Dragonflies Trip to the Countryside!

This week we’ve took a trip to the countryside in Dragonflies! We’d like to share our song of the week with you which is, Bare Foot Books Over the Meadow. Our children have enjoyed listening to this as part of our morning routine, this highlighted their good sitting and good looking skills.

Welcome to Dragonfly Desserts!
Our cooking lesson returned this week and the children made their own Ice Cream to eat on their countryside holiday! The children were confident with using the different equipment presented and sharing it all with their friends!

We have worked on our Fine Motor Skills with our Play Dough hedgehogs this week. Our children used their hands to make their hedgehogs and coped well with this sensory material.

In PE this week we have been swimming, worked on our balancing skills in the sensory room and throwing skills in the hall!

We have been to Camp Dragonflies this week! Our children loved exploring the tent and playing outside on the playground in the sunshine!

Have a lovely weekend! See you Monday!

The Sun Has Got His Hat On!

It was great to see the sun shining this week! Our Dragonflies have enjoyed lots of outside play making the most of the lovely weather! We’ve had a ‘splashing’ time in our new water trays, exploring different objects to tip and pour. It was lovely to hear our children express their excitement through facial expressions and verbally via words and sounds!

We’ve spent sometime in our classroom to keep us safe out the sun! The children were given the opportunity to explore ’cold’ and ’colour’ senses through Ice Play. Some of our children were able to identify the correct colours and temperatures of their objects. Of course, the Ice Lollies were enjoyed by all!

Also, in class we’ve been working hard on our Holiday Topic this week. We’ve decorated our own suitcases and used seaside stickers to create a holiday scene. These activities worked on the children’s Fine Motor Skills. Sensory Art was seen this week as we made our own Seaside Pictures. Dragonflies were exposed to different kinds of materials in order to create their beaches. This included materials such as Sand Paper, different coloured paper and card.

We hope our Dragonflies have had a lovely week in the sun! Have a great weekend! See you all on Monday! ☀️☀️

Happy Holidays!

This week in Dragonflies we have celebrated a range of different holidays! To begin the week we had a busy few days learning about the Queens Platinum Jubilee through lots of Art and Craft activities! Our children were exposed to the colours Red, White and Blue this week to decorate all of their masterpieces with a range of different Art Materials such as, paint, tissue paper and glitter. Their fine motor skills were put to the test as we had to do lots of ripping, sticking and gluing and they were all fantastic!

We discovered the Queen travels in style in her Golden Carriage so we decided to make our own! The children fully enjoyed this activity and they were able to choose their art equipment individually and were confident using a different range of brushes, rollers and dabbers.

During our time in the Multi-Sensory Room we focused on all things Red, White and Blue for the Jubilee! Our children were exposed to a range of different activities including, physical balancing, colour storing, music and interactive play. It was lovely to see the Dragonflies be so independent with their choice making but at the same time take turns and play alongside each other!

Moving on to a different kind of holiday, we’ve been back to the Seaside this week! We’ve been exploring what its like to visit the beach with lots of sensory and messy play. Our children have coped well being exposed to materials such as, sand and water. Also, music this week focused on the Sounds of the Sea as our musicians used different instruments to create that relaxing Seaside Atmosphere.

Our Tuff-Tray this week was full of items we would take on holiday! This allowed the Dragonflies to experience textures such as, sun cream, towels and sand. As well as, having fun bouncing the beach ball around and pulling the suitcase and trying on our sun hat!

We’ve had a busy half term Dragonflies! Well done everyone! Have a lovely half term! We’ll see you all back on Wednesday 8th June! ☀️

Exploring the Seaside!

This week in Dragonflies we’ve visited the Seaside again as part of our Topic this Term. Have a look at our pictures to see everything we’ve been up to this week!

We’ve had lots of sensory based activities giving the children the opportunity to explore objects linked to the seaside. Also, we have took part in ice and water play which exposed the children to different temperatures and textures. These activities gave the children to chance to take part in Intensive Interaction which helps with their communication skills!

Our Dragonflies have been busy working on our new classroom displays this week! We’ve been building on our Art and Crafts Skills in order to create our Seaside Display. We have used Paint, Tissue Paper, Rice and Sandpaper to create our very own beach. Keep an eye on our blog to see how our display turns out!

We’ve celebrated a Birthday to end the week in Dragonflies! Nathan and his family kindly provided a cake for our children to enjoy at snack time and you’ll find sweets and bubbles in the children’s bags. Thank you so much! Happy Birthday Nathan! We hope you have a lovely weekend celebrating.

Have a lovely weekend Dragonflies, see you all Monday!

We’re going to the Sea Side!

Our Magic Train Ride this week has taken us to the Sea Side and what fun we’ve had! It has brought loads of Water Play for our Dragonflies to enjoy giving them a taster of Sea Side Holidays! We even made it out for some Splashing Fun as the Sun came to visit us, what a treat!

We discovered the Mud Kitchen this week on our little playground, our children enjoyed freely exploring this new sensory area. It was great to see the children’s imagination coming out as they added different materials to their pots and some were able to follow simple verbal instructions! Also, we’ve got creative with different Summer Colours to create our own Flip Flops and freely explore different Mark Making in our Tuff Tray!

Dragonflies put their chef hats on to round off the week as we baked some yummy cupcakes! It was lovely to see our Dragonflies share the equipment and take turns without always relying on verbal prompts from adults. They’re very confident with our baking lessons and the Cakes were fully enjoyed by all!

What a busy week we’ve had again in Dragonflies! Enjoy your weekend and we’ll see you all on Monday!😊

Happy Eid!

This week Dragonflies have been celebrating Eid! We’ve completed a wide range of Art and Craft Activities in order to expose the children to all things related to the celebration. Also, messy play was enjoyed by our Dragonflies whilst exploring moon and star shapes.

Our Magic Train Ride this week has taken us to the Sea Side! We’ve had a great time learning our new song from Barefoot Books, the Children have displayed their Good Sitting and Looking Skills! Dragonflies have been working hard creating our Sea Side Display, working on their Fine Motor Skills by ripping and sticking tissue paper to create the Sea!

The staff in Dragonflies have been amazed this week by each and everyone of our Children. They have really showed their progress with their individual targets during our focused activity sessions. It has made us really proud to see how well they’re growing.

Have a lovely weekend Dragonflies! See you on Monday!😊

Hello Mr Sunshine!

Our Dragonflies have enjoyed lots of outdoor activities this week due to the glourious weather! We’ve been busy outside on the bikes working on our Gross Motor Skills and enjoying lots of water and sensory play, both inside the classroom and out! It’s lovely to see our Dragonflies playing together and beginning to share!

Hope you’ve all had lots of fun this week Dragonflies! Enjoy your weekend and see you all on Monday! ☀️

Another great week in Dragonflies 🙂. This week we have done lots of work on problem solving and developing our fine motor skills. We have had a fabulous last day at the Valentines disco and finished of with a great swimming session.

Have a great week off everyone.

Week 4

The Dragonflies have had another fantastic week. Our story this week was ‘Peace at Least’. All the children listened attentively and enjoyed hearing the different noises. The alarm clock made them laugh.
Bucket time was lots of fun, we are getting very good at waiting for the surprise and waiting our turn. We have been looking at night time routines and the children really liked making their own hot chocolate. Several of them did this independently.

We have finished our week with a fab swimming session and parachute games. We’ve also enjoyed dancing in class, exploring the bikes, lots of sensory trays, working on our displays and we have worked very hard with our symbols and our communication. Phew, what a week! Have a restful weekend Dragonflies, you have deserved it!

What a busy 2 weeks we have had in Dragonflies. We had lots of fun celebrating Chinese New Year, really enjoyed the Owl Babies story and lots of activities around the story and night time. Numbers day has been lots of fun and we’ve also had great fun on the grass area, looking at the birds. Have a lovely weekend.