Ladybird Music 🐞

Hello everyone,
I hope you are all ok,

if you fancy a music challenge this week why not have a look at some of these ideas πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

You can make music however you wish, perhaps have a go at some music with natural resources, or old bottles and plastic tubs.
Listening to some of our favourite story songs or rhymes would be fantastic too, I know some of you love to watch and sing to these on the iPad or computer.
Animal boogie, The tiger who came to tea, Going on a bear hunt, Goldilocks and the three bears and many more.
Have fun and take care πŸ‘πŸ˜ŠπŸžβ€οΈ

Home learning continues🏑

Harmony enjoys exploring new places, water balloon throwing and painting her hand and feet to make prints. Super work!

David has lots of fun in his new paddling pool, he enjoys playing on his jet ski float and putting his face underneath the water. He also makes a super track for his trains, fantastic job David!

Oscar also has lots of fun with his sister in his paddling pool, great photos , such lovely interactions and smiling faces. Well done Oscar!

Oliver also enjoys some lovely activities outside, having lots of fun jumping on the trampoline with his brother, hiding out in his police tent and popping bubbles. Great exploration Oliver!

Cardboard box creations!

Hello everyone❀️🐞

Fancy a little challenge?😁

Have a go at making a creation out of a cardboard box, this might be making it into a car or train for role play or perhaps you fancy just using some pencils or felt tips to make beautiful marks over the box. It can also be really good fun to just hide inside the box or use blankets and cushions to make it into a little den.

Have fun, take care and please send photos πŸ‘πŸ˜

Home Learning Journey

Another fantastic week of exploring and lots of wonderful outdoor activities in our beautiful sunshine 🌞
Children learn best by first hand experience in activities that they have chosen and it is evident from all of our lovely conversations that all our ladybirds have been given these opportunities at home. I am so proud of everyone!
β€œ Play is our brains favourite way of learning”

Keep up the good work everyone and the photos 😊❀️🐞

We miss you so much!

Sending lots of love From all of the Early Years Team , we think of you everyday, keep going you are amazing, we are proud of you, we miss you and we look forward to seeing you all one day soon ❀️

Home Learning journeys continue 😍

Some more fabulous photos of wonderful activities at home, the children are continuing to explore and engage and learn new things everyday, well done ladybirds 🐞 Oscar is having lots of fun outside with his swimming pool and slide. He is doing lots of lovely mark making with his sister and exploring on his daily walks. David is also enjoying the outdoors, exploring sand and riding in his lovely car, he is sharing these experiences with his sister.

Let’s get on track ….πŸš—πŸšŒπŸš˜πŸš‚

Weekend challenge Ladybirds 🐞 ,

Have a go at making a track for our cars, trains and other transport. Perhaps you would prefer to race you people figures or animals so create a path instead. This can be simple using chalk or tape or you could create the track with Lego or piece of cardboard. Take a look at the ideas below. Please send photos to my email if you take on the challenge and we can share these with everyone on the blog.

Have a good weekend, most of all keep safe and have fun!❀️

Home Learning journeys 😁

Hello Ladybirds ,
Fantastic activities and exploration as always, massive well done to everyone for keeping positive and encouraging our home learning during these uncertain times. We continue to enjoy lots of lovely sensory exploration , Riley had a great idea, he used his cake mix to explore his peppa pig figures, so much fun! Oliver and Christopher have had lots of fun in the garden , baked cakes and made bunting to celebrate VE Day.
Harmony has enjoyed walks with her brother and explored books from her book shelf.

Just wonderful ladybirds 🐞😊