It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas 🎄

This week we have decided our Oakwood Superstar is…

Khaled! 🌟

Well done Khaled! You have been so helpful this week… making sure all our toys are tided up, helping your adults with little jobs and being an amazing, kind friends to all of your class mates in Doves. You have also been working so hard on your Makaton signing to sing along to our songs and to communicate with you adults and friends.
We are so extremely proud of you Khaled, keep it up! 😆

We had a special visitor in Doves on Wednesday and he is up to lots of mischief. Have a look at what our elf has been up to this week! 🧝🏼

This week in Doves class we have been learning about the Gruffalo. All of us have enjoyed listening to the story every day and playing in our Gruffalo story tuff tray. We have been making Gruffalo wreaths and enjoyed making some Gruffalo Rice Krispie cakes. We have also explored different textures in our ‘Gruffalo Crumble’ tuff tray and our ‘Roasted Fox’ tuff tray.

We have also been taking part in some Christmas themed activities… take a look at the photos below! 🎄

Finally, Doves want to say a big Happy Birthday to Archie! Hope you have a lovely day! 🎉 🎂

Have a lovely weekend everyone! See you all back on Monday for another fantastic week!

Remote Learning

Good morning everyone! 🕊Hope you are all well. I have added a variety of activities for you do to do today, please feel free to take your time and complete these in any order you wish. Have a lovely day, hope you enjoy! 😆

Activity 1
For the next 2 weeks Doves will be reading and learning about the story ‘The Gruffalo’. Below is a video for you to watch.

Activity 2

Can you make your own Gruffalo crumble? 🥣
Have a go at exploring a variety of textures and added in different foods or items that are the colours of the Gruffalo.
Example: Use porridge oats (crumble), green pompoms (poisonous wart), oranges (eyes), black pencil (long black tongue).

Get creative!

Activity 3

Get your colouring pencils out and get ready to draw your most scariest Gruffalo!
I have attached a colouring sheet if you would like to print it out or you could get your child to draw their own Gruffalo. What colours can they see on the Gruffalo?

Activity 4

Wake up shake up!
Let’s get our bodies moving and take part in these dances.

Activity 5

Enjoy this Gruffalo song! Can you listen carefully and copy the Makaton signs?

You’ve got a friend in me! 😁

This week has been an amazing week. We enjoyed going into the hall and using our balancing, throwing and catching skills to get around the obstacle courses. A lot of us also enjoyed playing with the ropes, some of us liked climbing up them and others enjoyed making them into a swings.

Doves class have enjoyed taking part in our Dough Disco session using our brilliant fine motor skills to dance along to the song with our play dough. We also liked exploring the sounds of different instruments and played along to some 70’s disco! 🕺🎶 You can watch the video of us below… the musicians of Oakwood!

Throughout the week we have all been playing beautifully with our peers and have built up some really good friendships! We have been dancing together, riding bikes together, sharing toys, watching the TV and overall just been amazing friends to each other. We are so extremely proud of every single one of you and enjoy watching you progress and most of all having fun.

Go Doves!!! 🕊

Children in need 🧸

This week week have decided our Oakwood Superstar is…

Benjamin! 🌟

Well done Ben! This week you have been participating amazingly during our Good Morning routine by finding your picture on the board and doing excellent singing and signing along to our songs. We are so incredibly proud of you and how much your are progressing. Keep up the good work Ben!

This week in Doves class we have been reading our new story ‘Night monkey, Day monkey’. The children have been listening carefully during our story time and enjoy exploring our story tuff tray.

On Wednesday we enjoyed following instructions to make a cup of tea, we really enjoyed adding the tea bag, sugar and warm water into our cups and watching how the liquid changed colour as we poured the milk in. Moved we made our cup of tea we all enjoyed dunking our biscuits in and some of us even drank our cup of tea. Doves also enjoyed going to the forest again this week. A lot of us became more confident we our surroundings and explored more of the area and carefully balance on the planks of wood to climb up some of the trees.

On Friday we dressed in our own clothes and wore odd socks in support of ‘Children in need 2021’. Doves class enjoyed a variety of activities such as: using the jumbo tweezers to put pompoms on Pudsey’s bandage; Pudsey colouring sheets and lots of other crafts all while enjoying listening to some 70s disco songs for Oakwood’s 50th birthday.

Owl Babies

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…

Logan! 🌟

Well done Logan! Throughout the week you have worked so hard by being a lovely friend to all of your peers, sharing toys and using your manners. Also I want to say a massive well done for doing lovely sitting while we are sat at the dinner table with our friends and for trying different foods on your plate.
We are all so proud of you Logan, keep up the amazing work!

Our first week back has been so fun. Everyone came into Doves Class with a huge smile on their face so happy to see each other and some lovely hugs were given.
The book we are focussing on for the next 2 weeks is ‘Owl Babies’ the children have enjoy sitting and listening carefully to this story and playing with our story tuff tray. The story tuff tray provides us with visuals to help us understand and to reenact the story with the puppets.

On Wednesday we enjoyed making owls with food. We used our brilliant knife skills to spread the chocolate spread on the bread, then we used different pieces of fruit to make the features of an owl.

We also thoroughly enjoyed our first trip out to the forest. We first observed our surroundings on the field and then we went into the forest to explore the area. Some of us sat down on the logs to eat our snack and have some hot chocolate. We had a lovely time! 😁

Pumpkin Party Fun!

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…

Bailey! 🌟

Well done Bailey! You are participating amazingly during our good morning routine by singing along, having a dance and doing fantastic Makaton signing! We are all so incredibly proud of you!

This week has been a very busy but fun week for Doves. On Tuesday we took part in our Walkathon to celebrate 50 years of Oakwood. We enjoyed doing our 3 laps around the hall in our fancy dress outfits signing and dancing to some music.

On Wednesday during our cooking session we explored some pumpkins 🎃 We used spoons to scoop out the inside of the pumpkin and put in all in a bowl. Then we decorated them with some spooky face stickers.

On Friday our last day of this half term we celebrated by having our own pumpkin party! We enjoyed playing on the playground with the giant bubbles and dancing along to some music. In the afternoon we went outside to play with the parachute and enjoyed having our snack together around the blanket. I just want to say a massive well done to all of Doves Class you make me so proud everyday! Have a lovely break and we can’t wait to see you again after half term! 😁

Day and night

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…

Amirhan! 🌟

Well done Amirhan! You have participated really well in all this weeks activities and maintained focus during our good morning routine. Doves are very proud of you!

This week we have been reading the story ‘Funny Bones’ to help us learn about our day and night topic. We painted the paper plates one half blue and one half black and were able to stick the pictures of different things we see in the day and night. On Tuesday we really liked going into the gym and exploring the various pieces of equipment. We played with the hula hoops, threw bean bags into the basket and balanced on the rolling boards and the benches. We had lots of fun! On Thursday we were very excited to go swimming again. We played with lots of different floats, we tried blowing bubbles in the water and some of us practised floating on our backs like star fish. On Friday we explored the sounds of the different instruments and enjoyed playing along to some Disney songs.

Our Oakwood Superstar is…

This week we have decided that our Oakwood Superstar is…

Archie! 🌟

Well done Archie! We are all extremely proud of you. You are doing so incredibly well and deserve to be this week’s Superstar!

This week Doves Class loved splashing around in our classroom during our water play on Thursday. We got out out water tray and filled the tuff tray with lots of water and bubbles and thoroughly enjoyed playing and sharing with our friends. We enjoyed it so much that we ended up splashing each other and a lot of us got very wet, but best of all we had fun and shared lots of laughs and giggles!

Today we enjoyed playing some songs on the whiteboard and doing our dough disco using our amazing fine motor skills to… squeeze, pinch, splat and roll the play dough. Also this afternoon we took part in our first Oakwood Superstar. We had our disco lights on, sang on the karaoke and danced the night away.
Well done to all the children this week you have all worked so hard and a big well done again to our Oakwood Superstar Archie! 🌟

Daring Doves

What a week it’s been!

We have been so busy trying out new activities this week we are certainly building up our confidence.
At the start of the week we absolutely loved painting our very own space rockets like the one in our story ‘Whatever Next!’. We even managed to turn ourselves into spooky aliens and ghosts using the paint brushes and rollers to paint our faces 👻

During our cooking session we managed to use our excellent fine motor skills to carefully cut up different fruits to make a fruity solar system. A lot of us even tried the different fruits and loved them. Yummy! 😋

Thursday was a very exciting day as it was our first time going swimming!
We enjoyed the journey to the swimming pool on the bus as we sang songs together and made each other laugh.
Doves Class were so incredibly brave and got into the pool and thoroughly enjoyed swimming, splashing and playing with the different floats. We can’t wait to go again next week!

Whatever next!

This week we have been reading the story ‘Whatever next!’. The children have loved exploring our story tuff tray and enjoyed reenacting scenes from the story.
At the start of the week created our very own astronaut faces using paper plates and paint and enjoyed our experience of going to the moon in our P.E lesson. We had lots of fun playing with the parachute!

Throughout the week we enjoyed mixing different ingredients to make our own star biscuits during our cooking lesson and we are doing incredibly well during snack time using the pictures to help us communicate what snack we want.

Doves are doing amazingly well and we are enjoying every second!