Happy Easter Everyone!

Hello Foxes,

We’ve had a lovely last week of term exploring and creating all things Easter related. We’ve made ourselves an Easter bonnet, decorated eggs, printed with carrots, and explored the beautiful Easter tuff tray. Our lovely music teacher Bev has provided us with some Makaton signed Easter songs, that I’ve added below.

Have a lovely two week break, and enjoy all your chocolates.

Red Nose Day!

Hello Foxes,

It’s Comic Relief time again! We had a lovely messy day exploring all things red. We created our own red nose picture by mixing shaving foam and red paint together on a paper plate. Some of us loved the sensory feel of the shaving foam, whilst others used paint brushes to mix and swirl the red colour. Well done for taking part for a great charity!

Spring time planting fun.

Hello Foxes,

We had a lovely time exploring our fresh new soil last week. We squashed it between our fingers, watched it fall from above us, sprinkled it, and we used gardening tools to rake and scoop. We then took turns to have an adults support to plant our flower seeds in small pots. We finished off by watering our new seeds. Happy Spring time everyone.

Happy Mother’s Day

Last week we celebrated Mother’s Day. We used the week to explored how to plant new seeds. We explored and played with new soil, and looked at how small the seeds were. We planted our new seeds for our Mothers in little pots, watered them, and then sent them home as our gift.

We also had help making our Mothers Day card. We let an adult paint our hands yellow, then print them on our card to create hand printed daffodils.

Toy Story themed Book Week!

Howdy Foxes,

What a fantastic Book Week we have had! At school we have enjoyed exploring alien jelly, printing with Mr Potato Head, we had a visit from Jessie, and we even created our very own Forky to display in the school reception area. Today in school we all dressed up in our favourite Toy Story characters. Whilst the rest of us who are keeping safe from home have explored Book Week in their own way.

Well done to everyone for a lovely Book Week.

Toy Story art and craft ideas from home.

Welcome to another Book Week at Oakwood School.

As many of you are still staying safe and learning from home, I’ve uploaded a range of craft ideas for you to try and complete from home with your families.

Please send any photo’s you may take to my email address.

Don’t forget to check out the homework challenge at the bottom of the page.

Let’s create with playdough.

Hello to all my foxes,

This week in school we have been exploring playdough. We have been squishing in, squashing it, and rolling it around. At home some of us have been exploring and learning safely with our families.

If you’d like to create your own playdough at home, I’ve added a few sensory and edible versions below (the chocolate one sounds the best).

We’ve got some exciting news…Next week we will have our infamous book week. Our theme this year will be Toy Story, so get your cow boy hats and alien eyes ready for our dress-up day on Friday the 5th March.

Stay safe everyone.

A week full of celebrations.

Hello Foxes,

This week some of us enjoyed ‘Three Little Pigs’ cooking by baking cakes, or creating cereal house made of ‘sticks’. Whilst the rest of us enjoyed exploring building blocks, or a lovely game of dressing up.

It’s a week full of celebrations; with it being Chinese New Year on the 12th, Valentine’s day on the 14th, and (Shrove Tuesday) Pancake day on the 16th. I’ve added a few pictures of sensory, and crafty ideas you could try from home over half term. Exploring the red dyed rice, and cooked spaghetti has been a firm favourite in class this week. Remember to make a mess with your pancake mixture, and enjoy lots of chocolates for Valentines.

Our lovely music teacher Bev has provided a Makaton signed video about Chinese New Year, the link and video added below.

Hope every stays safe and enjoys their half term break. See you all soon.

Outdoor exploration.

Hello Foxes,

another chilly week this week, but we still wrap up warm and head outside for our outdoor exploration. Some of us have enjoyed using the various go-karts and push bikes, whilst others have been out for lovely walks exploring their environment. This week if you’re working from home, can you explore your garden, or local area and try to find any sticks or flowers ready to build the stick house for the second little pig.

Please enjoy the many lovely songs that are Makaton signed along too, found on the out of the ark website. https://www.outoftheark.co.uk/

Our lovely music teacher Bev has provided us with another wonderfully Makaton signed song about the days of the week.

Stay safe everyone and take care.

The Three Little Pigs

Good afternoon everyone,

Please enjoy our sensory story of ‘The Three Little Pigs’ from your own homes. The password will be emailed out, and written in the daily home/school diaries. I hope you enjoy it.