Exploring vegetables

Today the children explored the vegetables they brought in for homework. They used all their senses. Some children were very brave and touched vegetables they don’t like to eat. Others were able to name them. Afterwards we used them to print with.

Welcome To Badgers!

As you probably know, badgers are very clever but smelly creatures who live in burrows. They are sociable but have a strict social ranking. I can’t imagine why our class was called badgers, I hope it’s because they are cute and cuddly!

Anyway, we will be learning a few things about badgers this term.

Here are some important bits of information about Badger class:

Swimming is on Monday afternoon. Your child will need a costume, towel and swim pants (if needed) in a named bag.

PE is on Monday morning and Wednesday afternoon. Please send in pumps and shorts in a named bag.

We will hopefully be going for a walk on Wednesday mornings, sometimes to the shop to buy our cooking ingredients for cooking on Thursdays. We’ll let you know when we start this as we may need to borrow buggies or reins.

We will have music with Bev and Golden Time on Fridays.

Our Multisensory Room session is on a Tuesday afternoon.

We will be visiting the library at some point during the week. Please let us know if you’d like your child to bring a book home.

Staff in our area, besides me, are Jo Mason, Jo Boot, Jemma Beer, Rebecca Jeffrey, Angie Jones.

Our topic this term is “Food And Shopping”. We would like to have a special breakfast with the children each Monday morning to help them get used to new foods. If you would be willing to help us provide food for this by sending in an item such as a loaf of bread or some butter or eggs occasionally, please let me know and I’ll be in touch. We will try and keep the cost to less than £2 for each item.


We had a fantastic time at Beaudesert on Wednesday. It was a bit damp, but at least the rain had stopped. The children loved wandering through the trees and exploring and they found some good puddles too.

We went in the cave simulator. Some of the children didn’t like the hard hats they had to wear. But they loved the cave!

At the end of the day we were all really tired and glad to get back on the bus.

Experimenting with water

The children had lots of fun using pieces of drain pipe, sand and water. They found out that water flows downhill and that it changes the feel, appearance and behaviour of the sand.


The evening meal in Ramadan is called Iftar.We tasted dates, mango and guava. Some of the children liked them.


We have been learning about the Muslim month of fasting. We heard that Muslims have nothing to eat or drink all day during Ramadan and spend time praying. We looked at the prayer mats and listened to some songs about Ramadan. The prayer mats are beautiful and feel very soft.

Warburtons Visit

Yesterday a lady from Warburtons came and helped us make pizzas. We also tasted some different types of bread. We had fun and the pizzas were lovely!

It must be spring!

This week we have been learning that it is spring! There are flowers everywhere and the weather is getting a bit warmer. We planted some flowers and herbs in big pots to make our playground look beautiful.

We are really looking forward to going to the Forest School on Monday to see if there are any flowers growing there.

Runner beans and broad beans

The bean seeds we planted have really grown! We will be sending them home this week. They need to be kept out of the frost for a bit longer, so it might be best to replant them in a bigger pot and put them in the greenhouse, porch or on a sunny windowsill, then plant them in the garden in a few weeks’ time. You might have beans by July!

Forest School

We had a great time at the Forest School on Monday. We explored the forest, ate our snacks, made mud pies and played drums. We hope we can go again soon!