Home Learning Journey

Hello Everyone,

I hope you have all had a good week in the sunshine and that everyone is safe and well. I have been thinking about you all lots and thought I would share some outdoor learning ideas to get us started on our home learning journeys…..

Remember some journeys are long and others are short but however we get there let’s make sure we make it the best it can be!
I know we all love the outdoors ,in all weathers, so do not be afraid to wrap up warm and go out in the rain, in fact this can sometimes be more fun and definitely refreshing. All natural resources are great to explore, soil, grass and water are great at getting our senses going and by adding other things like cars, toy figures, old utensils, recycled items (water bottles) etc can really extend these learning opportunities.
Take a look at these ideas, only do what feels comfortable for you and your child, the most important thing in these uncertain times is that you are happy and healthy.

Speak soon , we miss you already!

Creating Flower Biscuits

The children have enjoyed exploring flour, sugar and butter, whilst practising our mixing skills with a wooden spoon. We also had a go at rolling our biscuit dough and using our flower cutter. Good efforts everyone!

Crash – Bang – Wallop

We had an amazing trip to Crash – Bang – Wallop , everyone displayed great coordination as they tackled the apparatus available . Everyone negotiated the space really well and certainly kept the staff fit !!
Great effort everyone.

Celebrating World Book Week!

We had a fantastic book week, with lots of new and exciting activities going on everyday. The children coped really well with all the changes and engaged well with lots of the dancing, circus acts, crafts and cooking. I was so proud to see them all sitting in the hall watching “Dippy the Clown” and then coping some of the acts that he performed. We walked the red carpet on Friday afternoon and they children looked fabulous, thank you all for your ongoing support.

A Week of Celebrations

Today we were extremely lucky to have a visit from a Chinese dragon workshop .The children watched the dragon dancing and had the opportunity to learn new skills ; exploring fans, parasols and a dragon costume.
On Tuesday and Wednesday we made pancakes , the children have made amazing progress with mixing skills over our sensory cooking sessions. When they were cooked we had a selection of toppings to choose from to decorate our finished pancake. We continued our circus skills during our P.E session where the children have shown great progress with their balancing , negotiation of P.E apparatus and walking on benches. Most of these skills are now completed independently. Well Done Ladybirds !

Valentines Day!

We all had a fantastic last week at school and we loved celebrating Valentine’s Day. We explored sensory ice hearts, made biscuits and decorated  them and lots of dancing and singing at our whole school valentines disco.
We continue to grow in confidence each term and we are very proud of everyone in Ladybird class, well done children.

Sensory Numeracy

We have had another fantastic week at school with our focus “The circus is coming to town”. We have enjoyed lots of different juggling, with bean bags, small balls and hoops. The children loved throwing the bean bags up into the air and watching them fall.

The children really enjoyed looking at numbers and shapes alongside exploring sensory substances, rice, sand , gloop and paint. We sang number songs and used number play resources to support our understanding. We have also practiced our fine motor skills with a posting shape focus in small groups. We are very proud of everyone, Well Done!

Speech and Language

The children have had another amazing week developing our circus skills this week we have practised  juggling , we used bean bags during our P.E session  , all the children worked really well trying to balance and juggle with them . We have  also been so proud of all the children during our Speech and Language session . They are all  are requesting ‘more’ of an activity verbally, using symbols , signing independently or with support. We finished off the week with water play using our tuff pits  , the children developed their filling  and pouring skills and really enjoyed getting wet ! At the end of the week the children chose their favourite activity and we had a disco and I.C.T time.

We hope you enjoy your weekend .


Chinese New Year

We have had another fantastic week at school, the children have loved exploring resources linked with Chinese New Year. We have looked at Chinese numbers, made Chinese lanterns, painted Chinese dragons and tasted noodles, rice and sweet and sour sauce. We are so proud of everyone for exploring and engaging with all of this week’s activities.
We have also experienced a litter workshop where we had an insight into what our world would look like if we didn’t put our rubbish in the bin. We encouraged children to use litter pickers to pick up rubbish and put in the bin. Well Done everyone!

Balancing skills

We have continued with our circus activities in the classroom , exploring all the sensory materials , balancing , making circus tents using shapes and listening to circus songs.We have introduced a new song “Elephants have wrinkles”, all the children have joined in with some of the actions or moved to the music. In P.E we have extended our skills of balancing by jumping off the benches , we will continue to do this in our next session . Swimming has given the children an opportunity to use all their muscles and develop their independence . All of the children are working really hard in and out of the water to help dress and undress themselves.