A Wonderful Week in Foxes!

Welcome back! I hope you all had a lovely half-term break. This half term Foxes will be visiting the woodland area, every Tuesday. Please could suitable footwear and, if you wish, any clothes that you don’t mind getting muddy be sent into school. Foxes will also continue their weekly PE sessions. Our PE day is usually a Monday but some weeks this may change. We are working hard to develop independence with dressing so could all children please be sent with a full PE kit.

During cooking, this week, the children have celebrate Pancake Day. Lots of the children spoke how they enjoyed making pancakes, whilst at home. The children mixed the batter, fried them in the pan before filling them with tasty toppings. Some of foxes even managed to flip their pancakes and catch it back in the frying pan!

The children used their fantastic communication skills during the session, by selecting their toppings using an aided language display.

On Tuesday, Foxes visited the woodland area. The children were set the challenge of finding hidden clues within the forest. They looked up high and down low! Hidden were a range of familiar book characters that all linked to the story ‘Mr Wolf’s Pancake’. The children listened beautifully to the story whilst sat around base camp. They enjoyed finding their characters within the story.

Very soon, foxes will be learning about the seasonal changes as we move from Winter to Spring. On Monday, the children visited Wheats Garden Centre, in Aldridge. They aim of the visit was to begin planning which flowers the children would like to plant in our pots, to decorate our playground. There were lots of colourful flowers and the children are very excited to return, ready to purchase next week. Whilst at the garden centre, the children completed the fairy walk. There were lots of beautiful gnome and fairy displays that the children really enjoyed looking at.

As the children were walking around they had some guests join! We think the ducks must have been very hungry!

It was only right that they stopped by the pond before leaving to feed the ducks.

During science, this week, there were some special icy visitors that came to join us. The children were all given balls of ice that had some familiar arctic animals stuck inside. Working together, they used warm water and salt to help rescue the animals. The children watched and listened as the salt was poured onto the ice. They could hear it cracking which caused the ice to melt.

There have been two champions in Foxes, this week. Well done to Jacob and Alfie who have both impressed us with their engagement in sessions. Jacob wowed us whilst making pancakes. He listened carefully to the instructions and followed these to make his very own tasty pancake. Alfie has been so engaged in his phonics sessions with Mrs Beddow. Each morning, he has remained in the session for over 40 minutes!

Celebrating in Foxes

This week, Foxes have been developing their understanding of Chinese New Year. The children have been immersed in a range of activities, across all areas the curriculum.

On Monday, during cooking, the children made their own traditional Chinese dish of spring rolls. They had to use a range of different cooking techniques. First the children had to spread the filling, fold the sides of the pastry before rolling into a sausage shape. To get a golden colour the children had to brush olive oil along the top and bottom of the spring rolls.

The children have also been engaged in a range of Chinese New Year activities. They designed their own colourful dragons. Foxes had to follow a set of instructions carefully to stick different parts of the dragon in the correct place.

Foxes have continued to link their music learning with Chinese New Year celebrations. Today, the children composed their own reggae piece of music and played specific notes using boomwhackers. The children had to follow the music, read the notes and play at the correct time. Foxes also enjoyed the ‘movement’ element of their music session, where a Chinese dragon came to life.

There has been lots to celebrate! Fox class have been awarded the ‘Attendance Superstars’ title for having the best attendance in the Upper Primary/Secondary department. Well done Foxes!

Harley-Jay is our Foxes champion, this week for following our Golden Rules beautifully. He has done ‘good thinking’ during our group sessions. He has been doing ‘good sharing’ at lunchtimes and even encouraging other children to play. Well done Harley-Jay!

Foxy Adventures

The children in Foxes have been busy again, this week, continuing to immerse themselves in our Ice Worlds topic.

Last week, the children explored the story ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. In the story, a penguin and a young boy travel by boat, to the Antarctic.

During science, the children have developed their understanding further of floating and sinking by creating their own boats. The children had to follow instructions carefully, to successfully make their boat. As they made their boats, they could pick between which base. There were varying containers of different shapes and sizes. The children predicted which container would be best to make a boat that would float along water.

This half term, in music, the children will be exploring dynamics. They know that dynamics means the volume. They have been practising playing a range of instruments loudly and quietly.

Our learning, this week, was linked to upcoming Chinese New Year celebrations. The children enjoyed beginning the sessions by watching a traditional dragon dance performance. There was lots of loud and quiet sounds throughout.

Bev brought some traditional Chinese instruments for the children to explore. They were:

Foxes used the gong to create their own sounds, using dynamics learning. Bev showed the children how to begin with quiet sounds and build it up to a very loud sound.

This week, Roman has really impressed the staff in Fox class! There have been multiple occasions, this week, where we have noticed his kindness and thoughtfulness. At lunchtime, he has been handing the plates out to his friends whilst they wait in the dinner queue. On Friday, a friend in another class was upset as he was on his way into class. Roman stopped by and asked the young boy what was the matter. In addition, we have noticed his independence growing within sessions. On Monday, he completed all of his artwork, without any support. He was also extremely engaged in our Music session about Chinese New Year. It has been such a wonderful week!

Fantastic Foxes Have Been Busy Again!

Since returning from the Christmas break, Foxes have been exploring polar regions. They have been learning lots about Emperor Penguins who live in Antarctica. This week, the children read the story, ‘Lost and Found’ by Oliver Jeffers. The story is about a penguin who turns up at a young boy’s front door. The boy decides the penguin must be lost and tries to return him. He quickly learns that no one seems to be missing a penguin so the boy decides to take the penguin home himself. The boy and the penguin set out in his row boat on a journey to the South Pole. The story is linked below if you wish to listen to this story, at home.

From this story, the children have created their own ‘missing posters’. The children used their knowledge of a penguin’s body parts to help describe the missing penguin. They also used their phonics sounds to help write their description, independently.

The children have also discovered their own Emperor penguin, within the school library. He was well hidden amongst the story books with our own library cards. The children were able to scan through the books before making a choice. It has been lovely hearing how much the children have enjoyed sharing their stories with the people at home. Fox class will be visiting the library every Tuesday.

This week, during cooking, the children have learnt how to use a kettle safely. The children explored how to open a kettle, fill it up and pour carefully into a cup. The children practised each of these steps showing caution, in case of boiling water. Fox will revisit and use these skills again, next week, when they make their own hot drink.

This term, during art sessions, Fox class will be learning about the famous artist, Giuseppe Arcimboldo. He is an Italian painter best known for creating imaginative portrait heads, made entirely of objects like fruit and vegetables. Already, the children have created their own self-portraits, using a range of fruit and vegetables. This week, they have used clay to mould a range of fruits and vegetables. The children had to roll, squeeze, pinch and smooth out the clay, in order to manipulate into their desired shapes.

Matilda is Foxes’ Oakwood Champion, this week, for her effort and dedication to keeping our classroom clean and tidy. Matilda is always the first to help pack away our toys and resources, making sure they are put back into the correct place. Matilda also encourages her friends to help tidy too. We are so lucky to have you in Foxes. Well dome Matilda!

Winter Welcome Back!

It has been lovely to have the children return to Foxes class, this week! There have been many smiling and happy faces come through the door. The children have been getting immersed in our new topic for the Spring Term, ‘Ice Worlds’.

As the children returned to school, our classroom environment looked very different. There were icy decorations throughout. The children saw snowflakes and snowy footprints upon entry. They discovered that they will soon be learning about Polar regions and winter animals. They confidently located, on the world map, where the Polar regions are because they are white in colour. Our foxes have been beginning to experience ‘Ice Worlds’ through hands on experiences such as handling snow and ice!

For further information about our Spring term curriculum coverage, please see below.

Ollie has impressed the staff, this week, with his confidence and improved independence with toileting! Ollie has returned to school so much more grown up. He is now asking for the toilet himself. We are so proud of you Ollie. Well done!

Christmas is Here!

It only seems five minutes, since the children were heading home for the October half-term holidays. The weeks have just whizzed by and Christmas is finally here! It has been lovely preparing for Christmas, watching the children’s faces as they engage in their festive activities. From all of the staff in Fox Class, we want to wish you a Merry Christmas! We look forward to seeing the children again in January.

On Monday, the children experienced a ‘Winter Wonderland’ when they visited the Hollybush Garden Centre. The children visited Santa’s Grotto and got to meet the Big Red Man himself. They shared with Father Christmas what they were hoping to open on Christmas morning. They also had the opportunity to feed some of Santa’s reindeers.

In preparation for our parent showcase sing-a-long session, the children have been busily baking Christmas cupcakes and festive mince pies. The children enjoyed mixing, rolling, spreading and decorating their baked treats!

It was lovely to see so many parents turn up to join with the children for their parent showcase – ‘Christmas Sing-a-Long’. There was lots of singing, signing and dancing from the children and their families. The children’s baked Christmassy treats also went down really well with those who joined. Thank you again to all the families that were able to join us.

Foxes’ festive week finished with a Christmas party. The children arrived in school wearing their Christmassy party clothes and enjoyed celebrating together with their friends. They played pass the parcel and musical statues. There was even time to share some party food. It was such a fun-filled afternoon!

There have been so many Christmassy changes in Foxes’ class, this week. Sometimes change in the routine can be quite tricky but Alfie has coped so well. He even enjoyed meeting Santa at the Grotto! Well done Alfie. Your adults are all so proud of you!

Once again, Merry Christmas to all our Fox families. We can’t wait to welcome you and the children back, in January.


Nicola, Michelle, Catherine and Delena.

Christmas is Coming!

Last week, during Food Technology. The children designed their own chocolate bars. Using an aided language display, they each selected which toppings they wanted to include on their chocolate bar. The children picked from sprinkles, marshmallows, cherries, fudge, biscuit and jelly sweets. It was amazing to watch how chocolate the chocolate changed state from solid, to liquid, then back to solid.

After cooling and hardening, in the fridge, it was time for the children to taste test their creations! There were lots of positive responses from the children and we may even have some future chocolatiers, in the making!

As part of community, this week, the children have been to Pelsall Village to post their letters to Santa. Recently, the children have learnt all the role of Postal Workers, linked to the ‘People Who Help Us’ topic.

The children have been busily preparing for Christmas! This week, they have created a huge length of Christmas paperchains to decorate our classroom. They have also helped to decorate table cloths, ready for our parent sing-a-long, next week. Please look out as the children will soon be bringing home their Christmassy crafts, to share with you.

Whilst in Pelsall, the children also visited the local library. The children began by listening beautifully to a wonderful Christmas story all about an elfie Christmas competition. The children were then able to select their own choice of winter story to read through. It was amazing to see how excited the children were about stories!

Fox class were also lucky to have some special visitors, on Thursday. The visitors were Kelly and Lucy and they came to school from the Story Museum, in Oxford. They shared a story about animals different animals, from America. The children were able to engage with the story, devising their own actions and using props. They all had a wonderful time participating.

Fun in Foxes!

This week, the children have participated in ‘Hour of Code’ activities. Hour of code introduces computer science and programming concepts. The children used their position and direction skills to programme Code-a-pillars, Beebots and Coding Critters.

As Christmas is fast approaching, the children have been busy writing their own letters to Santa. They worked so hard to apply their sound and letter knowledge to their letters, before adding their own names at the bottom. The children are excited to post these next week, during their community visit to Pelsall Village.

In Maths, the children have been working on mass. The children have learnt that the heaviest item is always lower on balance scales. They have also worked on balancing items by finding the mass.

Ollie has recently joined Fox class and has settled in beautifully! It is like to he has always been a member of the Fox family. Ollie has impressed with his kindness to his peers and amazing number knowledge. We are so lucky to have you, Ollie!

Adventures in Fox Class This Week…

As part of ‘Community’ sessions, this week, Fox class visited Morrisons in Aldridge. The children were developing their independence whilst out and about. They had to locate the shopping trolley and navigate it carefully around the store, collect the items from the shopping list and use the till before bagging up their shopping, ready to leave.

The children worked cooperatively throughout and it was only right to have a café treat afterwards!

After their visit to Morrisons, the children used their pizza designs from last week to create their own pizzas. They used their chopping, spreading and sprinkling skills from previous weeks before watching them cook in the bottom of the oven. They were so tasty!

The children have learnt lots of information about Dentists, during our PSHE sessions. They discussed what happens when you visit a dentist, the special equipment a dentist might use and why it is important to clean your teeth. The children then practised brushing their own teeth. They used Mickey Mouse to make sure they brushed for two minutes.

As the colder and darker nights are fast approaching, ‘Winter’ has been the focus during science. The children explored what happens when Autumn ends and Winter begins. They discussed what kinds of weather they might see and what clothes they might need to wear during the winter months. Have a look at the beautiful snowflakes that have been created by the children, to add to the Seasons Tree in Fox Class.

December 1st is here and the Christmas buzz has begun. When the children arrived to school, something new had appeared in their classroom. It had lots of numbers on and something sparkly hiding behind… it was an advent calendar! Alfie had a look behind door number one and found a chocolate coin.

The children have also helped to make beautiful decorations for the class tree. Once complete they carefully placed them on. How stunning does it look!

Champion Assembly looked a little bit different, this week but it did not stop Fox class celebrating Hiba’s successes. The staff in Fox class have been so impressed with Hiba’s effort with writing. She has made so much progress since September!

Our Week in Foxes

This week, the children have continued to celebrate Diwali. The children’s Diya lamps are finally complete, with colour and decorations been added! They enjoyed selecting a range of bright coloured paints and sparkly sequins to add to their lamps. The outcomes are beautiful!

The community fire engine, from Aldridge Fire Station, came to visit our children in fox class, this week. The children were able to take a seat inside, like real firefighters. They even saw where the water comes from, to put the fires out. A huge thank you to Firefighter Rob who provided the children with this special opportunity.

Luke’s communication has progressed in class so much this week. His interactions with his peers and adults have been beautiful. Luke has also impressed us with his maths work! He has been so engaged with our numberblock work around the number 9. He is counting objects to 9 confidently, developing his number formation and solving questions linked to ordering. Well done to Luke, our brilliant mathematician!