We can explore our transport topic from home.

Hello Foxes,

It’s lovely to hear that everyone is still safe and well.

We’ve had some lovely photo’s again this week; Hari has been enjoying playing with his trains, and enjoying his food. Samuel has been working hard and enjoying break in the sunshine with his sister. Adam has been loving the warm sunshine whilst relaxing in his car pool with his brother and sisters. Thank you again for the amazing photo’s.

Our topic this term would have been transport, and people who help us. I’ve added some crafty ideas of how you could explore the idea of transport from home. Enjoy making some lovely cars and trains.

Stay safe everyone.

We can practice our life skills at home.

Hello Foxes,

Well done for coping with another week at home. You are all doing so brilliantly.

Tommie has been working on his life skills such as cooking, and enjoying his slime magazines. Lewis has been drawing with his auntie, going for walks and eating the cooking chocolate.

I’ve included a few rainy day ideas for you all to try, as the weather seems to be getting a little chilly.

Our lovely music teacher Bev has sent over a photo of her keeping the music alive whilst playing on her drum set, as well as representing our Foxes class. Bev has been displaying a toy fox in her front window for all the people passing her house to see.

Well done everyone and stay safe.

We can celebrate VE day from home.

Hello foxes,

It’s still lovely to hear that we’re all doing well working from our own homes.

Lewis has been working on his life skills; walking to feed the ducks, and making his own breakfast, jam on toast. Meanwhile Samuel has been working hard with his play dough and work books. Brilliant job boys.

This weekend it’s a special bank holiday weekend, celebrating 75 years of Victory in Europe. I’ve attached a few ideas you might like to try to help you celebrate from home.

We can stay safe by staying at home.

Good afternoon my foxes,

It’s lovely to hear that you are all staying safe at home. I’ve had a few photo’s i’d like to share again this week. Adam has been enjoying baking with his two sisters, and Samuel has been mixing work with play. Well done everyone for keeping up the good work, and coping whilst being at home. I’ve also included a few home fun sensory ideas that you could try now that the weather is getting a bit chilly.

We can have fun in the sun.

Hello my foxes,

Another week of staying safe at home.

Samuel has been doing some great cooking. Hari has been enjoying his bike in the garden. Lewis has been enjoying his new slide and water play in the garden. Casey-Jo has been enjoying a range of activities, from painting to her bouncy castle. Casey-Jo also took part in our weekly clap for carers.

Well done everyone for helping keep us all safe by staying at home.

We can make our home learning fun.

Hello to all my foxes,

I hope you are all staying at home, and staying safe.

It has been lovely to hear about all your home lives, and how you’re getting on.

Your mommy’s and daddy’s have been sending me some amazing photo’s of you at home during this difficult time. I’m so happy to see so many smiling faces.

Well done to all of you for coping so well during this different time, (and well done moms and dads for being so positive for your children).

Below, I’ve add a lovely idea of how to make a salt dough family keepsake.

Stay safe every, we’ll speak again soon.

We can celebrate Easter at home.

Hello again my foxes.

I hope you’re all having a safe and wonderful time settling into your new routines at home.

I’ve had some lovely pictures sent to me, showing me all the hard work, and wonderful experiences you are having whilst being off.

Casey-Jo has been working hard everyday. Hari has been balancing school work and gardening. Samuel has been working hard and enjoying bubbles. And Lewis has celebrated his birthday. Thank you for sharing your lovely home experiences.

I’ve posted some Easter baking ideas below, as well as outside garden play ideas, with the hope that the weather stays warmer for us.

Stay safe everyone.

We can work from home.

Hello to all my foxes,

I hope everyone is staying safe and having a lovely time at home.
Don’t put too much pressure on yourselves during this uncertain time.
I hope the work packs are helping to relieve some of the excess energy you all have.
To try and help out a little more I’m posting some more sensory and messy ideas that are achievable whilst at home.

I’ve also included the Charanga details that our music teacher Bev has kindly forwarded to us.

Feel free to send any photos from home of all your wonderful activities and I will post them next week.

We can compost.

We had a nice relaxing week last week. We tried some simple gymnastics in PE, we enjoyed a bubbles session, we explored different problem solving games, and had a visit from Steve the Fireman.

Our favourite activity this week has to be our composting. All week we have been saving our fruit peels, our scrap paper, and our apple cores in our ‘composting tub’, aka an empty celebrations tub. Then on Friday afternoon we took our composting, and emptied it into the large composting bin.

We love World Book day dress up.

Wow! What an amazing time we had last week celebrating Book Week.

We had a laugh watching the Dippy the clown show. We got to try all the different circus activities and equipment such as spinning plates, and scarf juggling. We enjoyed popping giant bubbles, a visit from some cheeky clowns, Clive the camel, the extra cooking, and of course finishing the week off with our own Showtime assembly in the hall.

Our favourite experience this week has to be dressing up in our favourite character outfits for the day; and then posing for some photo’s of course.