We can work from home.

Hello to all my foxes,

I hope everyone is staying safe and having a lovely time at home.
Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves during this uncertain time.
I hope the work packs are helping to relieve some of the excess energy you all have.
To try and help out a little more I’m posting some more sensory and messy ideas that are achievable whilst at home.

I’ve also included the Charanga details that our music teacher Bev has kindly forwarded to us.

Feel free to send any photos from home of all your wonderful activities and I will post them next week.

We can compost.

We had a nice relaxing week last week. We tried some simple gymnastics in PE, we enjoyed a bubbles session, we explored different problem solving games, and had a visit from Steve the Fireman.

Our favourite activity this week has to be our composting. All week we have been saving our fruit peels, our scrap paper, and our apple cores in our ‘composting tub’, aka an empty celebrations tub. Then on Friday afternoon we took our composting, and emptied it into the large composting bin.

We love World Book day dress up.

Wow! What an amazing time we had last week celebrating Book Week.

We had a laugh watching the Dippy the clown show. We got to try all the different circus activities and equipment such as spinning plates, and scarf juggling. We enjoyed popping giant bubbles, a visit from some cheeky clowns, Clive the camel, the extra cooking, and of course finishing the week off with our own Showtime assembly in the hall.

Our favourite experience this week has to be dressing up in our favourite character outfits for the day; and then posing for some photo’s of course.

We can become dragon dancers.

What an amazing first week back.

We had a chilly walk to the local Co-op, we cooked and ate pancakes twice, and then we relaxed with a book in the library.

Our favourite part of last week was definitely when the Chinese Dragon Dancers came to visit. We watched the dancers perform a traditional dragon dance with a large two person costume dragon. We then had the opportunity to take part in traditional fan dances, traditional parasol dances, and of course we got to try on the dragon costumes and scare our teachers.

We can wait our turn.

Welcome back to another busy and exciting half term.

We’ve got some lovely activities to look forward to; Book week next week and Steve the Fireman visiting and teaching us about safety.

We finished off last half term with our circus sensory story. We had the opportunity to take part in many of the activities that you could see at the circus. We became lions, , dressed up as a clown, tried to juggle, explored balloons, jumped on the trampet, became a strong man, met a clown and honked her nose, and then finished off the story by getting water sprayed in our faces by the cheeky clown.

Brilliant waiting our turn to try each activity, well done Foxes.

We can become clowns.

Another amazing week we had last week. 

We enjoyed cooking (and eating) our unhealthy chocolate flapjacks, we had a chilly walk to the local Co-op, we took turns composting, and we enjoyed a messy session painting our clown faces. 

Our favourite activity last week was definitely becoming a clown! 

We can celebrate Chinese New Year.

Last week we celebrated the year of the Pig for Chinese New Year.

We watched a video showing traditional Chinese dancers, we learnt about red envelopes of money, we made our own Chinese lanterns, and then we watched a beautiful firework display. 

Our favourite activity last week was trying different types of Chinese food. 

We peeled and tried a lychee fruit, we dipped some prawn crackers into sweet chilli sauce, smelt and tried vegetable spring rolls, and then ate some warm vegetable chow mein. 

Happy Chinese New Year. 

We can help pick up litter.

What an amazing week we have had in Foxes. 

We worked on gross motor skills by having a ‘squiggle while you wiggle’ sessions. Then we worked on our fine motor skills by making marks, or writing our names in shaving foam. We’ve had some chilly play times, and a nice warm by the (fake) campfire.

Our favourite activity last week however, has to be our amazingly hard work learning about litter, mess, and how to tidy up. We had a visit from the wonderful Beth, who showed us that litter and rubbish is bad, and should be tidied away into bins. Beth gave us all a hi-vis-vest and then showed us how to use the litter pickers. We worked so hard tidying away all the rubbish that was left in the hall, and outside on the little playground. 

Well done us!


We can make choices.

Another busy week in foxes last week.

We learnt how to do forward rolls in P.E, we had a wobble playing the jelly beans game, we had a relaxing time in the library, and we had a laugh dressing up as clowns for our circus sensory story. 

Our favourite activity last week however, was designing our very own potion. We could choose up to 6 different ingredients, and we had to add the symbol ‘mix’ at the end. 

We can all share.

What a lovely first week back we had.

We all settled back into our routine extremely well. 

We all took part in our morning work, our circus skills P.E sessions, a very splashy swimming session, and a very wet walk to the local co-op in the rain. 

Our favourite session last week had to be bubbles. We all did amazing turn taking and sharing of the different types of bubble wands. We blew big bubbles, and very small bubbles. We even tried our hardest to catch and pop the bubbles. 

Well done every one, and welcome back.