Dragonflies are back !! πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

Wow dragonflies are back to school , and what a busy two weeks we have had!

Last week we learned 11 little acorn Song, explored acorns, leaves and conkers.

Jamie has completed lots of pattern matching activities, number matching and he really really enjoyed doing this. He got every single one correct with no help .

We have explored the sound β€œS”.

We listened to bounce patrol on YouTube to explore different words that associate with the letter β€œS”.

We explored spaghetti, spiders , strawberries and lots of other things beginning with the letter β€œS”.

We have had lots of fun outside. We have been sweeping all the leaves into piles and throwing them in the air.

We have been going up and down the slide and swinging on the swings.

Kealan and Jayden have had lots of sensory play. Exploring different textures and sounds.

Bonfire night came and we made sparklers in cooking. Using breadstick, melted chocolate and sprinkles.

We also made chocolate trifle, it was so tasty.

We used chocolate Swiss roll, chocolate brownies, chocolate custard, squirty cream, chocolate spread and crumbled up twirls.

We all really enjoyed it πŸ˜‹

Gursukh has learnt how to use a straw, he’s so proud of himself . πŸ˜„

It was time for free choice , Jamie wanted to colour in Tinpo , Jayden chose musical instruments & Gursukh chose the toy box.

It’s time for Christmas activities ….. πŸŽ…

We have made reindeer not chocolates

Christmas hat decorating using lots of glitter ✨

We made Christmas puddings using chocolate digestive biscuits , melted white chocolate and edible holly leaves.

What a busy two weeks our dragonflies have had. πŸŽ‰πŸŽŠ

Hello Dragonflies!

It was lovely to see you all again last week even if it was only for a few days!😩

We had a lovely time though playing outside and finishing our pumpkin work.

We also had lots of fun making edible sparklers, and fire work pictures as well as listening to firework music and building a pretend bonfire in the tuff pit.
There are lots of celebrations happening over the next two weeks. On Wednesday it is Remembrance Day and on Friday it is Children in Need day.

Diwali is alsoΒ on 14th November.
We would have been doing lots of activities in school to celebrate these events. Here are a few ideas for activities that you may like to do at home….Watch ‘Poppies’ on CBeebies.

Have a day learning all about the colour red, go on a red treasure hunt around the house, make a red picture, make some poppy biscuits, or poppy toast

Listen to the story of Pudsey and his Lost Bandana on CBeebies, along with lots of Children in Need songs.

Make spotty patterns and pictures. Print and colour a picture of Pudsey

Play with colours and make patterns, listen to Diwali songs and videos

Please remember that you can send pictures of yourselves having fun at home toΒ charman@oakwood.walsall.sch.uk, and we can share these with our friends in class.
Stay safe Dragonflies, your teachers are missing you and look forward to seeing you very soon 😊

H is for Home Learning and Half Term

Hello Dragonflies!
Its Home learning time again, as those nasty germs have stopped us all being together just now 😭 but we are pleased that you are all safe and well at home.

Autumn is still a lovely time of the year and we have been busy with lots of Autumn activities in school.

We would have been celebrating harvest, holding a pumpkin party, and having fun with ‘Spooky Season’ this week.

So, along with your learning packs here are some ideas to keep you busy 😊



Bev has prepared a lovely music lesson for you to enjoy all about Autumn Leaves πŸƒ

How about listening to the story of Olivers vegetables .

Or have fun exploring, handling, tasting, and cooking with different vegetables?



You could also explore lots of autumn fruits, do some fruit printing and even make another yummy fruit crumble!


You all listened beautifully to the story of Winnie the Witch, you can find more of her stories on YouTube and the Meg and Mog stories.


After listening to these how about a bit of potion making?


Here are more ideas for ‘Spooky Season’
How about getting messy with pumpkins? What colour are pumpkins? Can you look around your house to find anything else this colour?



How about outside fun in the garden, playing in leaves, then making leaf pictures, here are some leaf ideas.



Remember too that you have your log ins for Busy Things now and can find lots of super activities on there.


Whatever you do, have fun, and stay safe. It would be lovely to see what you have been doing, you can send any pictures to
We can then share these on our blog.

Busy Dragonflies 🏫

On Monday morning we had physical activity, we did lots of climbing, going under, rocking and using our arms to push ourselves up on the bench. To finish of the physical activity we had the pretty lights on and had some relaxing music on. 🎢

We used cockers and acorns And rolled them in paint and put our acorn picture in a tray and rolled the conkers Over the top of it to create a beautiful pattern.

We created a β€œsock thing” from the story β€˜Kippers ToyBox” we used old newspapers, tissue paper and scrap paper and stuffed them inside the sock to make it big, we then suck big eyes on the front so they could see were they are going.

Also had two cooking sessions this week where we made Sausage rolls and Cheese rolls. We rolled the pastry and put sausage meat into it or put lots of grated cheese in them . We fooled the pastry over and washed them with milk. They were very yummy πŸ˜‹.

We also made cheese on toast where we watched the bread in toaster and once it was cooked we sprinkled cheese on it, then we put it in the microwave for 40 seconds until it was all melted πŸ˜‹

We have had a wonderful week this week and we all look forward to see what we are doing next week.

Autumn is here πŸ‚

This week we had a lovely start to the week, we had lots of sensory fun with warm soapy water.

We also took it in turns to play on the interactive whiteboards using Busy Things. Some of us did some colouring and others did counting and patterns matching.

We used lots of different Autumn coloured paints such as green , orange, yellow and red to create beautiful Autumn leave pictures. πŸ‚

We have also been busy doing gluing and sticking. We stuck the big picture and small picture down.

Some of us used the scissors ourselves to cut the correct pictures out.

Using different coloured paints we created some beautiful pictures using our hands or paint brushes. We also used coloured crayons to draw round our friends hands and using differs colours to colour them in.

Using the cotton wheels Gursukh matched the correct colours together matched the correct number of wheels to the numbers on the table.

Jamie matched the correct Capital letter to the correct lowercase letter correctly. We have some very clever children.

Wow! What a week!

This terms topic is toys, so we started our week looking at the letter β€˜T’ for toys. We had fun choosing lots of different toys to play with. We also rolled different vehicles starting with the letter β€˜T’ (trains and tractors) through different coloured paints to make lovely pictures.

On Tuesday we had lots of fun exploring triangles. For our cooking session we all had our own ingredients and made yummy rice crispy cakes. We also looked at different toys again but today we looked at how to keep our toys clean by washing them with warm soapy water 🧼 .

On Wednesday we had a lovely morning working on our numeracy by building with blocks. We also had sensory activities, choice making and even a game of musical chairs! In our afternoon hall session we had great fun making dens, bouncing and rolling balls and lots of other fun activities to help us with our physical development.

Whilst playing outside on Thursday we noticed the leaves on the trees were starting to change. We collected some conkers, acorns, pine cones and sycamore seeds that we found on our playground and took them back to class to explore. We then created our own Autumn tree pictures using paints.

We ended our week with a lovely sensory morning where we explored shaving foam and baby lotion. We popped bubbles and listened to calm, relaxing music. In the afternoon we all chose our favourite toys and activities. What a wonderful week we’ve had.

What a fun filled sensory week we’ve had πŸ˜„

This week we have done a barefoot walk which included lots of different materials including bubble wrap, leaves, feathers, tissue paper and a textured mat.

We have also been cooking this week, we have made yogurt cereal bark. To make this we poured Greek yogurt into a baking tray and sprinkled a variety of different cereals on top.

It was so yummy πŸ˜‹

We have also made melt in the middle cupcakes 🧁 we decorated them with different coloured icing , raisins πŸ‡ , sweets 🍬 and more chocolate 🍫

We have also been rescuing the toys out of the tuff tray.

All of our animals were trapped in the tuff tray by tape and we had to rescue them out of the gaps using our fine motor skills.

We have even made sensory bags this week. We used ziplock bags and filled them with vegetable oil , different coloured glitter, chickpeas and pasta.

We had so much fun with these.

As the weather has been nice again this we have had lots of outside play, we have also been having lots of fun in the outdoor classroom with lots of different resources.

What an amazing week we have had

We’ve had lots of fun and starting to settle back into a new routine 🏫

What a fabulous second week back, we have all been getting used to the new routine.

Every morning we have been having breakfast club, where we have beans in toast or cereals.

We look forward to this every morning.

Our story we have been reading this week is Kippers ToyBox.

We enjoy sitting down reading this with some adults help and we point and all the different toys in the story.

Everyone had been busy doing lots of work , we have done. Some matching and lots of gluing and sticking.

We have done some wonderful coking this week, we have made cornflake nests by melting chocolate and mixing it into cornflakes, we left them in the fridge to set and then we ate them.

Also we have made lemon and honey bread 🍞, we ate it warm with some butter on. It was so yummy πŸ˜‹

Relaxation and PE session was lovely this week, we had some free time to run around and then we all had our own Matt and we lay down looking at the disco lights whilst listening to calming music, then to finish off we had some bubbles.

This week we were able to go in the MSR room, we have missed the MSR room while we have been off.
We watched the bubbles in the bubble tube and watched all the different lights change.

Dragonfly class have been in the outside classroom as well this week, we have been building towers and making different toys with out big building kit. This was so much fun

We’ve been using our hands to create some beautiful autumn trees for our display using brown for the trunks and red , orange and yellow for the leaves 🍁

We have also had lots of time outside this week for some lovely fresh air.

We have been on the swings, the slide , in the gazebo and on the field doing some gardening.

Finally we have been having free play and we chose what activity we wanted to do , some of us built dens, some of us had iPads, some of us had musical instruments and some of us watched a film.

All the dragonflies have been super this week and are getting used to all of the changes.

Well done Dragonflies πŸ˜„

What a wonderful first week back at school 🏫

Welcome back dragonflies! What a wonderful first week back we have had.

We have had lots of fun this week, having lots and lots of sensory play with shaving foam , pasta and feeling the textures of lots of different materials.

We even look at starry material inside a tent ⛺️

We have done some gluing and sticking. We have created some bubble pictures and we have decorated balloons with lots of different materials for our display.

Gursukh and Jayden have been doing some amazing colour matching and Jamie has been building a wind up clock from scratch.

We have all been having lots of fun outside in the fresh air, playing catch , sliding down the slide , swinging in the swing and running around the playground.

Our class has had a new bubble machine and we have loved watching the bubbles and trying to pop them, we have also loved running through the bubbles and them popping on our face and our arms.

It has been such a lovely week back and all our Dragonflies have had such a lovely time.