Celebrating a friends birthday 🎁

This week we celebrated a friends birthday.

We made chocolate cupcakes and once they were all cooked we put a candle in a cupcake and sang happy birthday.

We all had a go at blowing a candle out and we all made a wish.

Then of course we ate the cupcakes and they were so yummy and they were still warm and the chocolate chips were still gooey .

Our litter pick

This week we had a visit from the council and they taught us all about rubbish and how we use litter pickers and what should be worn when litter picking.

We all had a go dressing in high-vis jackets and putting gloves on to keep our hands clean when we use the litter pickers.

There was lots of rubbish scattered all around the hall and all on our playground and we all used the litter pickers to collect rubbish and put it in the big rubbish bags.

We collected lots and lots of rubbish.

Chinese New Year 🧧

This week we have been learning all about Chinese New Year 🧧.

We have been exploring lots of different resources.

On Tuesday we read a story all about what happens during Chinese New Year 🧧. We all let off party poppers to recreate the firecrackers 🧨

We also tried to us chopsticks πŸ₯’ to pick up rice 🍚 and noodles🍝. It was very tricky.

We used some black paint 🎨 to decorate Chinese lanterns.

Some of us tried to recreate some Chinese writing. It was very difficult but we had lots of fun.

We also enjoyed some sensory play with rice in the big tuff tray and sprinkled them over our feet 🦢.

On Wednesday we explored some Chinese food πŸ₯˜.

We explored Chinese egg noodles 🍝, peas and rice 🍚 and fortune cookiesπŸ₯  . They were very tasty and we all had our fortune read to use.

We also recreated some Chinese New Year music with drums, tambourines and shakers. It was very loud and we all enjoyed dancing to it.

On Thursday we explored traditional Chinese clothes, some of us loved dressing up in the outfits and others loved wearing the hats.

We even created some dragons using different shapes, we used circles for the face , semi circle for the mouth and triangles for the teeth and spikes.

We also created a big dragon πŸ‰ and decorated it using lots of different materials and afterwards we did some dragon dancing πŸ•Ί .

On Friday we explored some more Chinese food πŸ₯˜ we tried some vegetable spring rolls, rice 🍚, noodles 🍝, prawn crackers and some oranges 🍊. It was all very tasty πŸ˜‹ and we all really enjoyed eating it for our snack.

Free play

We used our choice boards to chose which activity we wanted to do.

Some of us chose to play with dinosaurs πŸ¦•, some of us played on the computer πŸ–₯ and some of us built a puppet theatre and did a puppet show for our friends 🎭.

Practising Circus skills during PE

This week in our PE session we used lots of different equipment to practice some of the circus skills we had looked at on the screen at the start of the week.πŸŽͺ

We used balls to juggle, wobble boards to practice our balancing, we also threw hoops onto cones and matched the colours.

We had lots and lots of fun. πŸŽ‰

Circus balancing skills

Today we watched Spot goes to the Circus πŸŽͺ.

We practiced our balancing skills using different equipment.

We even tried balancing different equipment on our heads.

We had lots of fun during this session.

Colour Matching

Today we used our fine motor skills to thread cotton wheels on to the correct colour string that matched to the cotton wheel colour. 🎨

We also matched the correct colour keys to the correct key ring. πŸ”‘

We also matched different objects to the correct colours in a box.πŸ“¦

Some of us even sign the colours to our friends. πŸ‘«

Santa came to visit

On Thursday Santa came to visit us a school.

Santa had his own little grotto on the playground and we all went in and saw him.

We each saw Santa πŸŽ… and his Elf πŸ§β€β™€οΈ In the grotto and the Elf checked the Naughty or Nice list to see which list we were on, all of us were on the Nice list which meant we all got a present off of Santa πŸŽ….

We all loved seeing him. 😊

Visit to Hollybush Garden Centre

On Tuesday we went on a trip to Hollybush Garden Centre.

We explored all around the shop.

We started off at all of the Christmas decorations and went all the way through the Christmas lights.

All of us enjoyed looking at all the different colours on the lights and some of them even flashed.

After we looked at all of the Christmas lights we went to look at all of the different types of fish, some fish were really big and some fish were really tiny. 🐟

Next we went to the pet section and looked at rabbits, budgies, parrots and lots of reptiles.

We had a lovely morning at the Hollybush then after we got a McDonald’s and bought it back to school for our lunch , it was so yummy.

Dragonfly’s Bakers shop

We visited a bakery shop to buy some ingredients to make a cake.

We chose which ingredient we wanted to buy from the shop and we gave the amount of pennies that the ingredients cost to the shop keeper.

Afterwards we put all of our ingredients together to make a cake πŸŽ‚