Speech and Language fun.

Hello Foxes,

We have been working hard on our communication this week with our speech and language support. Some of us are working on our own individual targeted PECs for something we really like. Whereas, the rest of us are using our communication boards to ask for more bubbles. We all sat and focused brilliantly, well done to all my foxes.

Sports day fun.

Hello Foxes,

We had a very busy and jam packed (or should that be jelly packed) sports day. We were all very adventurous and took part in our barefoot walk. We all took turns to walk across different textures, wet and dry. We started with some prickly ferns, soft petals, crunchy cereal, squidgy shaving foam, bumpy baked beans, wibbly jelly, and we finished off with some warm soapy water to wash our feet in. We also had the opportunity to take part in an assault course and parachute games.

A wonderful sports day, well done everyone.

Jack and the Beanstalk.

Hello foxes,

This week due to the chiller weather we have been exploring all things Jack and the Beanstalk related whilst staying warm inside. We all enjoy a bit of sensory exploration so this week we had the choice to explore and taste some ‘wet’ cooked beans, or we could feel and watch dry mixed beans as they rolled around in our trays.

We are all looking forward to testing out our new paddling pool, and enjoying some more water play outside in the sun.

Welcome back Foxes

Hello Foxes, and welcome back to our last half term together this school year. We have an amazing summer term planned out for you all. This half term we will be looking at the story ‘Jack and the Beanstalk’. We started our week off by creating ourselves a bespoke display board; by free painting on our beanstalk, and crafting with glitter and material on our leaves. We’re looking forward to more fun in the sun in the weeks to come.

We can stamp on a stamp.

Hello Foxes,

Well done for another amazing week; coping with wet breaks, decorating yummy butterfly cakes, and enjoying lots of sensory play. Last week we were able to take part in a national stamp design competition, that celebrates our key workers through the global pandemic. Our familiar adults drew us a basic picture relating to our school; the sensory room, school bus, or an oak tree. We then had a lovely time stamping our different colour dabber pens all over our pictures, sometimes with our adults’ support. Our stamp entries have now been sent off. Good luck to all of us.

We can say ‘Good Morning’.

Good morning Foxes. I hope you all had a lovely bank holiday in the part sunshine. We’re having a busy week back at school. We’re all settling really well into our school routine, and we’re also coping well, enjoying our extra PE sessions. This week we will be exploring all things related to our story of the term; ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’. As part of our daily routine, we all sit in our circle and take it in turns to say ‘Good Morning’ to everyone. We get to press the BigMack switch button (which says ‘Good Morning’ for us), before looking at ourselves, and pulling different faces in the mirror. Well done to all of us for our brilliant sitting and turn taking.

We can choose our own instruments.

Hello Foxes, we had a lovely week last week. We baked a yummy apple crumble, enjoyed exploring water play and sand outside in the lovely sunshine and were supported navigating the climbing frame in PE. We also had a lovely and loud music session with our brilliant music teacher Bev. We all sat beautifully in our circle, took our turns choosing an instrument, and then we played the stop and start game. Well done to all of us for settling back into our school routine so well.

Welcome back!

Hello Foxes,

It is wonderful to see you all back in class. I hope you all had a lovely Easter break, and are well refreshed and ready for another busy term. This week we have been settling back into our school routine; enjoying our usual songs, messy play, and our cooking session. The story we will be looking at for this half term is ‘The Hungry Caterpillar’.

Happy Easter Everyone!

Hello Foxes,

We’ve had a lovely last week of term exploring and creating all things Easter related. We’ve made ourselves an Easter bonnet, decorated eggs, printed with carrots, and explored the beautiful Easter tuff tray. Our lovely music teacher Bev has provided us with some Makaton signed Easter songs, that I’ve added below.

Have a lovely two week break, and enjoy all your chocolates.

Red Nose Day!

Hello Foxes,

It’s Comic Relief time again! We had a lovely messy day exploring all things red. We created our own red nose picture by mixing shaving foam and red paint together on a paper plate. Some of us loved the sensory feel of the shaving foam, whilst others used paint brushes to mix and swirl the red colour. Well done for taking part for a great charity!