Goodbye and Good Luck!

We’ve spent our last week together having fun and doing all of our favourite things. We have played in the water, played with bubbles, we’ve enjoyed the sunshine, we even had a go at making our very own chocolate trifle which got very messy!

Today we have finished for the holidays. We have had a party and joined in with our whole school virtual assembly. Three of our Dragonflies are flying on to pastures new, we wish them all the very, very best in their new school and will really miss them.

We wish all of our Dragonflies and their families a very happy summer full of fun and laughter making precious memories.

We look forward to seeing our new class in September.

School Leavers 2021/Summer Funday

Last week we had a wonderful time at our School Funday. We got to enjoy lots of fantastic things including a bouncy castle, a super car and a visit from the ice cream van. We also had our very own beach party with sand, water play, beach balls and party music.

We would like to say a massive thank you to NA Cars for providing the ice cream van and super car they really made our day!

S is for Snail and Slug 🐌

What a busy week we have had this week in dragonfly class. At the start of the week we created some glittery slimy snail trails using pva glue and our favourite colour glitter.

As we know that snails and slugs like to crawl through mud we made some yummy brownies that looked like wet mud when we were mixing all together. After we finished cooking we listened to a song about snails and there snail trails, we really liked listening to this.

Using paper plates and paint we decorated our very own snail shell. We had lots of fun mixing different colours together and sticking their body underneath.

In our book it told us that slugs like to hide under plant pots. As slugs are slimy we used jelly to imitate slugs and hid the slugs under plant pots, we found it very funny when we found them hiding under the pots.

There’s a worm at the bottom of the garden 🪱.

This week we’ve been looking at lots of lovely bugs again. Our main focus has been worms. We’ve created lots of wonderful pictures of worms using different materials. We’ve made circle worms, we’ve painted worms. We had a wonderful time pulling string through pink paint to create wiggly worm pictures. This has been brilliant use of our fine motor skills.
We’ve also sorted worms into size order from shortest to longest and rolled out worms using play dough into different lengths too.

We had lots of lovely, sensory, messy play too as we hunted for worms in mud. Our mud was made from chocolate angel delight which we sprinkled crumbled up chocolate cake and choco pops into. We then searched for bootlace worms and pulled them through and out of the mud. We all really enjoyed this activity, the smell, taste and feel was amazing. It was great fun!

In music this week we’ve listened to lots of songs about bugs and had a brilliant time dancing, singing and playing our favourite instruments.

As it’s Father’s Day this Sunday our Dragonfly’s have made some beautiful cards and gifts for their Dragonfly Daddy’s. We wish all the Daddy’s a very happy Father’s Day and hope you have a fantastic weekend with your boys.

Mad about Mini Beasts 🐜 🕷 🐞 🦋 🪱 🐛

This week we have been reading a book called “Mad About Mini Beasts”.

In the book it shows us lots of different insects 🐜,one including a spider which we have chosen to look at this week.🕷

On Monday we created some beautiful sparkling spiders web pictures. We did this by creating a pattern using PVA glue, the we sprinkled lots of glitter on top to cover all of the glue and we shook off all the spare glitter.

Afterwards we created a spider to go onto our web. We used card, pipe cleaners and paint. Using our fine motor skills we picked up our straws for our legs. We know that spiders have 8 legs so we counted each one until we got to 8. We stuck the legs onto the body and used our finger to paint a face onto the spider.

We also had lots of fun creating our own spider🕷. We scrunched lots of different coloured tissue paper together to make the body and then we used straws for the spiders legs sticking them down using sellotape.

What a lovely week we have had in Dragonfly class. I wonder what mini beast we will learn about next week 🐞 🐜 🦋 🐝.

Let’s talk about the weather ☀️ 🌧 ⛈ ⛅️ ❄️ ☁️ 🌫

Wow, what a busy last week we have had In dragonfly class.

On Monday we had a choice making morning, we chose our favourite things to play with. We had I pads, water play and pirate ships.

As this terms topic is flowers and insects, we dressed up as a ladybird and made ladybird jelly. We did this by using our fine motor skills to place raisins on top of jelly to imitate spots.

On Wednesday we did a sensory experiment. We filled a clear cup with water in and squirted shaving foam on top to represent clouds in the sky. We then dropped a few drops of blue food colouring in to act as the rain. We watched the rain fall from the clouds. We enjoyed watching it fall and change colour.

We also made sunshine faces using slices of oranges, carrot sticks and raisins. Using our fine motor skills again we placed the carrot sticks around the orange and the raisins on top.

As Thursday was such a beautiful day we spent the morning on the grass. We explored all the different flowers that we could find and went in a bug hunt.

What a wonderful busy week we have had. We hope that all of our dragonflies have a lovely half term and we look forward to seeing you when you get back from your holidays.

How Does Your Garden Grow?

This week in Dragonfly class we have looked at lot’s of different types of seeds and beans. We have learned that some seeds grow into flowers, others grow into fruit and vegetables. We have explored different fruit and vegetables by cutting them open to see what’s inside. We’ve looked at them closely using a magnifying glass. We’ve also made some lovely seed and fruit pictures using different materials.
We are also having a go at growing beans and cucumber seeds on cotton wool balls. This was a fun activity that all of our Dragonflies really enjoyed, we can’t wait to see how our beans and seeds have transformed when we return to class after the weekend!
In our cooking lesson we made a yummy fruit salad. We all had a go at cutting up the fruit, feeling the different textures and smelling and tasting the fruit if we wanted to.
We also enjoyed reading The Very Hungry Caterpillar again, as we read the story we fed the different food items to the caterpillar by posting them into his mouth 🐛 🍉 🍎 🍓 .

What a lovely week it’s been 😊.

Flowers that grow in the Garden 💐

This week we have learnt at about flowers and insects that we can see in our garden.

We explored some beautiful pink flowers. Using our fine motor skills we pulled the petals and leaves off and felt the different textures.

Using vegetables we did some beautiful mark making to create some beautiful insect pictures. We made butterflies 🦋, caterpillars🐛, bumblebees 🐝and worms🪱 and we even signed them to our friends.

For our cooking session this week we made flower cookies. We rolled some fondant icing with a rolling pin and made some petal shapes. We stuck them on top of some digestive biscuits and a chocolate button in the middle for the centre. We all enjoyed doing this and they were very tasty 😋

What a b-b-brilliant week we’ve had!

Continuing with our theme of The Very Hungry Caterpillar, this week we’ve looked at butterflies . We’ve counted with butterflies, created butterfly pictures using lots of different materials such as paint, shredded paper and butterfly shaped stickers. We’ve even made and eaten our very own butterfly pizzas 🍕! Yummy!
During our music session we chose our favourite instruments and played along to a lovely song called If I Were A Butterfly 🦋

We’ve looked at the letter sound b-b-b. We’ve explored lots of different items starting with the letter b in our tuff pit including buckets, baskets, balls, butterflies, bears, the colour blue, beetles and bean bags. We’ve counted the items into the bucket or basket and practiced making b-b-b sounds. We’ve used our fine motor skills to paint or dab around stencils to make the letter b. The children also enjoyed making some beautiful blossom pictures.
Our cooking lesson involved making yummy banana splits, which we then ate for our snack!

The very hungry caterpillar 🐛

This week our story was the very hungry caterpillar 🐛. As we learnt that a caterpillar turns into a beautiful butterfly 🦋 we made some butterfly cupcakes.

We used our fine motor skills to crack the egg into a bowl and then we used our gross motor skills to mix all the ingredients together.

Our topic this term is flowers and insects 🐞 💐. On Tuesday Amanda bought us some beautiful insect balloons. We loved looking at these.

Also this week we had the privilege of having the attendance bear in our class. He has had lots of fun. He’s been in the white room, outside, in the hall and had lots of fun in our classroom.

Using our fine motor skills we made some paper chains to create our own individual hungry caterpillar. Using red, yellow and green card.

As we all love paining so much we had free time with paint and a huge roll of paper. We had lots of colours and made a beautiful pattern using our hands. We had lots and lots of fun.

Our first week back in the multi sensory room was so much fun. We have missed it.

To end the week we designed some stamps to send in for the Royal Mail competition.

We have had such a busy week.