Settling In……

The Dragonflies are now all settled in their new class and are amazing us all with how hard they are working.

This week the children have joined in with lots of physical activities and explored different ways of moving.Some enjoyed swinging,others working to balance and kick the ball’s,and others running and sliding!

Finally we had a group session learning all about the colour yellow.This links to our story of the 5 Little Ducks.

The children explored yellow items before choosing an instrument to join in with the song Yellow Submarine!

They then worked creatively to complete’Yellow’ Collages using different materials!

Another lovely busy week!

Have wonderful weekend!
Dragonflies Team.

Welcome everyone.

We now have all our children back in Dragonflies and it is lovely to see them!

A special welcome to Zoya who is settling in beautifully.

This week we have carried on with the story of the Five Little Ducks. The children all sat in a group taking turns to explore different textures relating to the book. They then had great fun completing the rubber duck stamping activity. The children were all able to communicate which colour they wanted to use. Kealan had such a great time that he wanted to carry on!

We have also enjoyed our outside break times, exploring leaves, playing on the swings and generally having a fabulous time.

What a wonderful busy week we have had!

Just a quick reminder we’re swimming on Wednesday.

Have a lovely weekend everyone. See you all on Monday! 🌼

have carried on with the story of the