Party time!

We had a lovely afternoon celebrating our friends birthday. 

We had a wonderful time playing traditional party games; pass the parcel, musical chairs and pin the letter on the name. 

Mixing Colours!

We had a lovely time learning about primary colours this week. 

We made our red, blue and yellow tissue paper umbrella to protect us from the rain. Then we had a (mess free) sensory time mixing two primary colours together to make a new colour! We loved squashing the paint around the food bag with our fingers!

Welcome to Emma’s class

Welcome back to another year at Oakwood School!

I am delighted to write my first post on our class school blog.

Our first post will be introducing our ‘Growth Tree’; which is a whole class display board. Throughout the school year we will add works of art and pictures showing our work through the seasons. 

We’ve currently added real grass, that we explored during one of our afternoon sessions, and we had a lovely (if messy) time painting our tree. 

Next up will be photo’s and some autumn leaves.