A Spooky End To Our Half Term

Hello Foxes,

What a wonderful week we’ve had exploring all things Halloween. We explored slimy green jelly, carved a gooey pumpkin, and dressed up like wizards and witches with our hats and brooms.

We also got dressed up today and completed our Walkathon; we did our laps round the small playground. Well done to all our children for taking part, and thank you to our parents for your sponsorship money.

It’s been a wonderful first half term. We wish you all a brilliant holiday week, and we look forward to seeing all our foxes back soon 🦊.

Happy Harvest Festival

Hello foxes,

Well done for celebrating another year of our Harvest Festival, and thank you to those who donated any food to the Harvest.

We celebrated our Harvest Festival a little differently this year. In our individual classes we all explored various fruits and vegetables, using them in different ways throughout the week. In Foxes class we all enjoyed painting and decorating pictures of apples, stamping with carrots, and making a mess with wet and dry spaghetti.

Then on Thursday all the classes came together (over teams) to celebrate our Harvest Festival assembly. We sang our favourite Harvest songs, played our instruments, and listened to our Harvest pray. Well done to everyone for taking part.

5 Little Ducks…

Hello Foxes,

this week we have been exploring everything ‘5 Little Ducks’ related. Some of us ‘swam’ little ducks through the blue gelly bath. Others enjoyed counting the little ducks as they swam away, whilst the rest of us showed lovely focus as they listened to the story song.

Under the lovely photos of the class, there is a video recording made by the class teacher of the story song ‘5 Little Ducks’ for you all to enjoy and sing along to. The password has been sent home in the home/school diary today. Have a lovely weekend.

MacMillan cake decorating.

Hello Foxes,

thank you for another busy week in class. Our focus for this week has been healthy eating (except for Friday). This week we have been looking at different healthy fruit and vegetables. We used apples and carrots for some great stamping craft. And we explored our plastic fruit during our morning activities.
On Friday, however, we took part in celebrating Macmillan coffee and cake morning by decorating and eating pancakes and cupcakes. We had a choice of yellow or green icing to decorate our cakes, before sprinkling on some hundreds and thousands on the top. We then had the opportunity to taste and explore our cakes. Yum. Thank you to everyone who took part and donated today.
Have a lovely weekend.

Autumn fun.

Hello Foxes,

I hope you’ve all had a great week. This week our focus has been Autumn; autumn colours, autumn leaves, autumn pine cones and autumn trees. We’ve been having a lovely time creating our autumn craft pictures each morning. Our favourite autumn activity this week has been creating a splattered piece of art. We had a choice of autumn colours; brown, yellow and orange. We then used our fine motor skills to squeeze paint up into our pipet. Then we squeezed the paint back out, and splattered it onto our shaving foam, before swirling it all together to create our autumn sunset master piece. Well done to everyone for taking part in our messy craft activities.

Happy Jeans for Genes Day

Hello Foxes,

Well done for another busy week back at school. We’ve all still been settling into our new class and routine. We’ve all been enjoying saying ‘Good Morning’ to everyone, and taking our turns to choose songs in the afternoon. This week we worked on life skills. With some support we got changed into our PE kits ready for our PE session, and we also started our teeth brushing this week.

To celebrate Jeans for Genes day, we explored a lot of things blue. We did some lovely cooking; we made yummy blueberry muffins. We explored and squished some blue cloud dough, and we worked our fine motor fingers with some blue playdough.

Welcome to Foxes.

Hello Foxes,

Welcome to your new classroom, with your new staff and friends.

We’ve spent our first week together getting to know each other and exploring our new room. We’ve had a lovely time making a mess during cooking, making another mess during painting, and we’ve started to sit beautifully for our Good Morning circle, and our Good Afternoon singing session.

Well done to our our Foxes for taking part in our lovely activities and getting to know your new adults.