Wonderful week!

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…


Well done! You have coped so well with transitions and small changes throughout the week a huge well done! We are so proud that you are building up more confidence and trust in you adults to support you with toileting and you are cooperating extremely well. You amaze us everyday!

On Monday we used play dough to make daisies. We had to roll the play dough into a ball then flatten it down on the table, then we got some cotton buds and poked them into the play dough to make the petals.

Doves enjoyed playing with a variety of toys this week. We enjoyed pouring and emptying containers during our water play, making long and short caterpillars using tweezers and pom poms and Ben brought in his own personalised labels for his eggs ‘Ben’s Hens’ to show Doves class… they looked fantastic.

The sun shined down on Oakwood this week, we have loved playing outside on the playgrounds in the sunshine. We enjoyed exploring a variety of play equipment such as: stilts, balls, bikes, scooters, wobble boards and the parachute.

On Wednesday we further developed our cutting and spreading skills during our cooking session. Using the communication boards we got to chose between butter or cream cheese to spread on to the crackers and then chose different fruits to cut up and put on our crackers.

On Thursday we all got very excited as it was our first session this half term to go swimming 🏊‍♂️ We loved being back in the pool again splahing around, gaining our confidence back in the water and playing with the inflatables.

Today we enjoyed taking part in our dough disco session followed by some parachute time! We also had Jane our Speech and Language therapist come into Doves class to work 1 to 1 with the children and she will be back again next Friday with more exciting activities for Doves.

Have a lovely weekend everyone and we will see you all back in Doves class for another amazing week! ☀️☺️

Planting a rainbow 🪴🌈

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…


Well done! You have done so well this week. You have been doing so well when sharing toys with your friends and playing alongside them. You have also participated in different activities this week, it was lovely to watch you play ball games with your peers during P.E and continued this outside on the playgrounds.

This week we have enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities in relation to our book ’Planting a rainbow’. We made sunflowers using paint and spiral pasta, we used stacking cubes to count how tall or short the flowers were and explored in the tuff tray full of green lentils and creepy crawlies.

On Wednesday we really liked mixing the different ingredients together in a bowl to make flapjacks.

During our sensory play session we began with a popular nursery rhyme. Our sensory story was called ’Incy Wincy Spider’. We each took turns in taking part in the nursery rhyme by holding up and using the different resources: the spider, the spout, the spray bottle for the rain and lastly the sun. We had lots of fun and many laughs were shared as we got sprayed with water. 🕷🌧☀️ Then we got to go and explore other sensory resources in the classroom.

Welcome back!

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…

Khaled! 🌟

Well done! You have came back to Doves this week with a huge smile on your face everyday. You are communicating so well using Makaton signs to communicate your needs/wants with your adults as well as during our Good Morning routine, singing and signing to all of our songs.
A big well done to you Khaled, you are a superstar!

This week we have started our new topic ’Insects and Flowers’. In class we are enjoying: playing in the tuff tray planting flowers; using our investigation skills to search for different bugs in the soil using our magnifying glasses and being florists in our flower shops. We are having lots of fun! 🌸

On Tuesday we enjoyed taking part in lots of ring games and dances involving us to work together and interact with each other. We danced to the ‘Hokey Cokey’, played pass the bean bag, joined in with ‘parachute time’ and sat in a circle to roll the ball to our friends.

Doves really enjoyed planting our own pots, making sure we put enough soil in then planting our seeds. We are looking after them everyday making sure they have sunlight and water. We can’t wait to keep observing them and watching how they grow into beautiful flowers. 🪴

On Wednesday for our cooking session we made our own breakfast. We each chose our favourite cereal and poured it into our bowl. Then we shared the jug of milk and added a little bit to our cereal bowls. Some of us enjoyed eating our cereals. 🥣

Throughout the week we have enjoyed taking part in lots of different activities relating to our topic. We used our fine motor skills to try and free the bugs from the spiders web using the jumbo tweezers; we enjoyed colouring our flower shop together and used different shaped cutters to make butterflies and flowers with play dough.

A big well done to all of little doves for coming into school and working so hard this week, as a result we have won Attendance Ted! 🧸 He is looking forward to being with us next week taking part in all our fun activities .

Well done Doves! Have a lovely weekend!

Happy Easter! 🐰🐣

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…


Well done! You have settled into Doves class so well! You have been participating in lots of activities, you have joined in with our Good Morning routine and story song (Animal Boogie). We are so proud of how well you are doing and feel so lucky to have you in our class. Welcome to the family Ibrahim! 🕊

This week in Doves we have been celebrating Easter with lots of Easter activities to take part in! At the start of the week we enjoyed doing some Easter colouring, playing in the tuff tray and using our fine motor skills to open the eggs and put the chicks in there using the jumbo tweezers.

On Wednesday the Easter bunny sneaked into the forest and hid all of his eggs for us to find. We had lots of fun searching for the eggs and putting them into our baskets and egg containers.

We also enjoyed more Easter themed activities such as, printing bunnies with paint and cardboard rolls, using Easter cutters with play-dough, exploring ice and finding ways to break into it to free the chicks and decorating bunnies and eggs.

On Thursday we had a very exciting day! We made our Easter bonnet hats and in our cooking session we enjoyed toasting hot cross buns and using our knife skills to spread the butter over them.

We also had a special visitor… The Easter Bunny came to Oakwood! We were all very excited to see him and enjoyed interacting with him 🐰

Also we took part in our own class Easter bonnet parade, check out the video here ⬇️

After all the exciting activities we took part in all week… we were all feeling very tired as you can see below 😴💤

Doves have had such an amazing time! Well done to each and every one of you for working so hard these past few weeks you are all so amazing and we are so incredibly proud.

We hop you have a lovely break and Happy Easter! 🐣🐰🌸

Lauren, Jane, Taj and Libby 🕊

Animal Boogie 🐆🐍🐘🦧🕺

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…

Amirhan! 🌟

Well done! You have been taking part in new activities in class and have been engaging with different toys to play with during continuous provision. We are so proud of you Amirhan! Krep up the amazing work! 😆

This week we have thoroughly enjoying listening and dancing to our story ’Animal Boogie’. We have enjoyed exploring the sound of different instruments and playing them along to the music.

During our P.E session we enjoyed dancing along to lots of different animal dances. We were able to move our bodies like different animals. We slithered like snakes, stomped our feet like elephants, swung our arms like monkeys and many more!

For our story we each made our own rain sticks. We decorated cardboard tubes with animal print tissue, sellotaped the base of the tube and poured in rice and pasta. We used these during our dance time to Animal Boogie and they made amazing sounds!

On Wednesday we enjoyed our sensory play session in the classroom. We had lots of brightly colours resources to play with and had lots of fun.

On Thursday we enjoyed making biscuits. We liked mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl and then used our rolling skills to roll the dough into a snake and added some eyes. Once they were cooked we enjoyed decorating our biscuit snakes with green icing. It was all very yummy!

Today we have been celebrating Holi the festival of colour. We have really enjoyed exploring different colours through paints and resources. We even got to enjoy painting our faces with face paints.

Doves have had incredible amounts of fun this week and can’t wait for next week as their might be a special bunny paying us a visit!🐰🐣🌸

Old MacDonald had a farm

This week we have really enjoyed learning more about our story ‘On the farm’ and liked learning about the different farm animals through work station time, arts and crafts and music.

We loved painting the cardboard box and turning it into a cow and we were able to put a marigold glove through and fill it with milk to pretend we were milking a cow. We all had a turn and some of enjoyed tasting the milk after 🐄 🥛

On Wednesday we loved exploring the forest in the sunshine, running on the field, climbing trees and some of us enjoyed having a lie down around the camp. 🌳🌳

Doves have loved having the sunshine this week and have taken full advantage of it all by having lots of opportunities to play outside in our forest on Wednesday and on our playgrounds throughout the week. ☀️

Doves made some lovely Mother’s day cards ready for Sunday for our amazing and very special Mommies and Nannies! 🌸💕

Have a great weekend and a lovely Mother’s day!

On the farm 🐷🐔🐮🐴

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…

Bailey! 🌟

Well done Bailey. You are becoming more independent everyday and it’s lovely seeing your confidence grow. You are an amazing friends to all your peers in Doves Class and you are always willing to join in with various activities independently and adult led.

We are so proud of you Bailey and how well you are communicating with your friends and adults. Keep up the amazing work!

A big well done to all of our Doves for your attendance at school. We won attendance Ted! It is so lovely seeing you all coming into school everyday with huge smiles on your faces! Well done 😄

We loved our session in the forest this week. We had to use our magnifying glasses to find the hidden farm animals in the forest. We were very good at being detectives! 🔎

Doves have really enjoyed reading the story ’On the farm’. We all did so well during our workstation time. We used jumbo tweezers or our fingers to pick up the pom poms and counted them into the bowls for each of the farm animals.

On Thursday it was so sunny that we decided to have a longer playtime and laid out a blanket for us to have a picnic outside with our snack. It was a lovely morning we really enjoyed it! ☀️

On Thursday we celebrated St Patrick’s Day we enjoyed lots of fun activities such as: making pots of gold with a rainbow in our cooking session and we painted shamrocks with marshmallows and green icing. We also had a sensory tuff tray and had to help the leprechauns find his gold coins in the sand using jumbo tweezers.

Dear Zoo

This week we have really enjoyed reading the story ’Dear Zoo’. We have enjoyed having some work station time one to one with an adult to see if we can remember what animal comes next in the story and the adjective that corresponds to it. We did so well as all of us were able to remember most of the animals and the reasons why they were sent back to the zoo.

On Wednesday during our cooking session we learned how to make a cup of tea. We enjoyed making our tea and watching it change colour when we poured the milk in.

Since having our new ’Snack Bar’ we have been so good at communicating what we want for snack using communication boards, sentence strips and verbal communication. We are also helping out by laying the tables ready and tidying up by putting our rubbish in the bin and plates/cups in the washing up bowl.

We have loved reading ’Dear Zoo’ and learning about the different zoo animals, but next week we will be learning about farm animals and reading a story called ’On the farm’. Feel free to play the link below for the story, ready for next week.

Have a lovely weekend. See you all on Monday! 😆

Book week 📚

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…

Benjamin! 🌟

Well done Ben! You have settled back in to school really well after the holiday. You have been playing alongside your friends so well and sharing resources and toys. You are always willing to join in with different activities and listen incredibly well to adult instructions throughout the day and during focused activities. We are so proud of you Ben! 🤩

This week we enjoyed celebrating Book Week. On Monday we were very excited to have Ruth in our classroom to read us a story. We really enjoyed listening carefully and joining in with the story. Thank you Ruth! 📚

Pancake Day! On Tuesday we enjoyed decorating our our pancakes with lots of different toppings and some of us enjoyed eating them. Yum Yum 😋

On Wednesday we enjoyed our first day back at the forest. We loved having Nicole with us to explore the forest again, climbing up the trees and eating snack together around the camp 🏕

Thursday was World Book Day and we had lots of incredible, amazing and fantastic costumes! We had… Peter Rabbit, Paddington Bear, Mr Tumble, The Gruffalo, a Dinosaur, Cruella and Dalmatians. We loved exploring the different themed activities relating to different stories, we had a fantastic day! Thank you so much for all your efforts in making the children look amazing in their costumes!

Love is in the air ❤️

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…

Khaled! 🌟

Well done Khaled! You are always so helpful, always helping tidy the classroom and helping your friends put their coats on. You having been taking part in our Good Morning routine singing and signing so incredibly well. Well done for being such a lovely friend to your peers, we are so proud of you.

You will always have a friend in Khaled! 💖

This week we really enjoyed our last swim for this half term and are looking forward to start going to the Forest again. We also enjoyed exploring in the sensory room, we have a lovely time!

Happy Valentine’s! ❤️❤️❤️

All week we have been celebrating Valentine’s day. We have enjoyed lots of different activities such as: decorating heart shaped crumpets, decorating cupcakes, making love potions, decorating hearts with paint, tissue paper and feather and we have been exploring and playing with red, pink and purple resources.

Today was full of love and friendship! 🥰 Doves thoroughly enjoyed our Valentines disco shared with Hedgehogs class. We loved dancing and playing alongside Hedgehogs and building new friendships. It was a brilliant end to an amazing day!

We hope you have a lovely break and look forward to seeing you all back soon!

Love always Doves staff

Lauren, Libby, Jane and Taj 🕊❤️