Crash – Bang – Wallop

We had an amazing trip to Crash – Bang – Wallop , everyone displayed great coordination as they tackled the apparatus available . Everyone negotiated the space really well and certainly kept the staff fit !!
Great effort everyone.

A Week of Celebrations

Today we were extremely lucky to have a visit from a Chinese dragon workshop .The children watched the dragon dancing and had the opportunity to learn new skills ; exploring fans, parasols and a dragon costume.
On Tuesday and Wednesday we made pancakes , the children have made amazing progress with mixing skills over our sensory cooking sessions. When they were cooked we had a selection of toppings to choose from to decorate our finished pancake. We continued our circus skills during our P.E session where the children have shown great progress with their balancing , negotiation of P.E apparatus and walking on benches. Most of these skills are now completed independently. Well Done Ladybirds !

Speech and Language

The children have had another amazing week developing our circus skills this week we have practised  juggling , we used bean bags during our P.E session  , all the children worked really well trying to balance and juggle with them . We have  also been so proud of all the children during our Speech and Language session . They are all  are requesting ‘more’ of an activity verbally, using symbols , signing independently or with support. We finished off the week with water play using our tuff pits  , the children developed their filling  and pouring skills and really enjoyed getting wet ! At the end of the week the children chose their favourite activity and we had a disco and I.C.T time.

We hope you enjoy your weekend .


Festive Celebrations

When the children arrived they were greeted with a winter wonderland of activities.

We had some help from parents with our activities and the search for Santa.

Our special visitor arrives !

The children had an amazing experience with Santa and immersed themselves in all the activities.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea

We have had lots of interaction during the last couple of weeks from all the children while we have listened to a musical stage version of The Tiger Who Came to Tea. Every child was engaged during the activities in a variety of ways . Some singing along , repeating pieces of the song , turning pages of the book , exploring the sensory tuff spots , or becoming involved in the role play equipment.

Pumpkin Party 🎃

When the children arrived in school the classroom had been transformed !!

Everyone had a great time exploring the pumpkins , potions and sensory tuff pits, the children worked so well alongside each other sharing and exploring the activities together.
In the afternoon we had a disco and a game of pass the parcel , everyone waited patiently for their turn . Just before home time we had a party , thank you to everyone for making our day amazing by contributing costumes, food and decorations.

We hope that you have an enjoyable week with you children ,we are so excited for next term and can not wait for your children to immerse themselves in the activities.

The Early Years Team

Going on a Bear Hunt 🐻

We are continuing to follow the children’s interests so have chosen “Going on a bear hunt” an animated version from YouTube . We  have made a book using the pictures on the screen and based our activities around the journey and what we encountered to find the bear.

One of the children’s favourite activities was an edible tuff tray following the journey to the bear. We used kale, broccoli, chives, parsley , chocolate mouse ,cereal boulders and icing sugar .
The children explored all the ingredients while listening to the story on the I.W.B.

Swimming Session

Our swimming session was a really positive experience for all the children each one of them showed an increased confidence in the water.


This week we have also been exploring and making marks with a variety of textures, we used coloured pasta, toffee yoghurt and a firm favourite was edible sand.

The Donkey Sanctuary

The children whose turn it was to visit the donkeys this week met Shocks , one of the donkeys we have adopted with the help of the P.S.A. The children were assisted to touch, feel and interact with the donkey , they really enjoyed the experience .