at the start of the year are now beginning to loose their grip a little on their adult and trying some supported walking through the water. Keep up the good work everyone!

We hope you have a fantastic half term everyone!
From Sarah and all of team Doves 🕊️

Something fishy going on!

This week in Doves, we have been learning more about Penguins and finding out what they like to eat. We have had a very smelly couple of days exploring fish scales, colours and observing reactions. We have been having a taste of fish paste as part of our sensory cooking experiences as we had a little go at making sandwiches (quite a few were sent home in bags for family members, so we hope you enjoy them!). We have been so pleased with the responses for these activities, lots of brave children having a look/smell/touch and showing interest. We have also been proud of the problem solving skills, with children reaching out to try and hold utensils and interacting with the different ingredients to our sandwiches.
Over lunchtime on Wednesday, the children enjoyed exploring some of our penguin resources, dressing up in the penguin costume and watching some of the dancing from Happy Feet. We have been doing good choosing at the end of the day and love to watch Sarah and Emily do the penguin action dance!
Our star of the week is Ihsan. He has been doing some fabulous interactions with both staff and children and also been doing some independent play with the animals; pulling himself up to stand to find them out of the drawers. Well done Ihsan!
Next week we will be celebrating Chinese New Year in class.
We hope you all have a fantastic weekend,

Sarah and all of the Doves Team 🕊️

Busy Doves 🕊️

This week in Doves we have been busy. We have continued working on our story ‘That’s not my Penguin’. The children have been practising their mark making, attempting to hold their pens and follow the penguin tracks.
As part of our well-being, we had so much fun with the foot spa. Silly Sarah accidentally put too much bubble bath in and the bubbles were ENORMOUS! We had enough to all have a bubble hat, which Elijah found very funny!

During Music, Bev has been supporting the children with their listening skills and learning to wait for their turn with the instruments. We observed some great responses with the croaking frog instrument 🐸, with some children even able to make the sounds independently.
During swimming, we encouraged lots of socialisations between children and staff, using songs and games to develop vocalisations and communication.
Our star of the week is Safoorah. She has been doing excellent vocalisations and interactions with staff. We always have so much fun celebrating hard work with all of our friends in assembly, all the children recognise the routines and songs. It is great to see their reactions and participation with the music.
We have been proud of our Pupil leaders this week who have been doing a great job of collecting and returning the tray to Nicky in the kitchen at lunchtime. We see big smiles when the children are chosen to be helpers as they all love to wear the special badges!
We have seen lots more independence in the classroom this week during free time. Some of our more active children are now regularly pulling themselves up to stand and cruising around furniture. It has also been great to observe some of our children interacting with more independence. We saw a lovely game of tickles between Ihsan and Elijah and Safoorah is beginning to scan around the room to locate adults when we call their names.
Keep up the super work everyone! Well done.
Have a great weekend, from all of the Doves class team 🕊️

That’s not my penguin 🐧

This week we have been enjoying sharing our story ‘That’s not my penguin, the children have been exploring a range of problem solving tasks – posting fish to feed the penguin, using ice picks to smash the ice cubes, operating penguin switch toy and being supported to use stampers to create snowflake patterns into play dough. We also shared a fun snowball game with the children becoming very animated as the snowballs were being thrown around in the air.
A few of our children were able to visit the swimming pool this week. Safoorah had her first swim in a long time and she was so relaxed! She became very flexible as we worked through her physical management plan.

Jacob and Elijah have been working hard with their physical skills this week. Elijah is beginning to see more success as he attempts to propel himself in his walking frame and is enjoying practising stepping (feet over feet with an adult). Jacob thoroughly enjoyed his first rebound session. He managed a little bit of tummy time and giggled as we bounced, he also managed some side lying, which we were then able to continue when using the ly-on bed.
Lola and Ibrahim have been doing some fantastic work in their standing frames – both managing up to an hour. Lola even went to collect her own lunch from the kitchen and Ibrahim enjoyed celebration assembly whilst in his, receiving his star of the week certificate!
We were so happy to observe Eduard and Ihsan developing their play skills whilst working with and adult to play feed the penguin. Good sharing boys!

We hope you all have a fantastic weekend.
From all of the Doves team 🕊️

Happy New Year!

Hello everyone, welcome back and Happy new year.
We hope you enjoyed a lovely break.
We have had a slow start to the year with a few of our little Doves off with illness, but we are glad to hear that they are starting to feel better now and hopefully we will have a full class very soon!
We have started our new topic ‘Penguins and Polar Bears’. Our new story is ‘That’s not my Penguin’. We have enjoyed meeting Percy the Penguin and exploring the ice world themed tray. The ice cubes were very cold and some of the class were not quite sure whether they liked them! Lola has been trying really hard at holding and using her ice pick to smash our ice cube 🧊 game and save the polar bears, well done Lola, keep trying!
Elijah and Ihsan had lots of fun exploring the soft toys and dressing up as a penguin 🐧, they also did lots of playing together, rolling the Pom Pom snowballs down the ramp and taking turns to catch them.
Our star of the week has been Jacob this week, he has been very happy to go in his standing frame and spending an increasing amount of time in it. Well done!
We were very happy to see Ibrahim back this week, and he has shown us that he has remembered his school routines and completed some lovely mark making over his name template. Keep practising!
Safoorah has been an excellent pupil leader and has been helping adults before her friends arrive in the morning to take the laundry. She thinks the washing powder smells lovely and we always see a smile. Keep up the good work. 😊

We hope you have a fantastic weekend everyone. From Sarah and all of the Doves team 🕊️

Happy Christmas Doves 🕊️

Wow! What a busy week we have had!
Thank you so much of you that were able to attend the Christmas Assembly, we hope you enjoyed the Nativity story and our Reindeer Hokey Cokey.
We were so happy to have a swim session this week, after a long break, we were worried that the children would have forgotten our routines, but they did marvellously. Ibrahim also experienced his very first time in the hydro pool, and after some initial hesitation, he coped very well and enjoyed having a splash.
During the week, we have enjoyed seeing Santa and had our Christmas movie morning – we made the classroom all cosy and settled down to watch the Grinch as a group. We also thoroughly enjoyed an extra session in the multi sensory room, with the immersion software – it was very magical with all of the Christmas music and videos surrounding us.
We hope all of your families have a wonderful break. It’s been a long term, and we are very proud of how hard the children have worked and progressed.
When we return on 8th January, we will be starting our new topic ‘Penguins and Polar Bears’.

Have a wonderful Christmas everyone!
Love Sarah, Racheal, Angie and Emily 🕊️

Christmas in Dove Class 🕊️

This week in Doves, we have been celebrating all things Christmassy. The children have throughly enjoyed getting messy making some Christmas crafts and we have been busy practising for our assembly next week. We have been exploring lots of Christmas songs and showing the children Makaton for animals and people in our Nativity story.
We have observed some lovely interactions with children spending time together on the carpet- Safoorah has been doing good looking at her reflection after brushing her teeth as well as smiling in response to Lola’s interactions. We have seen Jacob and Lola both holding hands and smiling at each other’s attempts to gain attention.
Our Christmas dinner was a little quiet this year, with only 3 children eating, but we all wore our Xmas hats (very briefly!) and enjoyed the lovely dinner made by Nicky our cook.
We were very happy to be awarded Attendance Ted this week, for our improved attendance this week – it has been lovely to see Ibrahim and Jacob back in school. Ted is happily sat under the Christmas tree waiting for our friends to play with him next week.
During our sensory cooking session, we attempted to make snowmen biscuits – all the children watched with interest as we modelled the activity, but then our little doves (Eduard and Ihsan) decided that they preferred the biscuits plain and proceeded to nibble them before they had chance to put on their icing and decorations! Safoorah and Lola enjoyed exploring the ingredients and having a smell/taste, yummy 😋

We hope you all have a great weekend, From Sarah and all of our Doves Team.

Nativity Story

This week in Doves we have been reading the Nativity story. The children have been role playing our story and exploring the nativity characters as we work through the lift the flap book. They then were supported to use nativity themed playdough cutters with adult support. The children were very helpful choosing their colours and used their hands to explore as we patted, rolled, poked fingers into dough. Lola liked helping Angie roll the pink dough into a sausage, Jacob liked the feeling of the dough rolling around his face, it made him giggle and Safoorah did good looking as Emily counted out playdough balls and dropped them into her hands. Super work!

In our sensory cooking experience session this week, the children watched with interest as Sarah modelled how to decorate a reindeer biscuit. The children were all supported to help stir the icing and did good tracking as we plopped some onto work trays for a little taste – Safoorah and Lola even had a tiny taste! We then helped count out the smarties for Rudolf’s nose and find some pretzels for antlers. Eduard was very good at copying adults and managed to pick up and place his eyes and nose onto his biscuit, whereas Elijah preferred to deconstruct Sarah’s biscuit and gobbled it all up, even with the wet sticky icing on it- he’s getting brave!

Across the week, we have continued to work on physical skills, with everyone using standing frames, walking frames, but we have also been focusing on sitting skills – Safoorah has a new brace and has been supported to try out a floor seater to help her head control and core strength, she was able to interact with Lola on the carpet which they had not been able to do previously. Elijah has also been making great progress in the class bouncy chair, learning how to move his feet to make himself bounce- great work!

Our star of the week this week has been Eduard. He has been doing excellent focus during our speech and language sessions, and is now readily holding out his hands in order for an adult to guide him with asking for more bubbles. Well done, keep up the super work! All your friends at Oakwood loved celebrating with him during our weekly assembly. Lola was holding her dance ribbons and Safoorah liked wearing the reindeer antlers as we danced to the music.

Have a lovely weekend everyone, from Sarah and all of the Dove 🕊️ class team.
We also send our love to some of our Doves that are still feeling under the weather, we wish you speedy recoveries and hope you are back at school very soon 😊

We’re going to the Doctor

This week in Doves, we have been exploring the sensory resources linked to a new story ‘We’re going to the Doctor’. As you can see, we had lots of fun with the dressing up and Doctors kits as we read the story. Everyone really liked pressing the sound button to make a sneeze sound and we all found it funny when we took it in turns to have our bandages on- poor dolly had a bad eye and a bad arm, but Lola very kindly kissed her better! We later did some mark making using dabbers dipped in paint to decorate our own Doctor kit bags. The children are getting very good at selecting their favourite colours and getting more independent at holding their own dabbers. Well done!

During the week, some of our class have been helping to go and take the dinner tray back to Nicky after lunch. They enjoy wearing their Pupil leader badges and get lots of praise from Nicky for doing such a good job!

Our star of the week was Lola for using her voice to attract adult attention, she has been getting louder and louder each day, exploring her sounds. 🌟 Ihsan has also been doing some great physical skills. He has been pulling himself up to stand and doing some great standing for a few seconds.

On Friday, we were very happy to see that Christmas had arrived in our classroom. Elijah, Lola and Eduard helped decorate our tree, although they did get our tinsel in a tangle!! We then thoroughly enjoyed a Christmas themed bubble disco (indoors this week as it was so cold 🥶).

We are sorry to hear that some of our Doves are under the weather, we all hope you feel better very soon, we miss you at school, so please get well soon so you can come back at play!
Enjoy your weekend everyone – Sarah, Angie, Racheal and Emily 🕊️