We can celebrate Diwali.

This week we joined in celebrations for the Hindu festival of light, known as Diwali.

We used salt dough to make Diva lamps, before cooking them, and then decorating them with the colours of our choice.

On Wednesday afternoon, we joined our friends from other classes to celebrate together in the hall.

We got to experience; bhangra dancing, drumming, smelling different Indian spices, dressing up, henna hand patterns, tasting traditional Indian food and making rangoli patterns out of coloured rice.


We can make pizzas at Pizza Express

Our class was lucky enough to get a trip to Pizza Express in Walsall, to make our very own pizza’s.

Firstly, we had to put on our hi-vis-vests and sit sensibly on the minibus.

Then, after arriving at Pizza Express, we had to wash our hands, put on our aprons, and choose where to sit.

Next, we had to explore and stretch our pizza dough.

We then had to spread our tomato sauce onto the pizza base.

Next, we added cheese on top of the sauce.

Whilst our pizza’s were cooking in the large ovens, we had the opportunity to try a few new pizza toppings.

Not many of us enjoyed the new pizza toppings.

Once the pizza was cooked, Pizza express boxed our pizza’s up ready for our minibus journey back to school.


We can explore movement in P.E.

During P.E this half term, we have been exploring different types of movements.

We can climb up the climbing frame. Slide down the slide.  Run around the hall.  Crawl through the tunnel. Shake the dance ribbons. Dance along to the music. Climb onto the agility blocks. Balance across the agility blocks. Jump off the agility blocks.  Throw the tennis balls. Carry the tennis ball box to collect the tennis balls. Roll the tennis balls down the ramp.

We enjoy our extremely active P.E sessions.

We can cross the road safely.

Every week we go for a walk to the local shops to work on our life skills.

This week we walked to the local co-op to buy some goodies.

On our way to the Co-op we had to cross a few roads.

To do this safely we used the crossings, pressed the button and waited for the green man.

We are all very good at pressing the button and waiting patiently for the green man. Well done us!


We can make a Magic Potion.

As part of our problem solving session this week, we had to make a Magic Potion.

We had to follow the symbol instructions on our magic scroll…

We read through them together as a small group…

We then had to travel to the ingredients table, and ask for the potion ingredients we needed next…


We then measured, poured, tipped or squeezed our ingredients into the potion bowl…

Abracadabra…with a final mix we created our own Magic Potion; it smelled liked apples, and bubbled and foamed when mixed quickly.