Hello from our House 🏠

Hello Dragonflies from all of your teachers 🙂
We are missing you and hope that you are staying safe and busy. ❤️

There are lots of lovely spring colours to see at the moment. Some of the teachers have been painting stones in their gardens. 💐

Perhaps you could do this, or use lots of coloured paints or chalks to make a rainbow picture. You could put in your window for everyone to see. 🌈

Stay safe Dragonflies, we know things are very different at the moment but we will see you as soon as we can!

Your teachers have been going on some lovely walks everyday and enjoying the fresh air.

And Charlotte has been looking after lambs

Love from all of your teachers 🙂🌈

St Patrick’s Day ☘️ and Mother’s Day 💐 celebrations 🎊

This week we have had a wonderful week.

We started off the week with some outside play finding bugs 🐛 and looking at them all closely through a magnifying glass. 🔎

We also had some free play in the conservatory. We made teddy bear picnics 🧺. We also acted out Goldilocks and the three bears 🐻.

As Tuesday was St Patrick’s Day we decorated Shamrock ☘️ pictures.

We had lots and lots of fun 😄 we even stuck tissue paper on the end of our noses.
Also on Tuesday we created St Patrick’s Day green sensory bottles.

We used glitter, Pom Pom’s, feathers, straws, pipe cleaners and tissue paper.

After all of our hard work we got hungry 😋, so we decided to make some beans on toast.

We all put a piece of bread into the toaster. 🍞 While we were waiting for the bread to toast we warmed the beans up in the microwave for 2 minutes until they were nice and warm. Once the bread had toasted we buttered it and poured the beans over the toast and ate it all up.

This week we have had a lovely time in the sensory room. Looking at the Fibre-optic Lights.

To finish the week off we created some beautiful Mother’s Day cards and presents 🎁.

We also had a lovely afternoon creating chocolate nests as we were unable to go swimming this week .

Circus cooking and sensory play 🎪

This week we have had a wonderful week creating pizza faces with lots of different fruit 🍇 and vegetables 🍅.

They were very very tasty.

We even had a visit from Katherine from reception and she made her own pizza face. 🍕

We also made chocolate covered apples with sprinkles on top. We really enjoyed making these.

We had lots of sensory fun with shaving foam and cake case.
We made shaving foam cupcakes 🧁.

When we made a foam cake we then splatted them with our hands and then clapped and covered the classroom in shaving foam snow.

We covered our friends and our teachers and we found it very very funny 😄.

Finally we finished the week with swimming 🏊‍♂️.

We have had a wonderful week. 🎉

Book Week 🎪

This week we have had a fantastic times for Book week.
On Monday we had a visit from Dippy the clown . 🤡

We had lots of activities to try such as plate spinning, walking on stilts and practising our balancing skills.

On Tuesday Morning we did some circus cooking 🎪

We made chocolate chip cupcakes and Ice cream cone clown hats.

We took it in turns to add different parts of the mixture together.
After the cupcakes had come out of the oven we decorated them with yellow buttercream icing and smarties for clowns noses 🤡.

We also decorated ice cream cones to look like clown hats with chocolate sprinkles and smarties.

Also on Tuesday we also had a visit from two more clowns 🤡.

They had flowers that squirted water on our faces when we smelt them and water pistols.

Then on Tuesday afternoon we had a visit from Circusology.

We experienced scarf showers, spinning disks on a stick and moving it onto our fingers without it stopping spinning, clown wigs and we walked on pedal-go’s.

On Wednesday morning we created our Book week shoe boxes from scenes from Finding Nemo and Cars.

We also did some number matching and stacking different colours and shapes.

As Wednesday was a rainy day we had some free play in the conservatory. We used rainbow stools as stepping stones and sang the rainbow song as we stood on the colour. ☔️

Wednesday afternoon we had lots of fun making big bubbles.

We even made bubble with us inside .

We even made bubble hair and used big scissors to cut it ✂️.

On Thursday morning we had lots of sensory play making potions. 🧪

We also did some colour matching and made a dinosaur land 🦕

Thursday afternoon we had lots of fun in the hall.

We played in ball pits, bounced on trampets, we became clowns and used props on sticks .

On Friday we had a lovely morning dressing up in different circus costumes and dressing up for world book day.

Friday afternoon we had a wonderful time in swimming. 🏊‍♂️
What a wonderful and busy week the Dragonflies have had.😊

A wonderful first week back for the Dragonflies

We have had a lovely week back after half term 🎉

As Tuesday was pancake day we have practised our pancake flip skills with a frying pan and we even used a spatular to make a big stack of pancakes on a plate. 🥞

On Tuesday as it was pancake say we made some lovely pancakes.

We added the mixture into a big bowl, next we added some water and finally we cracked an egg and mixed it all together to make a batter.

After we decorated either big pancakes or scotch pancakes with our favourite toppings.

We had lots of toppings to choose from such as strawberries 🍓, Bananas 🍌, Oranges 🍊, Lemon 🍋, Golden syrup, chocolate chips and Cream.

They were very very yummy.

This week we also had a visit from a Chinese Dragon 🐉.

We watched the dragon do some dancing and he even came round to see us all and we got to touch his fur and stroke his face.

After we watch the Dragon dance we got to do some dancing ourselves using Chinese fans and Chinese parasols.

It was so much fun and we had to copy the dance routine from one of the Chinese dancers.

Finally we got to try on a Chinese dragon costume and dance around the hall showing of our Chinese dragon dance.

We had so much fun .😊

It’s Valentine’s Day!

We began the week with listening to the story ‘Guess How Much I Love You’, which introduced us to the celebration of Valentine’s Day. We have been busy exploring heart patterns by matching the correct halves. We have also used our counting skills by making cheerio bracelets and matching amounts to totals. We had a great time getting messy with chocolate as we made heart shaped treats and baked some special cakes for our loved ones. Towards the end of the week we had a wonderful time dancing and playing games with our friends in our class valentine’s disco. Finally we prepared and made some very special gifts to take home on Valentine’s Day, we hope you enjoy them. We would all like to wish you a very ‘HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY!’


The Magical Animal Circus!

We have had a super week at school. We began by bringing the magical side of the circus to life through exploring and enjoying a story called ‘Jack in the Box’. We created our own magic pictures using colour changing crayons and magic water doodle mats. There has also been many magic tricks and talents performed by all from popping candy to keeping the balloon in the air. Throughout the week we have helped prepare our fruit and made some circus themed dishes including clown custard faces and circus animal pancakes. We finally completed some activities based around the animals in the circus. We listened to the story ‘Nightie Night Circus’ and create some wonderful paper plate characters, we also enjoyed playing some elephant games including ‘Elefun’ and ‘Doh Nutters’.

Circus Fun!

Roll Up! Roll Up! This week at school we have continued with our circus fun. We began by entering our classroom circus through the rainbow curtain whilst listening to the story ‘Noisy Circus’. We all took part in performing as a weight lifter and amazed our staff with lifting the very heavy inflatable weight.
During the week we concentrated on the theme of ‘clowns’, we had a great time using sponges and cream pies to splat our clown faces. We even designed and made our own clown hats and ties to wear during our activities. In our cooking session we worked as a group to make our own custard fruit flan which many of us enjoyed tasting.
By Friday we became expert jugglers when bouncing the balls on our parachute and created some amazing paintings when dipping and rolling our balls in different coloured paints.

Celebrating a friends birthday 🎁

This week we celebrated a friends birthday.

We made chocolate cupcakes and once they were all cooked we put a candle in a cupcake and sang happy birthday.

We all had a go at blowing a candle out and we all made a wish.

Then of course we ate the cupcakes and they were so yummy and they were still warm and the chocolate chips were still gooey .

Our litter pick

This week we had a visit from the council and they taught us all about rubbish and how we use litter pickers and what should be worn when litter picking.

We all had a go dressing in high-vis jackets and putting gloves on to keep our hands clean when we use the litter pickers.

There was lots of rubbish scattered all around the hall and all on our playground and we all used the litter pickers to collect rubbish and put it in the big rubbish bags.

We collected lots and lots of rubbish.