Pizza Time!

The lovely Nicola from Warburtons visited us in school today; she helped us make amazing Pizzas!

We started of by spreading tomato puree onto our pizza bases. We then sprinkled on some cheese. Next we had to choose our toppings: chicken, red pepper, sweetcorn, pepperoni or mushrooms.

Finally our pizza’s were ready to be cooked in the oven!

We enjoyed tasting them later in the classroom…Yummy, yummy!

We did a Barefoot Walk

We were extremely brave this afternoon and walked through a range of wet and dry textures.

We started with, soft leaves, crunchy cornflakes, then moved onto soft mash, bumpy rice, squidgy jelly, slippery baked beans, squashy spaghetti, and then we finished off in warm soapy water to clean our feet.

We had to hold an adults’ hand as some of the textures were a little slippery.