Our Spectacularly Spooky Week!

This week our Dragonflies have been very busy doing all things Halloween! We’ve worked together in groups and individually to learn even more fabulous skills! Not forgetting our walkathon to celebrate Oakwood’s 50th Birthday! We can’t wait for you to have a look at all of our Halloween fun! 

To begin our Halloween celebrations we introduced our weekly song, ‘The Spider on the Floor.’The children had fun interacting with our toy spiders and following the actions. Linking with our song we made spiders and spider webs. Our Dragonflies used their developing fine motor skills to use out art materials to create their spooky pictures! They were exposed to glitter to create our spiders web which was a new texture and all our children coped brilliantly! 

Our Dragonflies showed us their cooking skills this week and didn’t we just have a great time! The children sat wonderfully in a group and are beginning tolerate taking turns. Cooking equipment was handled very confidently by our young chefs, we worked on our stirring and spoon handling this week. 

Messy play this week was obviously Halloween based! Our children were exposed to a handful of materials in our sensory bin such as, lentils, pumpkin, jelly and rice crispies. The Dragonflies once again loved working in a group setting and are really handling sharing the materials and exploring the textures! 

Friday Halloween sensory was throughly enjoyed by all our children! They were given to opportunity to explore all our spooky materials and items. Our children really enjoyed some Intensive Interaction with their adults to build on their communication skills. They were given free time to explore the sensory materials individually and all handled the items brilliantly. 

The walkathon gave our Dragonflies the chance to have fun celebrating Oakwood’s 50th Birthday. They chased the bubbles and completed their laps without even realising. 

Have a wonderful Half Term Dragonflies! We’ll see you all in a week! 

Our Harvest Celebration Week!

This week we’ve been very busy in Dragonflies doing all things to celebrate Harvest Festival!

All our Dragonflies had a wonderful time exploring the different textures of our Harvest ingredients in our Sensory Bin. Our children are beginning to enjoy working together and sitting taking part in a variety of group activities.

Everyone enjoyed getting messy during our sweetcorn painting session. There were lots of smiles and anticipation as the bubble wrap was popped. The children independently accessed a range of painting utensils to create their own sensory sweetcorn picture. This activity was a fantastic opportunity to further develop those all important fine motor skills.

This week we’ve introduced our afternoon sensory sessions. Our first session focused on Harvest. The children amazed us all with how independently they engaged throughout these sessions.

Our Fantastic Few Weeks! ✨

Welcome back to Dragonflies!

Are you ready to look at all the wonderful activities we’ve been busy with?

It was Zoyas birthday last month. We had cake, music and dancing. Zoya and her friends had so much fun!

Last week the children decorated cakes as part of our Macmillan Coffee Morning. They demonstrated excellent choice making skills and took turns to share the equipment.

We also got very messy making our harvest pictures.

The children have also been working individually on their problem solving skills. Activities have included, counting, exploring colour and pattern and handling a variety of textures.

Our topic is Animal Kingdom and we’ve been finding out all about bears. The children created brown bear pictures using forks to spread the paint. We’ve learnt a new dance to our Panda song . The children explored black and white objects, sorted black and white pictures and made a beautiful panda bear display. They have also listened and joined in with the story song Going on a Bear Hunt.

We’re all so proud of how hard our little Dragonflies are working. Well done everyone!