We visited Beaudesert!

We had a wonderful time in the sunshine visiting Beaudeseret outdoor activity centre!

We all travelled together on the mini bus, we spilt into two groups; the first group being brave and tackling the climbing wall. The second group enjoyed some silliness exploring circus skills. We enjoyed some free time exploring the forest and grassy areas.

Pizza Time!

The lovely Nicola from Warburtons visited us in school today; she helped us make amazing Pizzas!

We started of by spreading tomato puree onto our pizza bases. We then sprinkled on some cheese. Next we had to choose our toppings: chicken, red pepper, sweetcorn, pepperoni or mushrooms.

Finally our pizza’s were ready to be cooked in the oven!

We enjoyed tasting them later in the classroom…Yummy, yummy!

We did a Barefoot Walk

We were extremely brave this afternoon and walked through a range of wet and dry textures.

We started with, soft leaves, crunchy cornflakes, then moved onto soft mash, bumpy rice, squidgy jelly, slippery baked beans, squashy spaghetti, and then we finished off in warm soapy water to clean our feet.

We had to hold an adults’ hand as some of the textures were a little slippery.

Green thumbs!

We had a lovely time doing a bit of planting!

Firstly, we put some soil into the pots…

Secondly, we sprinkled some seeds into the pots…

and finally, we poured some water over our seeds.

Our growing plants.

I am the music man!

This week we had a noisy time exploring a wide range of instruments.

We had a large guitar…a small ukulele…

…a big base drum…

…a giant keyboard…

…rain makers…

…steel drums…

…and a range of xylophones and glockenspiels.

Our Book Week Blog!

What an exciting week we had during Book Week!

We started off the week meeting the one and only Space Ranger: Buzz Lightyear!

On Monday afternoon we had the opportunity to hold animals found in the Gruffalo: two owls and a ferret.

On Tuesday, we played dress-up!

On Wednesday we watched a magical theatre production of ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’.

On Thursday we jumped about on the bouncy castle.

Then on Friday, we finished off the week coming to school dressed up as our favourite story book characters.

We had some visitors!

One of our school staff, (Christina) brought some of her wonderful animals into school for us to see and feel.

Christina brought in; Tilly the Tortoise, Jaffa the Snake and Arna the Guinea Pig.

We were all sat in a circle and waited our turn to be brave. Well done us!

We won Attendance Ted!

Last week we won attendance Ted!

We loved helping Ted find a new outfit.

Ted then joined us for swimming…where he accidentally fell in the pool. Luckily we had a hair dryer to dry him out.

Ted then joined us while we explored trains, and he enjoyed a story in the library.

Ted finished off the week enjoying a dance in Music with Bev in the hall.

1, 2, 3, 4, 5…Once I caught a fish alive.

For our Maths this week, we have been exploring numbers.

Today we had a lot of fun using the finishing rods to catch our numbered fish that were swimming around in the tuff tray.