Learning from home…

I hope everyone is okay and staying safe at home. You all know your children, and you know what they enjoy doing, but i’ve attached a few ideas for sensory fun whilst you’re working from home if you would like to try them.

Our lovely music teacher Bev has provided us all with links to the world nursey rhyme week website, and their youtube page. She has also made us a lovely makaton video of Hickory Dickory Dock.

Stay safe at home everyone, see you on the 30th.



Big red combine harvester…(tractor).

Before our extended half term we managed to have a great week, painting, exploring play dough, cooking chocolate covered apples, and exploring sensory play. I hope everyone had a lovely and safe extended half term.

For our Harvest assembly afternoon we used the song ‘Big Red Combine Harvester’. We had to work together to get some props ready; the main one being a big tractor/combine harvester. So we took it in turns to help paint our tractor red. Some of us had a little help, but we all had a great time painting.

Learning from home.

Hello everyone, I hope that you are all keeping safe at home over these next few days. I’ve added a few pictures of ideas that you could try whilst learning from home. You can also access busythings, and enjoy playing their online learning games. Bev has also made us a lovely video for our music lesson this week.

Everyone stay safe, and enjoy your half term break next week. See you soon.


Our wonderful music specialist, Bev has made Foxes our very own music video to listen and follow along to. Thank you Bev.

Printing with food fun.

Another rainy week flew by. We spent our extra time indoors exploring messy and sensory activities, as well as enjoying a relaxing massage or two.

For a warm up to our Harvest festival celebrations, we explored different fruits and vegetables. We then decided to use them to do some lovely printing. We cut our apples, pears and carrots in half, and used them to make some printing master pieces. We loved exploring the different patterns and shapes the different food made.

We can make a fantastic mess whilst baking biscuits.

What a busy week we have had in Foxes class. We have enjoyed printing with fruits and vegetables, our music session with Bev, dancing in PE, and we finished off the week with a massage during wet break.

This week we baked biscuits. We had an amazing time exploring and tasting all the ingredients; flour, butter, milk and sugar. We found that flour was the best to explore, as it made a lovely mess across the table and onto the floor. We could draw patterns and lines into the flour, and watch it fall from our fingers.

5 Little Ducks went swimming…

Another wonderful week we have had in our foxes class. We enjoyed the swings and disco lights in PE. We also enjoyed painting glitter grass for our display board.

Last week we explored the cold using ice cubes, ice lollies, and cold water. We started off by sitting in our circle, and listening to the song ‘5 Little Ducks’. We then explored numbered ducks, and our shape turtles, whilst they ‘swam’ around in the icy water.

We love exploring in the sunshine.

What a lovely sunny week we had last week. We enjoyed exploring and running around the big playground, before using the slide and swings. In cooking, we made some yummy rocky road squares. In the afternoon we enjoyed a relaxing massage in the sensory room.

We made the most of the last of the summer sun, by taking our sensory sessions outside to explore. We loved squishing shaving foam between our fingers, splashing our warm hands in cold water, and sprinkling sand through our hands. We also loved watching the bubbles glisten in the sunshine.

This is the way we wash our hands.

What a lovely second second week back at school.

Everyone is starting to settle in brilliantly, and enjoy our new routines.

We’ve had a great week running around in PE, relaxing in the sensory room, getting messy with jelly, and using marbles and paint to decorate our trains for our story, ‘The Train Ride’.

This term we will be working very hard on our hand washing skills. We use warm water and lots of bubbles to help clean our hands and nails.

Welcome back to school everyone.

Welcome back to school my little Foxes. Welcome to your new classroom with a few new staff. We’ve all had a different year with different experiences.

Welcome back to a school routine that includes Good Morning circle time, afternoon singing sessions and lots of PE, Sensory room and messy play.

We have all settled in brilliantly, and are excited to explore our new surrounds and activities.

This week we had to go on a stick hunt to create our new ‘Our Growth Tree’ for our display board in the classroom. Some of us found sticks, whilst others enjoyed painting our tree trunk. Next up will be some real grass.